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Fayette Co., OH

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Yankeetown Cemetery

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Photo of Yankeetown cemetery, Madison twp., Fayette Co., OH

Photo of Yankeetown cemetery, Madison twp., Fayette Co., OH

Photo of Yankeetown cemetery, Madison twp., Fayette Co., OH

Location in Madison twp.: On north side of Cook-Yankeetown Road about .6 mile east of SR 207 & about 100 feet from the Pickaway County line.
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  List of all Fayette county cemeteries

This Listing was created and sent to me by Mary Lou Stiverson ( ) (I have made corrections to this list as I see them from photos) Links in text indicate I have photos:
This transcription was done April, 2002


-Unknown, died 1836
-?, Mary wife of ? died AD 1828 (second photo)
-?, Cecelia dau of ? and J ? died ? 18?8 (second Photo)

Bailey, James died Apr 11, 1863 age 56y (second photo)
Bailey, Elizabeth wife of James Bailey died 8/14/1865 age 51y 9m 15d (second photo)
Bailey, Margaret Graham   1837-1925
Baker, Nancy d/o Jackson & Mary Ann Thomas Baker died 9/14/1828 age 4y 5m 7d (second photo)
Baker, Charles G. s/o J. & E.A. Baker died 4/26/1862 age 2 (second photo)
Baker, ?? couldn't read
-Baker, Daniel died 8/10/1852 age 51y 2m 19d (second photo)
Baker, Daniel died Aug 2, 1852 age 52y 4m 28d
Baker, Alvy s/o J. & A. Baker died 11/11/1866 age 1y 2d (second photo)
Bennett, Samuel died 12/14/1848 age ?
Bennett, Abigail wife of Samuel Bennett died 7/15/1858 age 82 1m 6d
Bennett, Thomas died 2/11/1850 age ?
Boss, Susan E. d/o P. & M. Boss died 9/1/1853 age 2
-Christopher, Henry died ? (grave located near Seth Lingo)
Clarridge, William s/o T. & M. Clarridge died 8/28/1866 age 8y 2m 20d
Clarridge, Eleanor died 8/22/1853 age 27y 4 m 13d (second photo)
Clarridge, James 1/17/185? age ? 1m 15d (second photo)  (third)
Clarridge, Eleanor wife of Edmund Clarridge died 11/10/1860 age ? (foot stone)  (third photo)  (plot photo)
Cool, Benjamin M. s/o John & Holly Cool died 10/6/1842 age 11y 9m 2d (second photo)
Chaffin, James R. s/o Hinton & Sarah Chaffin died 6/2/1847 age ?
Davis, Jesse died Aug ? 1842
DeWeese, Arthur s/o Thomas & Mary DeWeese died 1/10/1849 age 2
-Deweese, Mary E died ? age ?y 8m 11d
Farmer, Sarah J. wife of E.L. Farmer died 11/16/1859 age ? (second photo)
Fisher, Susannah E. wife of Z. Fisher died 3/4/1905 age 92 (Monument)
Fisher, Zebulon died 2/22/1882 age 76 (second photo)  (Monument)
Fisher, Isaac M. died 6/3/1878 age 35y 11m (second Photo)
Fisher, Christina died sep 13, 1875 age 16d
Fisher, Christopher died Sep 3, 1875 age 4d
Fisher, Martha d/o ?? died ?? 1855 age 17
-Fisher, Susan dau of JN & h? Fisher died 1864
Fisher, Jasper s/o Susan Fisher died 7/27/1816 age 2 mos.
Fisher, Zebulon s/o Z.D & ?? Fisher died 9/27/1857 age 1 2m 15d
Fisher, Unknown died ?? age ?
-Flood, William C Francis son of JW & M Flood died sep 18, 1852 (second photo)
