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Ballyheen Castle

Bailein: Little Townland

Very little is known locally of its history, and it is presumed to have been an O'Keeffe castle. Stones of buildings in Sherlock's yard are in all likelihood from the castle, but also possibly from a achurch which stood in Sherlick's field. Both castle and church would have suffered damage during the battle of Knocknanuss which was fought in 1647 during the Conferate War in the immediate area (see Assolas). The Hill of Knocknanuss looms over the ara between Ballyheen and Asloas House, and the Sherlocks pointed out two large marking stones in the field to me, which lie undisturbed and where traditon says many of those killed in the battle were buried. Thradition says that many of the fatalities, including Alaister MacDonnell, were buried in a common grave at the church in Buttevant. (1)

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(1) The Castles of County Cork With 72 line drawings and 10 maps by the author James N. Healy

Copyright © 1988 by James N. Healy, p. 303.

Material reproduced by permission of the publisher.

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