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Seneca Co., OH

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Clinton Heights (Golf Course)

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Have photos of folk's tombstones buried here??

Located: in Clinton twp., 500 feet SW of golf course barn on Center Rd
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 Only one stone standing, others thrown in pile

  Note from: Carol Raine The people buried at Clinton Heights Golf Course Cemetery are my family.  Susannah Miller 1771-1841 was the wife of John Miller. She was my great great great grandmother.   Harriet Gaver 1818-1833 was the daughter of Peter Gaver and Barbara Miller.  Barbara Miller was the daughter of Susannah Kemp Miller. The other stone listed, Peter Shotts, is the son of Elizabeth Miller and Henry Shotts.  Elizabeth was also the daughter of Susannah Kemp Miller.  If Susannah Miller is buried there, Gertrude Bargresser Kemp also has to be buried there. We are so excited to find where they are buried. We are going to have to make another trip to Seneca County to visit this cemetery.    

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