Freman, Mary A. born Nov 23, 1823 died 4/16/1891
Grim, Mary wife of John W. Grimm died 7/31/1861 age 19
Graham, Ann d/o T.J. & S. Graham died 7/18/1865 age 22 days (second photo)
Graham, Henry died 1850 age 50
-Graham, Herby died ? 5, 1856
Graham, Margaret 1837-1925
Graham, Isaac died 11/13/1866 age 22y 9m 15d (second photo)
-Graham, J H died Mar 16, 1869 age 3?y ?m ?d (second photo)
Graham, James H. s/o Isaac Graham died 12/3/1868 age 1 6m 3d
Graham, Infant s/o J. & A. Graham died 11/20/1872 age ?
-Grey, William Clinton, died May 14, 1841 age 8y 9m 3d (second photo)
Griffin, Elizabeth d/o L. & R.V. Griffin died 8/29/1855 age 1
Hall, Daniel J. died 8/21/1849 age 33y 7m 5d (second photo)
Hall, John died 7/14/1845 age 57y 5m 15d (second photo)
Hammond, James W. s/o W. & M. Hammond died 8/26/1871 age 9 mos. 20d
Hanson, Amas died 4/20/1857 age 50 (second photo)
Hoober, John W. s/o J. & E. Hoober died 8/4/1864 age 20 (second photo)
Hoober, J.E. died ?? age ?
Hoober, ? died 12/4/1854 age 3 mos.
Hatfield, Laura d/o A. & M.E. Hatfield died sep 1, 1865 age 2y 5m 17d (second photo)
Jones, James born 5/3/1813 died 10/20/1871 (monument) (second photo)
Jones, Sarah White born 11/29/1815 died 11/28/1875 (monument) (second photo)
Jones, Mary Elizabeth d/o James & Sarah Jones died 6/20/1849  (second photo)
Kemp, Mary Jane wife of Jessie Kemp died ?? age ? **(note: Jessie is buried at Waterloo Cem. died 1864 age 39)**
King, Reason died 8/24/1869 age 81 6m 7d (second photo)
King, Elizabeth wife of Reason King died 6/3/1811 age ?
King, Peter s/o Reason & Elizabeth King died 8/1/1826 age 10
King, William s/o Reason & Elizabeth King died 5/1828 age ? mos.
King, June d/o Reason & Elizabeth King died 7/1821 (?) age ?
Kenneaster, Levi B. died 4/22/1858 age 34y 1m 16days (second photo)
Knolls, Anna wife of William C died Feb 25, 1852 age 33y ?m ?d (second photo)
Knowles, Elizabeth died 8/11/1851 age 38y 1m 10d   (second photo)  (third)
Knoles, Willie Ann J. d/o Wm G & Ann H. Knoles died 9/1/1832 age 7
Lingo, Elizabeth wife of S.S. Lingo died 7/7/1853 age ? 10m 3d (second photo)
Lingo, Seth died 6/1/1843 age 55
Lingo, Elijah born sep 15, 1824 died 12/17/1881 age 57y 3m 2d  (second photo)
Longberry, John died ?? age abt. 50
Longberry, Martha A. died 1913 age ?
Longerbone, George W. s/o L. & S. Longerbone died 2/11/1859 age 1 mo. 26d (second photo)
-Longerbone, George W. ?? (second photo)
Longerbone, Sarupsy d/o ?? & Margaret Longerbone died 2/12/1855 age ?
McCafferty, William died 1/12/1828 age 25
Maddux, Mary M. wife of D.P. Maddux died 1/7/1862 age ?
Maddux, Mary E. d/o D.P. & M.M. Maddux died 2/1/1862 age 1
Martin??, Israel, died July ?, 1848 age 78y 3m 10d
Moore, Owen s/o I.W. & M.D. Moore died 11/27/1854 age ?
Moore, William died ?? age ?
Morgan, Willa Miner wife of William Morgan died 12/11/1850 age 67y 10m 28d (second photo)
Morgan, William died 10/27/1854 age 78
Morgan, William died Oct 27, 1854 aged 76y (odd seems like two stones for same person!)
