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Toledo, OH

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Calvary Catholic Cemetery

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Location: 2224 Dorr St (SR246) at Parkside Blvd, Est. 1887 Phone: 419-531-5747
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All photos and information here supplied by Kathy Baker

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Surname given name at death birth date death date notes from Kathy Baker:
Bailey Clara Ann 1876 1967

w/o Joseph Bailey; d/o John and Frances Gartner; born on Oct. 19, 1876 in Toledo, Lucas County, Ohio and died on April 27, 1967 in Toledo, Lucas County, Ohio.

Bailey Joseph 1870 1945 s/o Kinney (Hiltz) and Michael Bailey. His sister was Hannah (Teresa (Boddy) Wiener's mom). Joseph was born on Feb. 23, 1870 in Monroeville, Huron County, OHio, and died on Aug. 30, 1945 in Toledo, Lucas County, Ohio. He was married to Clara Ann Gartner
Bailey Kate 1861 1889 w/o Fred Bailey. Kate was born in 1861 in Mansfield, Ohio. Died April 28, 1889 in Toledo, Lucas County, Ohio. I believe Fred remarried and I do not know where he is buried.
Bailey Kinney 1834 1895 w/o michael
Bailey Michael 1824 1893 This is the monument to Kinney and Michael Bailey. Their daughter Hannah married William F. Boddy and was the mother of Teresa (Boddy) Wiener. There are also other family names on the stone as well as several other family headstones in the vicinity . Kinney's parents were Joseph and Maria A. (Biddle) Hiltz. I do not know Michael Bailey's parents' names. There is also something unusual as there is another stone on the ground with the name Michael Bailey but with the dates 1823-1893. I wonder if a mistake was made on one of them?
Bailey Michael 1823 1893 h/o Kinney (Hiltz) Bailey; Born: 1825, Baden, Germany; Died: Feb. 9, 1893, Toledo, Lucas County, Ohio
Bailey Ralph 1901 1978 s/o Clara and Joseph Bailey. Ralph was born Nov. 25, 1901 in Toledo, Lucas County, Ohio. He died on April 14, 1978, Toledo, Lucas County, Ohio
Bailey Winifred M 1899 1983 born on July 3, 1899 in Ohio, to Annabelle (Van Dusen) and Timothy J. McCarthy. Winifred died on Oct. 10, 1983 in Toledo, Lucas County, Ohio
Wiener George Clement 1880 1932 h/o Theresa Grace; born Feb. 19, 1880 in Toledo, Lucas County, Ohio. He died on Jan. 28, 1932 in Toledo, Ohio. He was a policeman on the Toledo Police Force most of his life
Wiener Ruby Rose Steinwand 1913 1997 born on Jan. 23, 1913 in Ohio. She died May 23, 1997 in Toledo, Lucas County, Ohio; w/o Wm George
Wiener Teresa Grace Boddy 1887 1932 born on March 18, 1887 in Toledo, Lucas County, Ohio. She died on Jan. 28, 1932 in Toledo, Ohio. She married George Clement Wiener in 1909 in Toledo, Ohio
Wiener William George 1910 1999 born on Jan. 29, 1910 in Toledo, Lucas County, Ohio. He died on June 1, 1999 in Toledo, Ohio; s/o Teresa and George Wiener. William and Ruby are buried on the other side of Teresa and George Wiener's using their headstone and the inscription is on the back; h/o Ruby Rose




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