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Roselawn Cemetery
Solon, Ohio

  This transcription is IN PROCESS. New entries will be added as they are completed!
  This cemetery is located near the corner of Solon Road and Aurora Road in Solon, Ohio. The address is 37225 Solon Road. To see a map of the location, click here.

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In the 'Notes' column, SS=shares stone with (i.e. SS Walter means Mary shares the stone with Walter).

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Given Name
Baldwin Fred F. 1884   1859        
Baldwin Helen Maude 1887   1951        
Baldwin Jack G. 1918   1984        
Richards Addie H. 1865   1946        
Richards Wm. W. 1861   1926        
Bell William 1857   1940        
Bell Matilda 1861   1943        
McFarland Robert W. 1868   1875        
Bishop Caroline D. 1856   1937        
Bishop Wilfred W. 1861   1936        
Wormley Howard O. Sept. 24, 1910   June 21, 1994     Father  
Wormley Opal J. June 12, 1913         Mother  
Owen Mary E. 1867   1928        
Owen Andrew G. 1865   1932        
Dewey Charles Oliver Oct. 20, 1903   Feb. 11, 1968        
Dewey Viola Flick June 30, 1903   Dec. 22, 1989        
Davison ??             large marker
Richards Evan 1792   1885        
Richards Edward 1820   1887        
Richards Fannie 1824   1875     Wife of Edward E. Richards  
Richards Jessie           Daughter of Addie H. and Wm. W. Richards  
Richards Evan Dec. ?? 1792   Nov. 1, 1885   ??   East face
Richards Edward June 18, 1820   Oct. 3, 1887   37 yrs 3 ms ?? Ds   South face
Richards Fannie     April 21, 1875   31 yrs 23 ms ?? Ds Wife of E. Richards South face
Babka William F. 1916         In God's loving care married Sept. 14, 1938, has masonic symbol
Babka Edith M. 1917   2000     In God's loving care married Sept. 14, 1938, has Ohio Eastern Star symbol
Jones Inez Jordan July 3, 1904   May 21, 1995     Beloved Mother and Grandmother; In my Father's house are many mansions  
Hannaford John Roy 1848   1908     Co. H. 150 O.V. Inf. adorned w/flag, metal rusted and unreadable
Hannaford Ella Adelia 1850   1932     His wife (John Roy)  
Hannaford Byron     1875   6 months    
Hannaford George E. 1860   1862       adorned w/flag, metal rusted and unreadable
Hannaford Reuben M.     1878   4 weeks    
Hannaford W. F. 1838   1901     Co. D, 103 O.V.I.  
Hannaford Julia A. Benford 1885   1902        
Hannaford Julia M. 1838   1922        
Aiken William 1850   1928        
Aiken Ellen Jane 1850   1931        
Harper Minnie Aiken 1878   1903        
Miller Robert J. 1820   1903        
Miller Rose 1819   1909     His wife (Robert J.)  
Knopf Sarah B. 1889   1987        
Patterson William J. Sept. 15, 1844   Feb. 10, 1905        
Patterson Fannie Nov. 29, 1852   Aug. 13, 1936        
Waller James 1860   1925        
Mitchell James S. Feb. 15, 1838   Jan. 24, 1888     Member of Co. A 23 O.V.V.I. 'Be brave soldier East face
Mitchell Mary J. Oct. 1?, 1810   July 22, 1891       West face (Oct. date weathered)
Mitchell Maggie J.     Mar 15, 1873   18 ys 11 ms 20 ds Wife of J.S. Mitchell South face, 1873 may be 1878
Baldwin Rae C. 1888   1972        
Baldwin Henry M. 1850   1929        
Baldwin Anna M. 1851   1876        
Dewey Lynn R. 1867   1951        
Dewey Linnie L. 1873   1944        
?? ??           Grandfather almost entirely buried by ground
Gemma Charles V. Feb. 13, 1940   Jan. 17, 2001     Dad; married Sept. 23, 1967 Remember the joy and the laughter and the smiles. I've only gone to rest a little while'
Gemma Carlette L.     Mar. 30, 1944     Mom; married Sept. 23, 1967 Remember the joy and the laughter and the smiles. I've only gone to rest a little while'
McFarland Johnson 1829   1900        
McFarland Isabel 1831   1916        
McKibbin Hugh 1900   1988        
McKibbin Winifred 1895   1983        
Bishop Isabel 1891   1953        
Patterson William J. 1844   1905       small stone, duplicates large at 2,15
Patterson Fannie 1852   1936       small stone, duplicates large at 2,15
Jack Lois M. Cameron March 9, 1915   August 19, 1978     1st Lt. U.S. Army, World War II adorned w/flag, metal rusted and unreadable
Metcalf Clayton 1913   1973     Father, "Bud"  
Youmell Clayton 1912   1997     Husband  
Youmell Elizabeth 1915         Wife  
Palmer Inez Lavern 1882   1963        
Palmer H. Alanson 1872   1955        
Russell J.H.     May 27, 1888   65 years   South face
Russell Lillie L.     Nov. 13, 1874   19 yrs ?? Miss me at home, yes we miss ?? (unreadable) East face
Russell Laura A.     March 24, 1907   80 yrs 6 ms   West face
McAfee Daniel     Sept. 20, 1898   73 yrs.    
McAfee Mary B.     Jan'y 30, 1913   76 yrs.    
McFarland James Aug 1, 1791   Apr. 6, 1878     born in Tyrone Co. Ireland "Sixty years we lived together, faithfully as husband and wife. They that sleep in Jesus the Lord will ??? with him
McFarland Elizabeth Nov. 2, 1791   Jan 11, 1873     his wife (James), born in Tyrone Co. Ireland "Sixty years we lived together, faithfully as husband and wife. They that sleep in Jesus the Lord will ??? with him


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