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Perry Co., OH

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Highland Cemetery

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Location: Glenford, Ohio
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All 75 photos and listing on this page supplied by Joe Swinehart. I have added add'l info on the Ridenour family

Bold name below indicates photo for that person

Cooperridder, Brooke R.
Cooperrider, Alice M. and Carl L.
Cooperrider, Cora M. and Ivan C.
Cooperrider, Daisy Orr and Irvin
Cooperrider, Edith A and Frank
Cooperrider, Ellis C. and Martha M.
Cooperrider, Esta M. and Ralph D.
Cooperrider, Ethel O.
Cooperrider, Guss and Em and W. Roland
Cooperrider, Jean C. and Forrest T.
Cooperrider, Louise and Merrill W.
Cooperrider, Luke K. and Lola King
Cooperrider, Lulu M. and Albert E.
Cooperrider, M. Rozella and Ivan J.
Cooperrider, Mary Edna and Frank L.
Cooperrider, Mary M. and George A.
Cooperrider, Maurice E. and Beulah
Cooperrider, Mont and Evelyn
Cooperrider, Obed and Aljo
Cooperrider, Olive I. and Emmet E.
Cooperrider, Robert Lee
Cooperrider, Roger L. and M. Ann.
Cooperrider, Ruth and Guy
Cooperrider, Sarah C. and Adam L.
Crist, Vera R.
Kelley, Edith
Kelley, John Henry
Kelley, Richard W.
Kelley, Unknown
Kelley, William
Mechling, Anna and Levi W. and Ruth and Areldah
Mechling, Bessie B. and Fred S.
Mechling, Eleanor S. and H. Eugene
Mechling, Gertrude and Homer C.
Mechling, Helen K. and Russell B.
Mechling, Paul Parks
Mechling, Peter P. and Frances
Mechling, Ruth Irene and Ralph Edwin
Ridenour, Carl A. and Ida mae
Ridenour, Charles B.
Ridenour, Doris
Ridenour, Edna and Walter C. Edna (Cooperider); Walter C is s/o Edwin Cornelius & Mary (Cotterman) Ridenour
Ridenour, Gladys J. and Charles L. Gladys (Rhodes); Charles is s/o Jacob Allen & Almeda (Crist) Ridenour
Ridenour, Harriet M. d/o Luke John & Esta (Smith) Ridenour
Ridenour, Hazel I. and Vernon O. and Robert E. Hazel (Ardrey); Vernon is s/o Charles Franklin & Charlotte (Cooperider) Ridenour; Robert Eugene is s/o Vernon & Hazel
Ridenour, Helen Rousculp and Harvey M.  Harvey is s/o Charles Franklin & Charlotte (Cooperider) Ridenour
Ridenour, Lora M. (Watkins) and Myron J. Myron is s/o David Simeon & Sarah S. (Carnicorn) Ridenour
Ridenour, Marguerite and Oscar J. Marguerite (Dupler); Oscar is s/o Thomas Jefferson & Eva J (Myers) Ridenour
Ridenour, Marjorie J. and Paul F.Marjorie (Watkins); Paul is s/o David Simeon & Sarah S. (Carnicorn) Ridenour
Ridenour, Mary E. and Edwin C. Mary (Cotterman); Edwin Cornelius is s/o Daniel & Margaretha (Rousculp) Ridenour
Swinehart, Agnes L. and Angus B.
Swinehart, Alma J.
Swinehart, B. Bessette and Homer K.
Swinehart, Bernice C. and Luke D.
Swinehart, Carrie and Carl G.
Swinehart, Charles H.
Swinehart, Claude and Edith
Swinehart, Don S.
Swinehart, Donald Foucht and Ruth Siegfried
Swinehart, Dora S. and Albert E.
Swinehart, Erma M. and Paul M.
Swinehart, Ethel O.
Swinehart, Florence
Swinehart, George and Bertha
Swinehart, Grace M. and Ross P.
Swinehart, Janet Rae
Swinehart, L. Christine and Harold R.
Swinehart, Larry M.
Swinehart, Lenna M. and Reno M.
Swinehart, Martin L. and Barbara
Swinehart, Miriam S. and Dana
Swinehart, Obed V.
Swinehart, parents of Phillip, Mark and Douglas
Swinehart, Roma J. and Dwight C.
Swinehart, Wm. H.
Unknown, Daisy
Unknown, Eileen
Unknown, Murray
Unknown, Wayne
Zartman, Martha E. and Bessie and Mesanchlon