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Seneca Co., OH

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 Clagett/ Pleasant Twp. Cemetery

Last update 04-Nov-2003 01:51 PM

Located: in Pleasant twp., on CR 33 at intersection with TR 143 (Fry Rd)
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Photos of Cemetery:
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Seneca county cemetery locations

Surname given name at death birth date death date age at death notes
-BENDER Thomas E.   7 march 1853 1y 5m 14d s/o Lewis & M.
-CLAGETT   Josiah   February 18, 1870 38y 5m 25d  
-CLAGETT   Margaret E.   September 19, 1852 17y    5m   19d d/o John & Juliett
-Clagett   John   March 18, 1872 70y    2m   21d  
-Clagett Juliette   March 21, 1888 78y 3m 3d  
CLAGETT   John W.   August 3, 1842          6m   12d  s/o J. & J.
-CLAGETT Hesikiah   November 27, 1864 31y    4m   26d Son of J & J Clagett
-Clagett Ida E   2 mar 1867 2y 6m 25d d/o JB & MG
-TROXELL John   November 30, 1863 63y 1m 17d  
-TROXELL Anna Maria   June 8, 1872 61y 1m 19d w/o John
-Flumerfelt John C   30 july 1847 6m 6d s/o D & M
-RUCH Colletta L.   4 nov 187? 28y    8m    2d w/o A.P.
-WILDERMOOD unknown   June 17, 1850 68y 7d  
-WILDERMOOD Ephraim   December 19, 1848 1y 10m 19d s/o J. & L.
WILDERMOOD John   October 10, 1866 58y    5m   12d  
-STACKHOUSE Joshua   April 3, 1848 49y    1m    24d  
FIGGINS Martha A.   March 20, 1853  9y    2m   15d d/o J. & N.
-Figgins James M.   April 3, 1848 25y 10m 18d  
-FIGGINS James H   March 22, 1853   4y   9m   29d s/o J.M & M
LITTLER Israel P.   October 19, 1863 22y           15d s/o N. & C.
LITTLER Caroline   May 23, 1849 25y    1m    1d w/o N.
-LITTLER Harriet H.   July 30, 1846   2y    6m d/o N. & C.
MASON William   February 11, 1847 47y    4m    3d  

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