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Seneca Co., OH

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Old Tiffin Cemetery; AKA Hedges Park

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Located: in Clinton twp.,  The “Old Cemetery” was at the eastern side of Calvert High School. It became neglected and overgrown with weeds. High water in Rock Creek was also eroding the banks of the creek and exposing the caskets.  In 1905 the city obtained a quit claim deed to the land from the heirs of Josiah Hedges. The city paid $12.00 in acknowledgement of the land as a public park, to be known as Josiah Hedges Park. By 1915 the remains from the graves had been moved to Greenlawn Cemetery and the park landscaped and beautified by planting a profusion of peony bushes and trees. Signs were posted warning people to keep off the grass and children were not permitted to play there. Today it is a pretty tree-shaded playground and picnic spot. There are still believed to be a few unmarked gravesites throughout the park. (Information supplied by: Adam Gibson)
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Stone found in the Creek and is currently located at 424 S. Monroe Street, Tiffin, OH

Seneca county cemetery locations

Surname given name death date notes
Gross Diana 4 feb 1849 w/o JA; d/o SK Slanker;




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