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Heller Bible Pages

This is a transcription of five pages from a Heller Bible that I have scanned. This bible belonged to John Louis Adam Heller and his first wife Sarah Warner. Upon her death, his second wife (Nora Magaw) took over and made entries. It has been passed down through the generations with more entries made through time. It is now (as of 2006) in the possession of  Paul and Carol Snure


First I will list below a transcription of each page. The heading listed will be a link to a scan of the actual page if you would like to take a look at it. You can then hit "Back" on your browser to return here.
Here is a Link to the page in the beginning of the bible showing it was printed in 1880

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Heller bible pages

Heading: Births

John L A Heller

Was born February

Tenth A.D. 1862


Sarah L J Heller

Was born September

Fifth A.D. 1866


Norah Heller

Was born Jun 18



Phillip E Heller

Was born May 26th

A.D, 188? (could be a 2)


Mary Pauline Heller

Born Sept 7 1896

Coshocton Co., Warsaw, OH


Lowell M Heller

Born Sep 15th 1899

Coshocton Co. Warsaw, OH

Heading: marriage certificate

This is to certify that Mr. Jno L A Heller  and Miss Sarah L J Warner were solemnly united my me in the HOLY BONDS of MATRIMONY at Jackson T.P. on the 24th day of December in the year of our Lord, One Thousand Eight Hundred and Eighty Two conformably to the Ordinance of God and the Laws of the State.

In presence of

Jno Loubert

M.F. Howe



M. H. Waltermire

Heading: Parents and brothers and sisters of John L A Heller

  Phillip Heller                          Born July 4th 1833 Deceased Sept 12, 1906 buried Jackson cemetery

Sarah Heller (Switzgable)              Nov 28 1838  deceased June 14 1920 burial same

Susan Heller                                    Feb 22 1868

Belle Heller                                        Nov ?? 1859  (looks just like 77 might be 11?)

Martha J Heller                                    Dec 31 1864

John L A Heller                                    Feby 10 1862 Deceased October 20, 1924

                                                                                                             burial Apple Creek, O cemetery

Malinda Rosella Heller                       Apr 13 1866

Charles W Heller                                Oct 18 1868

Maggie Heller                                    Apr 19 1872 Deceased # buried in Robinson Cemetery

                                                                                                            Jackson twp.About 3 yrs old

George Heller                                    Aug 4th 1873 Deceased # burial Robinson Cemetery

                                                                                                            Jackson Twp about 4 years Old

Elijah E Heller                                    Apr 13 1876

Ida M Heller                                    July 27 1879 Deceased # about 3 years old



Parents the Norah Magaw Heller

  Samuel Magaw                                  Feb 28 1823 Deceased Aug 30 1876

                                                                                                      Buried in Corinna, Michigan

  Mary (S??les) Magaw                        Sep 27 1839 Deceased Sep 23rd 1921 Interred Apple Creek

                                                                                                                                        Ohio, cemetery

Sarah J Magaw Perkins                      Jun 8 1856             died Aug 29 1886 : Corinna, Mich

Belle Magaw Perkins                           Feb 16 1867                   jan 14, 1918 Drsden, OH

Martha E Magaw                                  July 3 1869            died as infant, Corinna Mich

Norah Magaw                                       Jun 18 1872



Isrial Heller                                  1752 May 10 near Hamberg Germany

John Adam Heller                                  1772 Near Philadelphia, Pa Hetterstetter Pa

Adam Heller                                  1815 April 15   near Philadelphia, PA Dauphin, county.

                                                                                          Burial in Broadview Cemetery,

                                                                                                                                        Cleveland, OH

Heading: marriages


John L A Heller and Norah Magaw married 

Sep 19 1895

Rev. Gay of M E Parsonage, West Bedford


Pauline Heller  Snure 


Married Aug 26 1922


Lowell M Heller and Anna M Walter married May 30, 1928

Heading: Deaths


Sarah L J Heller Died Sep 10th 1889 buried in Robinson Cemetery, Jackson Twp., 

Wyandot county


John L A Heller died October  30 1924 burial Apple Creek Oh cemetery


Norah Heller died Jan 16 1961  burial Apple Creek OH Cemetery



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