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Crawford Co., OH

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 Conley Cemetery

Last update 19-Nov-2004 03:47 PM

Have photos of folk's tombstones buried here??

Located: in Liberty Twp. south side of 98 being east of  Connely Rd (23)
It is off in a small deserted wooded lot in middle of a cultivated field
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     Ken and I visited this cemetery in November 2004. It is in HORRIBLE condition. Overgrown with brambles, raspberry bushes. Not even the folks who place the veteran flags would enter, they just placed a flag at the perimeter of the area! We went in and tried to get photos of all stones still there. Many are there yet, but you have to break down the 4-5 foot sticker bushes to get near them, which we did to take the photos of the stones we could find. Bold names indicate I have a photo of this marker.
 Someone needs to care for this area with 50 graves! Click Here to see some photos

Crawford county cemetery locations

Surname given name birth death age at death notes
Bash Albert   18 aug 1846 1y 7m 24d s/o P & S
Bash Albert P   18 aug 1846 1y 8m 24d s/o P & S
Bash Henry   28 may 1856 8y 10m 24d s/o P & S
Bash infant   3 feb 1853 7d s/o P & S
Bash Mary   24 jul 1835 36y 5m 7d w/o Jacob
Benson Henry   28 sep 1856 3m 21d s/o S & S
Benson Sarah 4 mar 1823 26 may 1895    
Chambers Christeanah   22 jun 1850 45y w/o Elias
Chambers Elias   Sep ??   h/o Christeanah
Chambers Elisabeth   7 may 1866 60y 10m 29d w/o John
Chambers Elizabeth 25 nov 1829 26 jun 1889    
Chambers Jacob   24 mar 1881 23y 9m 5d  
Chambers Jacob   15 nov 1854 1y 1m 15d  
Chambers James M   19 may 1873 2y 11m 2d  
Chambers Mary Rosette   23 jun 1872 5y 8m 19d d/o D&B
Chambers Sarah   26 dec 1870 19y 13d d/o W & E
Chambers William   10 dec 1867 41y 16d  
Charlton Elisha   20 dec 1840 3y 7m 7d s/o J & L
Charlton Oliver   1 sep 1870 29y 2m 28d  
Conley Charles   1 jul 1865 43y 3m 12d  
Conley Harrison   25 oct 1888 75y 4m 8d  
Conley Harry 16 apr  1874 16 aug 1878   s/o Rev HW & A
Conley Henry   23 jan 1857 4y 7m 11d s/o C & S
Conley Leven   13 sep 1845 63y  
Conley Maria   11 aug 1864 1y 25d  
Conley Martha   23 nov 1843 17y 5m 13d d/o L & N
Conley Nancy   15 jul 1874 82y 8m 27d w/o Leven
Garhart Mary   2 apr 1834 2m 28d  
Grimm Magdalena   9 apr 1891   w/o Christian; unmarked grave
Grimm Martha   17 jan 1871 6y 6m 10d d/o C & M
Kintner Elizabeth   7 jul 1836 18y  
McMillan Mary A   4 oct 1838 6y 2m 25d d/o ? & Eliz
Mentzar George   20 jun 1838 72y 1m 20d h/o Susannah
Mentzar Sarah J   15 aug 1852 4m 18d d/o E & S
Mentzar Susannah   11 nov 1855 80y 5m 28d w/o George
Mercer Catharine   3 jul 1836 35y 7m 11d w/o Adam
Mounsir Fannie   18 jun 1847 19y 10m 17d w/o Ashley
Mounsir Hannah   22 apr 1848 53y  
Mounsir Hen??   2? March 1847 ?y 5m ?d  
Mounsir Illegible   184?    
Orewiler Albert M   6 apr 1881 28d s/o J & A; on back of parents marker
Orewiler Alferd   9 feb 1851 7y 1m 26d s/o Jacob & Ann
Orewiler Anna   6 feb 1897 79y 4d w/o Jacob
Orewiler Henry   1 sep 1848 1y 28d s/o Jacob & Ann
Orewiler Jacob   13 feb 1892 80y 1m 27d h/o Anna
Orewiler Louisa Maria   28 mar 1879 24y 7m 10d d/o J & A
Orewiler Nancy J   6 apr 1874 1m 2d d/o J & A
Stockman Peter   28 oct 1850 82y 6m 21d  
Whetstone Catharine   15 jun 1849 1y 8m 10d d/o J & H

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