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Seneca Co., OH

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Creeger Cemetery

Last update 26-Apr-2002 10:54 AM

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Have photos of folk's tombstones buried here??

Location: in Bascom, Hopewell twp.on SR 18
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  • Lisa Perry sent me 12 photos of stones see her notes below.
  • click on link in name to see photo
from Lisa Perry:

"These are very vague.  I walked through a pasture of poison ivy to get these
and I'm afraid I didn't get them very clear as I was nervous about it
crawling up my leg.  All these stones are listed in the Seneca county
cemetery listings book.  Some were moved to Greenlawn by Hedges Park off of
Coe St."


Seneca county cemetery locations


Surname given name birth date death date age at death notes
Creeger ? Louella   23 feb 1863 5y 3m  9d d/o L& B
Creeger Adam R   9 jan 1864 1m 28d  
Creeger Allace   20 feb 1861 5y 2m 9d d/o L & B
Creeger Catherine Eve   20 mar 1854 64 y  w/o Henry
Creeger Daniel J   10 mar 1849 11m 8d s/o Henry W and Ruth A
Creeger David   2 aug 1848 25y 11m 12d s/o Henry and Catharine
Creeger David        
Creeger Delila   sep 5y 11m 3d d/o Henry and Catherine E
Creeger Emma A   14 feb 1864 4y 9m 4d  
Creeger Henry 8 aug  1786 27 feb 1865 or 1869? 82y 7m 19d  
Creeger Hiram D   13 jan 1863 2m 2d  
Creeger Lawrence   16 feb 1861 3y 7m 5d s/o L & B
Creeger Manerva       d/o L & B
Creeger Minnie J   20 mar 1864 3y  1m 5d  
Creeger Ruth Ann   15 jan 1864 39y 10m 5d ? w/o HW
Creeger Samuel   25 Sep 1844 9m 11d s/o Lawrence and Sussanah
Creeger Sussanah 1822 1844   w/o Lawrence
Miller Catherine     24 ? 1880 12y 10m 6d d/o A & M Miller
Shuff Cora 31 aug 1875 12 nov 1877   d/o D & JC Shuff
Young Catherine    22 aug 1848 32y 3m 8d w/o Samuel; d/o H & C Creeger
 Unknown woman HELP indentify!      




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