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St. Paul Reformed UCC Church Cemetery

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Photo of church and cemetery sign

Location: Glenford Ohio
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All 21 photos and information on this page supplied by Joe Swinehart

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Bold name below indicates a photo of tombstone for that person

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Anspach, Henry and Elizabeth
Cooperrider, Arthur O. and Emma F.
Cooperrider, Elizabeth
Cooperrider, Marie E
Cooperrider, Mont and Evelyn
Cooperrider, Walter and L. Blanche
Heterick, Jacob
Mechling, Paul Parks
Ridenour, Daniel
Ridenour, Jacob and Dorthea
Ridenour, Margaretha
Swinehart, Adam
Swinehart, Amelia
Swinehart, Anna Elizabeth and Amanda
Swinehart, Bernard and Leah A.
Swinehart, Catharine
Swinehart, Christine
Swinehart, Cora J
Swinehart, David
Swinehart, Elias
Swinehart, Enos E.
Swinehart, Frances
Swinehart, John
Swinehart, John
Swinehart, John A.
Swinehart, Lafe and Ida and Carl
Swinehart, Levi A. and Mary J.
Swinehart, Louisa
Swinehart, Lydia
Swinehart, Lydia A.
Swinehart, Mahalal
Swinehart, Margaret
Swinehart, Moses A.
Swinehart, Rev P. S.
Swinehart, Samuel
Swinehart, Sophia
Swinehart, Susanna
Zartman, Alexander and Salome
Zartman, Israel
Note from Joe: St. Paul had over 48 Swinehart and so you can understand why I was interested.  it is a very old cemetery at least to me.  my great great great grandfather John Swinehart died in 1838 and that is the time frame of the majority of tombstones or close
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