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Crawford Co., OH

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Biddle/ Cole/ Swisher Cemetery

Last update 02-Nov-2004 04:53 PM

Photo of sign

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Photo of cemetery

Located: in Sandusky Twp.
Take US 30 east from Bucyrus. Turn left (North) onto SR 602. Proceed approximately one mile. Turn right (East) onto Remlinger Rd. The Cemetery is about 2 1/2 miles on the right (South) just before Kile Rd.
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Note: Below  is a partial listing
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Crawford county cemetery locations

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Surname Given Name Birth date Death Date Age Notes Spouse
Campbell James   05-11-1881 55, 2, 11   Sibilla
Campbell Sibilla   06-05-1891 62, 6, 22   James
Campbell James   09-03-1853 55, 04, 28   Rebekah
Campbell Rebekah   09-04-1889 86, 09, 09   James 
Campbell James   stone broken      
Campbell John        s/o James and Rebekah  
Dewalt David   15 dec 1849 69y 1m 22d   Elizabeth
Dewalt Elizabeth 1844 1920      
Dewalt Elizabeth   7 aug 1880 91y 8m 26d w/o David  
Dewalt Infant son   20 dec 1837      
Dewalt John 4 mar 1839 6 sep 1915     Mary
Dewalt Mary 16 sep 1840 18 jan 1904     John
Easterday Caroline Bowman   22 may 1876 52y 6m    
Easterday Jacob   22 jul 1851 69y 10m 17d 2nd photo Caroline Bowman
Heckart Ely 1838 1902      
Heckert Helen E 1909 1982      
Heckert Walter C 1899 1982      
Heckert William C 1943 1982      
Kitch stone         John, Mary and inf dau  
Kitch John G   03-09-1888 72, 01, 03   Mary
Kitch Mary   01-23-1894 78, 03, 24   John G
Kitch infant daughter   05-13-1852      
Pfahler Anna 1868 1873      
Pfahler Betty J 1927 uncut     John W
Pfahler unmarked       beside Anna  
Pfahler Charley Plot photo 12 aug 1881   s/o Caleb & Eliz  
Pfahler Caroline Wagner Plot photo 4 sep 1887 72y 11m 29d   John G
Pfahler John W 1925 uncut     Betty J

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