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Seneca County, OH

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White Chapel/ United Brethren Cemetery

Last update 08-Sep-2002 10:46 PM

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Have photos of folk's tombstones buried here??

Located: in Eden twp. on CR 6 is .25 mi E of Melmore, OH.
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Note:  This entire spreadsheet was prepared for me by: Charlotte Holubeck; She is relation to the BRETZ families buried here in this cemetery.

  Thank you Charlotte!!

Note from Kris: Good Luck finding it! I missed it totally. There is NO view of tombstones from the road. There is merely a sign near the road just beside a bridge on CR 6. Charlotte and I met in Upper Sandusky, at the library, and headed out on an "adventure" to find this place. Once you find the sign and park your car; you are confronted with a "Do Not Trespass" sign! On past this sign is a long lane, the picture of which is below. It is quite a trek up the hill on that lane to the cemetery! See the photos of stones by clicking link in names in listing.

 Click on link to see a listing of cemetery.

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Surnames A-I Surnames K-Z

This is the house you will see from the road next to the entrance of the cemetery. I think this may have been a BRETZ home at one time.

This is their mailbox and address on County Road 6

Here you see the path up to the cemetery

The stones here are badly shaded and therefore full of tree sap which has darkened the stones, not to mention they are all very OLD stones! You will see two links in most names at I took TWO photos of most of them in an effort to make them more readable! Sometimes this helped, sometimes it did not... Many are broken, thrown around, and laying on their back or face down half buried.

Seneca county cemetery locations

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