Sandusky Co., OH
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Trinity Cemetery
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Located in Scott twp. exactly 5 miles from Route 6 to County Road 11 and the cemetery is on the north side of the road exactly 4 miles from Route 23. And there is a wonderful air-conditioned carryout at the corner of Route 23 and County Road 11 that sells cold, cold drinks and ICE CREAM!
(directions from Joyce)
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Photos provided by:
 Joyce M Thomas, Deb Cameron and Rebecca Pachasa
Below are links to a partial list of graves in this cemetery
 which I created from  photos, from a list created by Jon Shultz, and a series of updates by Rebecca Pachasa

I have a LARGE amount of family buried here. I have marked in the far right margin all my blood relatives interred in this cemetery. Drop me a line if you are related to me!

  • Descendants of the HELLER family (on my father's side)

  • Descendants of the ZIMMERMAN family (on my mother's side)

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