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White Chapel United Brethren cemetery

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Have photos of folk's tombstones buried here??

Located: in Eden twp. on CR 6 is .25 mi E of Melmore, OH.
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This entire spreadsheet was prepared for me by Charlotte Holubeck. She is relation to the Bretz families buried in this cemetery. Thank you Charlotte!!

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Seneca county cemetery locations

Surname given name at death Birth...Date death date age at death notes War involvement
Kemmier Samuel   22 May,1861 23y 4m 1d s/o R.E.  
Kennedy George 4 Apr,1817 16 Apr,1869 52y 11d    
Kennedy Priscilla 1822 1909      
Kiefer Christena   13 May,1873 28y 9m 26d w/o Adam  
Kiefer Fannie E.   19 Aug,1872 11m 24d d/o A. & C.  
King Ambrose   2 Jul,1863 23y 6m 10d s/o J. & H.  
King Huiddah   29 Dec,1879 78y 3m 11d w/o Jacob  
-King Jacob   1 Aug,1881 84y 26d    
Kinzer John   16 Jul,1858 84y 6m 9d    
Kinzer Susannah   16 Jul,1868 83y 5m 19d    
Koller Barbara   14 Aug,1857 83y 3m 9d his wife  
Koller Elizabeth   20 Aug,1840 1y 2d d/o Jesse & Julia  
Koller Jacob   19 Aug,1838 66y 3m 4d    
Koller Jesse     5 Sep,1866 56y 8m 1d    
Koller Julianna   23 Nov,1878 70y 2m 28d his wife  
Korb Elizabeth King 1835- 1928      
Leach Deborah   11 Mar,1853 69y 3m 25d w/o John  
Lee A.R.         Ohio Inf.
Lee Hannah   7 Mar,1846 3y 2m 10d d/o Lemuel & Lucy Lee  
Lee Jemiel          
Lee Leuel   1817      
-Lee 2nd photo 3rd photo July 1834 4th photo (4 photos, still unreadable!) broken: not  in orig. position
Lee         inf/d/o Lenuel & Lucy Lee  
Lambert Jeptha   15 Feb,1812 2y 11m 16d s/o John & Nancy  
Lambert Robert   7 Feb,1842 11m 12d s/o John & Nancy  
Lambert? unknown   14 mar 1855 47y 9m 7d? This stone is in the midst of the other Lambert stones.  
unknown         broken buried; might of been top to the unknown Lambert stone? was lying between Phillip Bretz and John Hiestand
Lambert Rolla J   10 Jan,1849 1y 2m 7d s/o John & Nancy  
Lightcap Blanch     2y 5m    
Lightcap Charley     4y 9m    
Lightcap Rebecca Ann   4 Jul,1844 5y 4m 11d d/o Wm. & Elizabeth  
Lincheum David   16 Nov,1848 5wks s/o Simeon & Sarah  
Mascon Lucy 1 Sep,1812 11 May,1869      
Mason Lemuel Lee   10 Jan,1885      
McLaughlin George   10 Jun,1875 83y 7m 2d    
McLaughlin Sally   2 Oct,1882 84y 2m 21d w/o George  
Meyers Valantine   7 May,1852 78y 7m 6d    
Miley Anson P.   19 Oct,1875 35y 11m 27d    
Miley Catharine E.   1 Aug,1869 26y 12m 11d w/o Anson P.  
Miller Andrew   19 Sep,1819 18y 1m 27d    
Miller Barbary   13 Nov,1845 75y 7m w/o Jacob beside Jacob M.
Miller Elizabeth   2 Jul, 1884 86y 5m 5d w/o Wm  
Miller? Infant son 3rd photo 2 jul 1834? 3m? s/o J & E ? broken not in original location
Miller Elizabeth          
Miller Jacob   17,Jan,1861 69y 6m 21d    
Miller Jacob M.   25 Mar,1816 or 1846 72y    
Miller Rachel A.   18?? 2y d/o Nancy stone broken
