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Seneca Co., OH

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Clay/Groscost Cemetery

Last update 29-Apr-2005 01:58 PM

Have photos of folk's tombstones buried here??

Located: in Scipio twp., at TR 124 and TR 77.
Note: Groscost is probably the german spelling of Grosscup that was a familiar name in Scipio Twp in the 1800 and early 1900's. See more notes below listing for this surname.

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Note:  Listing of 23 burials by Connie Fitzgerald

Seneca county cemetery locations

Surname given name notes birth date death date age at death
---------- Chancy s/o H & ---gh   10 Apr 1847  
---------- Mary w/o Henry ----gh   8 Aug 1856 37y? 10m 8d
Bennett Allen S s/o A S & A   30 Jan 1849 2m 12d
Bennett Allen S     28 Sep 1848 31y 1m 23d
Bennett Elizabeth d/o A S & A   25 Mar 1843 1y 6 19d
Bennett Lucretia d/o A S & A   8 Aug 1846 1y 8d
Clay Elizabeth E d/o John W & Ellen   5 Dec 1863 9y 6m 21d
Clay Ellen   26 Jun 1825 17 Jun 1879  
Clay Idia J d/o John W & Ellen   21 Dec 1863 2y 6m 23d
Clay John W   5 Dec 1815 26 Oct 1901  
Groscost Daniel Teamster Continental Trps Rev War  GAR 1758 1841  
Groscost Magdalena d/o D & S   15 Jan 1846 52y
Heater Adam     11 Apr 1829 28y 6m 19d
Heater Catharine w/o Adam   12 Aug 1853? 63y 10d
Heater Sena? d/o  J & S   28 Jun 1846? 2y 6m 20d
Mittower Andrew     26 Aug 1837 59y 10m 11d
Mittower Andrew     5 Apr 1843 61y 6m 18d
Mittower Geo A     5 Sep 1853 22y 5m 21d
Mittower Jacob s/o S & S   31 Jan 1866? 14y 8m 19d
Mittower Levi     17 Oct 1833 9y 4m 8d
Mittower Sarah w/o Andrew   22 Oct 1872? 87y 8m ?
Mittower Sarah w/o Samuel   10 Dec 1872? 50y 3m 12d
Mittower Sarah E d/o S & S   31 Mar 186? 2y 9m 11d
Mittower Susan w/o Andrew   30? May ?  
Skeels Nicy w/o Silas   21 May 1854 61y 10m 4d
Skeels Rosella d/o Silas & Nicy   25 Sep 1840 24y 9m 9d
Skeels Silas     (unreadable)  
Skeels William s/o O & S   9 Aor 1850 2y 1m
Tomkins Martin s/o E & A   27 Feb 1845? 2y 2m 6d
Tompkins Eliza Jane d/o Elijah & A H   11 Aug 1861 2y 2m 11d

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Groscost was spelled in Germany as Grosskasten, and earlier in German France as Grosskapfsten,or Grosskospfsten. The folks in that region of France now spell their names Groscost, the same as our family does in America. The first immigrant with our name was Hans Phillip Groscost (it is spelled that way by the British Captain I suppose as Hans could not write). The first immigrant Groscup was Paul Grosscup who entered a few years later, and from whom most Groscups have descended. There may be a possibility that the American Groskopf, Groscup, and Groscost have come from the same stock with variations from the original spelling of Grosskopfst found in the records of the 1600's in Breuschwickersheim German Reformed church, but I have not researched that possibility.
--Kenneth Groscost