Mouser, John A. s/o Jacob & Mary Ann Mouser died 1/5/1856 age 17y 8m 5d (second photo) (third) (fourth)
Mouser, William s/o Jacob and Mary Ann Mouser died 18?? age ?
Mouser, Saleb E child of Jacob & Mary Ann Mouser died 1854 age ?(second photo) (third) (fourth)
Niker, John died June 4, 185? age 40y 5m 15d
Nutt, Sirepta d/o J.M. & M. Nutt died 9/9/1851 age 1
Nutt, Rachel wife of James Nutt died 9/18?? age 57 (second photo)  **(note: J.M. Nutt is in Waterloo Cem. died 11/3/1892 age 73)**
Parker, Martha wife of Nathan Parker born 12/10/1796 died 2/24/1848 (second photo)  (third) (fourth)
Phebus, Charles T. s/o G.T. & S.A. Phebus died 9/11/18?? age 6 mos.
Redman, Rosannah wife of William Redman died ?? age ?
Redman, Mary d/o Wm. & Rosannah Redman died 10/29/1813 age ?
-Ross, Susan E dau of R & M Ross
Rowlan, H. Lynden s/o ?? Rowlan died 11/24/1874 age 3 mos.
Sosman, Jacob died 5/28/1866 age 66 2m ?d (second photo)
Sosman, Huldah wife of Jacob Sosman died 2/11/1875 age 76 8m 14d (second photo)
Smith, Augernon P. son of G J and A M Smith, died July 13, 1855 age 1y 5m 29d (second photo)
Tammage, Henry A. died 9/29/1882 age 62 (second photo)
Tammage, Nancy wife of Henry Tammage died 5/19/1846 age 34 (?)(second photo)
Tammage, Henry H. s/o Henry Tammage died 2/7/1847 age 8 mos.
Taylor, Richard s/o Jonathan & Mary Taylor died 5/15/1874 age 31y 8m 11d (second photo)
Taylor, Armeda A. d/o Francis M. & E.A. Taylor died 8/12/1872 age 1 2m 20d (second photo)
Taylor, Catherine d/o Francis M. & E.A. Taylor died 8/6/1863 age 3 mos. 29d (second photo)
Taylor, Christina J. d/o Francis M. & E.A. Taylor died 8/6/1855 age 3 mos.
Taylor, Mary Phillips wife of Jonathan Taylor died 12/30/1868 age 68 (second photo)
Thomas, Mary Jane wife of Isaac J. Thomas died 18?? age ?
-Thomas, Margaret wife of Lorin Thomas died Jun 21, 1850 (second photo)
Thomas, John W. s/o J. & E. Thomas died 1/1/181? age 1
Thomas, Saluster Jane dau of J & MJ Thomas died July 15, 1851 age 4 mos 4d (second photo)
Thomas, William s/o J. &. E. Thomas died 12/25/1811 age 5
Thomas, Infant s/o J. & E. Thomas died 10/1835 (second photo)
Thomas, Infant dau of J. & E. Thomas died 8/1836 (second photo)
Thomas, William died 5/13/1857 age 85
Timmons, Ann wife of William Timmons died 6/16/1848 age 79(second photo)
-Timmons, Hestel wife of Abijah Timmons died Feb 7, 1848 age 45y .. (second photo)
Troxel, Albert D. "Colonel U.S. Army - WW II" born 12/25/1925 died 12/17/1996
-Upperman, Mary E, dau of Henry and Elizabeth Upperman (second photo)

-Upperman, Elizabeth died ?? age ?8y (second photo)
-Upperman, Scioto A,  ?? of H & E Upperman, died Nov 25, 1854 (second photo)
-Williams, William C. died June 16, 1892 age 72y 3m 2d (second photo)
-Williams, Hetty A died Oct 21, 1890 age 72y 2m 15d (second photo)
-Williams, ? (second photo)
-Williams, Infants son and daughter of William and Nancy Williams died May 29, 18??




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