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Seneca Co., OH

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Paine/Payne Cemetery

Last update 07-May-2003 10:53 AM

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Located: in Adams twp. on township road 21
a large cemetery that was bulldozed under and the Trustees tried to salvage it)
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List of graves  by Carolyn Reinbolt

I have photos of all remaining markers here. Interested in a photo? Drop me a line!

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Seneca county cemetery locations

Surname given name at death birth date death date age at death grave notes
unknown CW       1  
unknown EP       2  
unknown  unreadable       3  
unknown Mary M       4  
Paine Clara       5  
Daniels George   13 Jul 1836   6  
Miller Nancy   12 Nov 1815 20y 7 w/o Wiuham Miller, Jr
Whiteman Delila   1 Dec 1850 19y 2m 25d 8 d/o ST & M Whiteman
-Payne Edesta   5 Dec 1846 16y 5m 20d 9 w/o Andrew J Payne
Whittman Samuel T 2 Jun 1810 1 Nov 1852   10  
Whiteman Louisa   1 Oct 1852 9y 3m 12d 11 d/o ST & M Whiteman
Guisbert Daniel   28 Jul 1832 64y 12  
Guisbert Elizabeth   18 Mar 1838 66y 13  
Bolin George W   Apr 1843   14  
Gordon Sarah   30 Jul 1843   15 d/o GW & H Gordon
  STW       16  
Petticord Sarah   26 Feb 1839   17 w/o Dorsey Petticord

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