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Seneca Co., OH

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 Bunkerhill Cemetery

Last update 30-Jan-2004 09:08 AM

Photo of Bunker Hill cemetery

Located: in Pleasant twp., 3 mi S of Green Springs at the intersection of T169 and County Road 44,
on the south west corner. There are only about 10 grave stones there.
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This spreadsheet was created for me by Alice Halderman
All tombstones have been photographed by Mike Stiger

Seneca county cemetery locations

Surname given name at death death date age at death notes Row
SHETENHELM Samuel H. May 27, 1854        1m  26d s/o G. & C.M. NE 1
SHETENHELM Mary E. August 2, 1849 32y  6m   2d w/o Grafton 1
SHETENHELM Clinton S. January 27, 1865                8d s/o G. & C.M. 1
SHETENHELM Catharine M. October 5, 1880 55y  6m 19d w/o Grafton 1
SHETENHELM Grafton March 29, 1882 69y        21d   1
FARVER Elma E. September 11, 1883        7m  28d d/o E. & M 2
FARVER Ida M. March 31, 1886 27y        17d w/o Edel 2
GROVE Christia Ann May 5, 1878 72y  9m  13d w/o Stephen 2
GROVE Stephen April 23, 1876 75y  9m  11d   2
GROVE Ann Elizabeth May 22, 1843 12y d/o S. & C.A. 3
GROVE Mary C. August 11, 1847 1y    4m  10d d/o S. & C.A. 3
GEE Fidelia A. June 27, 1850 2y    4m  15d d/o A. & E. 4
-Gee unknown 11 july 1851 or 1854 31y 1m 2d    
GEE William N. July 18, 1845         6m  12d s/o A. & E. 4
LEVERS William S. May 2, 1855 63y         19d   5
WILLIAMS Benjamin August 10, 1836 33y   5
-unknown #1          
-unknown #2     4m 13d    
Note from Mike Stiger: there are 2 "unknowns" These are quite possibly members of the Grove family since they are between parents and 2 children in the same row but, no possible way of knowing for sure.

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