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 Pioneer/ Union/ Tiffin Street Cemetery

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Located: Go East from Bucyrus Square. Turn right at the first stop light, Poplar St. Cross the railroad tracks, Mary st., and River St. After you cross River St., the cemetery will be on your right hand side about 200 yards.
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for some reason, as the tombstones have been dislodged and fallen over, instead of replacing them to their position, they have been removed from their rightful graves and place in a HUGE pile in the midst of the cemetery! See Photo and Photo2 This thereafter leaves many graves as being unmarked and is a tradgedy in my humble opinion, Especially for any War Veterans, as now their grave position is lost and can not receive the deserved U.S. Flag of recognition on Memorial Day!

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Crawford county cemetery locations

Surname Given Name Birth date Death Date Age Notes
Kent Elisha ? 8 may 1832

62y 3m 18d

Kent Jas Shannon 5 aug 1882 19 apr 1907   s/o Oscar
Kent Joseph ? 1 jun 1845 2y 0m 0d s/o Robert
Kent Lucy 26 nov 1857 20 jul 1882 24y 8m 25d d/o Milton
Kent Mariah ? 13 aug 1833 3y 4m 13d  
Kent Mary ? 11 aug 1856 27y 0m 0d w/o George
Kent Milton 12 sep 1812 11 dec 1873 61y 2m 29d  
Kent Oscar 6 nov 1849 6 nov 1899 50y 0m 0d h/o Clara Weaver
Kent Rachel 18 apr 1817 10 nov 1893 75y 5m 23d w/o Milton, nee: Kirk
Knott Joseph M   5 nov 1836 75y 14d  
Landon Darius   12 jun 1834 45y  
Mollencopf John J   16 apr 1865 62y  
Shultis Mary        

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