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Bettsville Mausoleum

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Photo of Mausoleum supplied by Michael Stiger
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Located: in Liberty twp. next to Liberty-Bettsville cemetery
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Listing of 62 graves Alice Halderman

Seneca county cemetery locations

Surname Name Given name Birth Date Death Dateage at death Notes War Involvement
Nighswander Wanda Lotus  16Aug1921  10Jul1924   d/o C. O. & V.  
Kies Martha J.  20Apr1843 11Sep1926   w/o Samuel  
Kies Samuel 14May1835 20Jan1918      
Feasel Rosina           1848          1927      
Fry Daniel  29Dec1829 03Sep1910      
Fry Sarah  09Feb1834 20Nov1912   w/o Daniel  
Fry Mary E.           1858          1908   w/o John M.  
Fry John M.  04Sep1856 25May1925      
Frontz J.           1846          1928     Co I. of 72nd Regt O V I
Frontz Susan           1850          1920      
Walters Christina           1836          1925      
Boner W. M.           1837          1922     Co D 123 Regt O V I
Boner Rachel A.           1848          1937   his wife  
Brion Perry A.           1875          1930      
Miller Clementine McDonald  19Sep1870 05Sep1935   w/o Austin A., m/o Leota & Lucretia  
Miller     03Apr1900   Inf/d/o Austin A. & Clementine. M.  
McDonald Lydia E. Baugher  03Sep1838 26Mar1911   w/o Ezra  
Bower Mary    10Nov1845 27Mar1922      
Mauk Joseph           1861          1953   (moved to Fostoria Cemetery)  
Biehler Mary A.   12Jul1867  03Jul1935   w/o George  
Biehler George  15Jun1865 30Nov1930      
Nighswander Dale O.  09Sep1911 04Sep1928   s/o G. O. & V. A.  
McKendry Nita B.           1891          1936      
McKendry Ida M.           1867          1958      
McKendry Julius D.           1866          1928      
Boner William J.  31Aug1871 12Mar1920      
Thomas Orren J.  02Aug1852 08Jan1913      
Nighswander Cleo Alverna  15Mar1916 11Jan1917      
Nighswander Vinnie A.  21Aug1879 07Oct1956   w/o G. Orton  
Nighswander G. Orton  03Dec1874 19Feb1955      
Nighswander B.  09Nov1845 23Dec1929     Co B 195 Regt O V I
Nighswander Phebe  26Apr1850 04Dec1916      
Hull George  14Nov1869 30Aug1935      
Thomas Joanna Hull  07Jan1862 21Feb1930      
Thomas Newton  26Apr1859 03Sep1940      
Thomas G. J.  11Apr1847 01Nov1916     Co A 64 Regt O V I
Thomas Sarah Ann 09May1850 08Dec1932      
Robertson John   26May1832 04May1912     Co K 80 Regt O V I
Robertson Amanda  13Feb1841  11Jan1921   w/o John  
Kerchner Edmond A.  15Mar1931 05Feb1933   s/o R. R. & Mary M.  
Andrews Chester G.           1883          1920      
Andrews Emma E. Haffner           1852          1939   w/o Geo. W.  
Andrews Geo. W.           1847          1925      
Gruver Frank J.           1855          1922      
Gruver Sarah L.           1860          1922      
Frankhauser Henry  06Aug1840  30Jan1921     Co G 65 Regt O V I
Frankhauser Mary M.  26Oct1844 26May1893   w/o Henry  
Boor F. M. 04May1845 07Nov1911 66y    6m    3d   Regt O V I
Miarer David           1861          1935      
Miarer Francis           1862          1928      
McKendry Elbert  24Nov1837 08Aug1923     Co H 92 Regt O V I
McKendry Sarah  10Feb1844 08Sep1924      
Frontz Solomon 14May1865   01Jul1932      
Frontz Harriet M. 13May1872  09Jan1944   w/o Solomon  
Dundore Henry L.  23Jun1833 05Aug1914      
Dundore Mary J.  21Nov1833 14Dec1932      
Murray J. B.   05Jul1840 07Dec1923      
Murray S. A.           1836          1917 80y   11m   16d w/o J. B.  

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