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Seneca Co., OH

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 Reiniger Cemetery

Last update 01-Jul-2004 10:58 AM

Located: in Seneca twp., 1 mi W of SR 53 on TR 92 
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Note: List of 6 graves by Connie Fitzgerald 

Ken and I visited this cemetery April 27, 2003.
We took fourteen photos of the area and the markers there.
A kind neighbor let us borrow their little "four wheeler" to ride out into the field after giving us directions on how to find the cemetery.
They told us that upon visiting the burial grounds, which is surrounded by a cement wall, their dog would NOT enter through the entrance!
Maybe that dog knows something we don't?? spooky!!

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Seneca county cemetery locations

Surname given name notes birth date death date age at death
Reiniger Gustav   9 Apr 1801 20 May 1866 85y 1m 11d
Reiniger Rosalia Durr   1 Apr 1799 5 May 1869 70y 1m 4d
Reiniger Rasalia   31 Aug 1824 23 Aug 1891  
Reiniger Bertha   13 Mar 1838 27 July 1892  
Reiniger Gustavus G   14 Jul 1827 5 Oct 1869  
Lutz Ottilia R   9 Dec 1832 22 Jan 1896  

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