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Oceola #1/ Methodist Episcopal Cemetery

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Located: in Todd twp. behind the gas station in Osceola. There does not appear to be any entrance to this place, you just park at the gas station and crawl over the fence row.

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Crawford county cemetery locations

Surname Given name Birth...Date Death...Date Age at Death Notes Row Grave
Coder Dennis R   15 nov 1882 78y 10m 16d Row Photo    
Coder Naomi   28 nov 1886 77y 7m 14d w/o Dennis R.    
Gahagan Garrett   19 jan 1879 47y 3m 7d Civil War    
Gahagan Catharine 1833 1916        
Evans Catharine   22 feb 1868 93 years on stone with Dennis Coder    
Fagan Ann 1803 1892        
Fagan Henry   16 aug 1868 66y 10m 19d      
Fagan Asa   2 sep 1872 41y 1d      
Snavely Anna 24 dec 1874 6 mar 1890  
Snavely  David   23 apr 1890 57y 5m 24d      

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