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Putnam Co., OH

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Sts. Peter and Paul Catholic Cemetery

Last update 24-Apr-2002 11:48 AM

Location in Ottawa, Putnam Co. OH
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All photos and information on this page supplied by Kathy Baker

Surname given name at death birth date death date notes from Kathy Baker:
Beutler Alexander 31oct1886 21 nov 1903 Parents were Elizabeth (Fipp) and Christian Beutler
Beutler Christian 16 feb 1854 8 oct 1829 Christian was born on Feb 16, 1854 in Switzerland, to Elizabeth Scheidegger and Samuel Beutler. He married Elizabeth on Feb 15, 1881, Sts. Peter and Paul Catholic Church, Ottawa, Ohio. Christian died in Ottawa, Ohio
Beutler Christian 7 aug 1884 7 jan 1904 Parents were Elizabeth (Fipp) and Christian Beutler; Christian had gone home for the burial of his brother Alexander, who had typhoid fever. While home he came down with typhoid as well and died.
Beutler Elizabeth 2 jan 1862 4 apr 1900 Elizabeth was born on Jan 2, 1862, in Ottawa, Ohio, to Johanna Elizabeth
Brinkman and John M. Fipp. She died on April 4, 1900, in Ottawa, Ohio
Beutler Louis   21 oct 1923 suicide; Parents were Elizabeth (Fipp) and Christian Beutler;Age: 27 years, 8 months, 6 days.
Eberle Elizabeth 1857 1924 Elizabeth (Karcher) Eberle is located next to her husband's headstone John Eberle, in Sts. Peter and Paul Catholic Cemetery, Ottawa, Putnam County, Ohio. Elizabeth was born on July 5, 1857 in Kirby, Wyandot County, Ohio, to Nicholas Karcher and Anna Margaret Donnersbach. She died on Oct. 5, 1924, in Ottawa, Putnam County, Ohio. She was buried on Oct. 8, 1924
Eberle John 1848 1927 the son of Luzia (Saile) and Anton Eberle. John was born on May 30, 1848 in Crawfordsville, Wyandot County, Ohio. He married Elizabeth (Karcher) on May 10, 1875, in Salem Township, Wyandot County, Ohio. John died on May 8, 1927, and was buried on May 10, 1927
Fipp Jennie B 1 oct 1844 1 sep 1877 w/o John
Fipp John M 30 jun 1835 6 feb 1878 born in Germany (3rd photo)
Fipp Johanna Elizabeth Brinkman      
Lammers Wesley J 1878 1955  born May 24, 1878, Liberty Township, Putnam County, Ohio; died: March 24, 1955, Lima, Allen County, Ohio; parents: Johan Wenceslaus Lammers and Elizabeth Zink; married Catherine A. Eberle on Jan. 8, 1902 in Liberty Township, Putnam County, Ohio
Lammers Catherine A 1881 1967 born April 29, 1881 in Richland Township, Wyandot County, Ohio; died: Sept. 22, 1967, Lima, Allen County, Ohio; parents: John Eberle and Elizabeth Karcher
Lammers Charles Albert 1917 1981 s/o Wesley J. Lammers and Catherine A. Eberle; born: April 9, 1917, Liberty Township, Putnam County, Ohio; died: Oct. 6, 1981, Ottawa, Putnam County, Ohio; married: Rosemary A. Drerup in Sept. 1940 in Marietta, Ohio. They eventually divorced. No children. "Chuck" served in WWII