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Crawford Co., OH

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 Monnett Chapel Cemetery

Last update 16-Sep-2002 09:20 AM

Have photos of folk's tombstones buried here??

Located: in Bucyrus Twp. Cemetery with a church. small and perfectly manicured! Is on SE corner of 98 and Monnett Church Rd. being north of Malcolm Road.
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Note:  Ken and I visited this site on April 27, 2002. It was raining lightly so we did not stay long, but did get a couple photos. Above there are THREE photos. Pan to the right to see them. There are also photos below: Click on the thumbnail to see them larger: 

Interested in a photo from here? Drop me a line!

Crawford county cemetery locations

This is a shot of the Chapel

Here is the Monnett family plot

Here is the main Monnett marker

Note from Martha Keller: "It has a long line of pine trees. I used to get pine cones there at Christmas time.  I donated my big Baldwin Organ to them some years ago.  It sounds great in their church auditorium.  I was a church organist for over 30 years but had to give it up when I had back surgery some years ago."

Note from: Stuart Koblentz
"We have launched which is a totally free site devoted to the Monnett / Monnette family that resided in Crawford and Marion Counties during the last half of the 1800's and the first half of the 1900's. Site contains information on the Johnston and Walton familes as well as the Foos, Hinamon, Burtsfield families."

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