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Seneca Co., OH

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 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery

Last update 24-Oct-2003 09:43 PM

Have photos of folk's tombstones buried here??

Located: in Pleasant twp., County Rd 38
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Linda Hickman is taking photos of all markers here.
She has sent me 1132 photos so far (as of Oct 24, 2003)

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Seneca county cemetery locations

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Note:  Information from Ruth Brill

Also, the only thing I can say about Pleasant Ridge Cemetery is that all the people listed there are buried there.  Don't try to match rows in the book with the rows in the cemetery.  I know that at least some of them are not even listed in the correct section of the cemetery.  Paul Buskirk read this cemetery in 1979.  His is a much more accurate listing.  As it is getting quite faded, I want to retype as I have time.  Pleasant Ridge (Egbert's) Cemetery is the correct listing for this cemetery.  The Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Association was organized on April 24, 1877.  It was never named "Egbert's" but was commonly called "Egbert's" for location before there were road numbers or names

Note: Information from Stephen J Hartzell

It should also be noted that some number of people buried at Pleasant Ridge were moved there from Bowser cemetery in 1893 when that cemetery was completely removed. Two of those relocated were Solomon and Catherine Robenalt, whose remains were moved on Nov. 7, 1893.

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