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Seneca County, OH

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Smith Cemetery

Last update 17-May-2005 07:52 AM

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Located: in Venice twp. East of State Route 4 on Twp. Rd. 58. One mile south of Caroline
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Note:   Listing for this cemetery created for me by Mary Lou Kohl  

Ken and I visited this place in May 2005. As you can see from the above photo only six stones are now standing.
Bold names in listing indicate markers we did find and took photos of
There are also 4 stones there broken and covered with dirt.
We need to return one day with a shovel to see if they are legible markers

Interested in a photo from this place? Drop me a line!

Seneca county cemetery locations

Surname given name at death birth date death date age at death notes
Shade Benjamin   Mar 26, 1838 8m 24d s/o John and Eliza
Shade Anny   Feb 24, 1837 6y 2m 15d d/o John and Eliza
Shade Eliza   May 3, 1848 7m 3d d/o John and Eliza
Parlet Eliza J.   Jul 1, 1813 5y 11m 4d  
McCleland Samuel   Nov 29, 1848 20y 11m 29d  
Shade Fannie   Jan 1837 63y  
Shade Christian 1767 19 jan 1837 69y 9m  
Dickson James   Nov 17, 1848 74y 10m  
McPherson Ann T.   Feb 10, 1845 43y w/o William

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