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The Ohio Cemetery Repository


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ęcopyright 2004, 2005, 2006 Andrea C. Heslin

Created September 19, 2004

Last updated: November 30, 2006

It is my hope that by creating this website with names, dates, locations and photos will bring the fun of Genealogy to the common person who cannot afford to make cross country trips or is physically unable to make travels to obscure hard to reach cemeteries. Please feel free to print copies of my photos and properly record this website as the repository for the information obtained.


If you have a photo from an Ohio Cemetery that you would like to contribute please email me: andee65 {at} gmail {dot} com


A synopsis of how to use this site

This website is categorized and subcategorized to speed you to your destination. Below is a link to tables of the Ohio County Names index where you can link to a specific county Example: Stark County and here you will find a table indexing the townships for this county to narrow your search field. Choose your township Example "Sugar Creek" and link to a page with an index to the cemeteries located in the chosen township. In some cases I will also provide a brief history of the formation of the township. At this point you will choose the cemetery you wish to search Example "Old Wilmot" and link to an index of names for the inhabitants of said cemetery. Click the name to link to further information about the person and/or photographs of the monuments and headstones if there are any available. If you should loose your way, look to the top of each page where I am posting links that will get you back to where you came from or allow you to leap to a new area of interest.


Your fellow novice in genealogy, Andrea Heslin


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