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Seneca Co., OH

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Randell Cemetery

Last update 15-May-2006 08:22 PM

photo of the name of cemetery as found on front wall

Photo of Randell Cemetery stone fence

Located: in Eden twp. on TR 151. Entrance is 200 foot south of CR 16 on West side of 151 back a lane through an iron gate at the road. See thumbnails below
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Seneca county cemetery locations
Ken and I visited this cemetery in August 2003 and took photos of all markers. This cemetery is in a woods and is surrounded by a five foot stone wall. Date on stone wall says 1833.  The interior has no grass due to shade from the trees, thus it is FULL of poison ivy and Virginia Creeper vines. About 75 percent covered in poison ivy! I have placed a dash in front of names below where we found additional markers not originally in the list. The "dangerous" situation with the poison ivy did not allow us a lot of "rooting around" and I see we did not get photos of all stones. Maybe have to return one day in the winter when the leaves are gone to see those we missed.

I have also been told this was once known as "Hilton Cemetery" because land in the area was owned by the Hilton family.

Photos of cemetery, click to see in larger view:


Surname given name at death birth date death date age at death notes
Choat Charles   20 Aug 1846 3m 5d s/o S and L.
Choat Mary A.   ______   d/o T. and L.
Choat Robert   20 may 1838 1m s/o T & L
Crockett Adelia   23 Mar 1831 5 y  1 m  4 d  
Crockett Albina   29 Oct 1831 4 y  5 m  28 d  
Crockett Ambrose   8 Aug 1834 1 y  3 m  13 d  
Crockett B.A.   1833 stone missing  
Crockett David R.   24 Feb 1841 3 y  11 d  
Crockett Elbert R.   26 Jul 1862 2 y  1 m  9 d s/o J.OL and M.
-Crockett Eunice   30 aug 1855 86y 6m 13d stone lying in dirt; w/o B.A.
Crockett John   11 nov 1866 68y 11m 5d  
Crockett Wilbur S   30 jan 1864 4y 11m 25d s/o J.O & M
Graves Adrian infant      
Graves Eliza D 1823 1898 nee: Randell w/o Dr. Graves
Graves Erwin 1850 1912    
Graves Helen Park 1863 1922    
Graves Julia infant      
Graves Theodore infant      
Graves Dr. Theodore P 1820 1854    
Hilton Jesse H. 1880 1948   h/o Leah Strohn Hilton
Hilton Leah Strohm 1883 1979   (d/o William and Augusta?); (w/o Jesse H.)
Nesselrod Eliza J.   27 Aug 1864 4 y  19 d d/o S. and E.
Nesselroad Harriet E.   15 Dec 1864 1 y  11 m  20 d d/o S. and E.
Randell Adrian     footstone  
Randell Bertha 1878 1960    
Randell Edwin 1827 1907   h/o Ellen Palmer
-Randell Elbert   26 jun 1856 24y 19m s/o Wm & E
Randell Ellen Palmer 1830 1922   w/o Edwin Randell; "his wife"
-Randell Eunice

26 nov 1804

21 jan 1881   wife of Wm.; birth might be Jan;
Randell Harold 1859 1940   s/o Edwin and Ellen
-Randell Josephine 14 feb 1842 8 dec 1864 3rd photo d/o Wm & E
Randell Julia     footstone  
-Randell ???ery A   9 feb 1841 26y 5m 16d dau/o T & M; given name could be Lemery
-Randell Margaret 3rd photo 19 feb 1856 79y 3m 28d w/o Thomas; stone lying flat in dirt
Randell May 1866 1936 footstone d/o Edwin and Ellen; "(dau.)"
Randell Maud   21 Mar 1861 1 y  11 m  10 d d/o L. and T.
Randell Nina   1 Jan 1871 7 m d/o L. and T.
-Randell Otis   2 aug 1844 1y 3m 24d s/o Wm & E
Randell Sumner 1857 1933   (s/o Edwin and Ellen?)
-Randell Theodore G footstone 21 oct 1843 3y 1m 3d s/o Wm & E; death date looks like 1844
-Randell Thomas   13 mar 1836 67y 3d stone lying flat in dirt
-Randell William 27 mar 1800 2 nov 1882    
Strohm Augusta 1885 1960   (d/o William and Augusta Randell?)
Strohm Augusta Randell 10 Sep 1856 2 Mar 1894   w/o William C.
Strohm William C. 8 Oct 1854 11 Nov 1929   h/o Augusta Randell Strohn

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