Misley Levin   12 Feb,1868 28y 4d s/o H. & A.  
Munsel Joshua D.   9 Sep,1831 31y 11m    
Newton Harriet M.   25 Nov,1835 56y 8m 1d w/o John  
Nisley Barbara   25 Apr,1865  25y 1m 20d d/o H. & A.  
Norris Hoel A.   7 Apr,1853 2y 14d s/o Able & C.  
Paynter Elizabeth   22 Oct,1886 87y 25d w/o Samuel  
Pennington Elizabeth   5 dec,1846 16y 6m 11d    
Poppleton ----   28 May,1863 10y 9m   d/o D. & S.  
Rhoad Joel   4 Oct,1851 8y 6m 7d s/o G. & S.  
Rhoad Joseph     13 Feb,1846 13y 6m 10d s/o M. & S.  
Rhoad Michael 25,Apr,1807 13 Aug,1887      
Rhoad Susannah 11 Mar,1807 28 Apr,1884   w/o Michael  
Rhord Wm.Henry   3 Aug,1852 6y s/o G. & S.  
Rosegrant Ruth   12 Aug,1858 1y 11m 2d d/o J.C & E  
Seiner Alonzo M.   2 Jan,1864 3m 13d s/o R.C. & M.E.  
Seiner Armittia D.   30 Aug,1863 1y 14d d/o R.C. & M.E.  
Seitz Amy   20 Sep,1859 4y   d/o S. & E.  
Seitz Anna   23 Sep,1827 5y 8m 23d d/o Noah & Mary  
Seitz Elizabeth   14 Dec18?? 9y 11m d/o J. & A. Beery  
Seitz George W.   26 Dec,1849 7y 5m 11d s/oA. & M.A.  
Seitz Lydia   16 Apr,1822 11y 3m 15d d/o Noah & Mary  
-Seitz Mary   22 Apr,1863 63y 11m7d w/o Noah  
Seitz Noah   19 Apr,1847 11y 3m 15d so N. & M.  
Shoemaker Eleazer 1831 1898      
Shoemaker Elizabeth   2 Jul,1884 86y 5m 5d w/o Wm   
Shoemaker Henry   10 Jan,1854 32y 3m    
Shoemaker Jane A.   5 Dec,,1853 2y 4m d/o H. & M.  
Shoemaker John   16 May,1854 27y 7m 22d    
Shoemaker Josephine   Nov 1851 1y 6m d/o H. & M.  
Shoemaker William 21 Apr,1791 15 Oct,1875 84y5m 24d    
Skransewsky Daniel A.   16 Oct,1866  14y 8m    
Smith James H.   24 Feb,1853   s/o T. & E.  
Souier Richard   25 Nov,1849 45y 8m    
Springer Gelassius R   27 Feb,1821 2m 7d s/o  
Springer Elizabeth 1830 1915      
Springer Elizabeth   14 Dec,1873 74y 10m 18d w/o Peter  
Springer George   31 May,1838 3y 6m 11d s/o P. & E.  
-Springer Peter   27 Aug,1867 64y 9m 20d    
Springer Peter   21 Aug,1839 3y ?m 2d s/o P & E  
Springer infant Dau   10 Dec18? 1y10m inf/d/o P. & E.  
Tracy Ann Maria       w/o-----  
Tracy William Rev   18 Aug,1834      
Troxel Charley L.   3 Feb,1865 1y 2d s/o A.K. & E.  
Troxel Mary J.   12 Jun,1862   d/o O. & D.  
Wax Eliza    11 Apr,1868   inf/o J. & S.  
-Wax Gracie K   16 Sep,1875 11m 22d d/o J.B. & E.  
Wax John 13 Sept,1813 7 Dec,1897 84y 2m 24d    
Wax Philip   5 Apr,1863 1y 3m 21d s/o J. & S.  
Wax Samuel      26 Dec,1865 20y 3m 21d s/o J. & S.  
Wax Sarah 17 Mar,1811 26 Feb,1880 58y 11m 9d w/o John  
Webster Jacob   17 Jan,1861 69y 6m 25d    
Webster Jacob J.          
Webster Mary B.     1y 2m 18d d/o H.D. & S.A.  
West Eve   3 Jan,1844 43y w/o Thomas  
Wisman Joseph A.   13 Mar,1860 20y 10m 4d s/o S. & E.  
Wright Aaron   15 Nov,1868 82y 6m    
Wright Ann   6 Oct,1860 81y 6m 26 w/o Aaron  
Wright Denison   2 Oct,1850 31y    
Wright Margaret L.   21 Sep,1861 52y 8m 25d w/o Nathan  
Wright Margery   (no dates)   w/o David  
Wright Nathan M   8 Nov,1869 60y 9m 5d    

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