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~ The Waddell Family ~

Last Updated: 26 April 2001

    The following is taken from the Waddell Family Circle. The author presented this book to her grandparents, The A.H. Waddells on their 64th wedding anniversary, and I am dedicating this chapter to her in turn; Thank you, Hazel, for the pleasure you have provided me and the seed for a living heritage your effort has passed on to generations yet to come.

1812 - 1966


Dear Relatives;

    As you read "Our Life's Story" and come to the last page I wish to add a few remarks ---

    It has been a very great pleasure for me to research, compile and type this genealogy for you. Over the two years it has taken me to do so, I have spent many pleasant hours with each and everyone of you, even tho some of you I have never seen, and many were unknown to me.

    From 1812 thru 1966 we have passed a span of 154 years. Four generations of these years have passed on to their just reward. A lot of love has gone into these years, as well as hardships, mistakes, tragedy and heart-break. We all carry memories of these.

    Waddell is a good name. We must all be proud of it. Proverbs 22:1 says "A good name is rather to be chosen, than great riches." Ecclesiastes 7:1 says "A good name is better then precious ointment."

    In closing I wish to thank each and everyone of you whom also spent many hours helping me to complete this genealogy. With all the names and dates, errors are not intentional. I hope you all will enjoy reading and having your copy. It has been my greatest pleasure.

God Bless you.      

       Hazel M. Waddell

Ancestry of Sharon Jean Patterson

3G-Grandparents of Sharon.

    James Gibson WADDELL was born 28 May 1812 in Edinburgh, Scotland, and died 28 October 1885 in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin. He married Mary GAMBLE. She was born 05 July 1819 in Belfast, Ireland, and died 12 December 1903 in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin.

    Children of JAMES WADDELL and MARY GAMBLE are: Andrew 1839, James H. 1840, Mathew W. 1842, Margaret Jane 1845, Orlando D. 1846, Emma 1849, Albert Henry 1851, Theodore E. 1853, Amelia Hester 1855, George Russell 1858 and Charley E. 1864.

History from the McCulla Book at the Cherokee Library.

    James and Mary WADDELL, the former a native of Edunburgh (sic) Scotland and the latter of Belfast, Ireland. They came to America when they were still very young and their marriage accured (sic) in Baribo, where they moved to Dodge County. There James bought state land purchasing 640 acres at one dollar and a quarter per acre. This he operated until retirement.

    He died at Beaver Dam, Wisconsin in 1885 and was survived by his wife until 1903. To this union were born twelve children, eight of whom grew to maturity. Hester A. who died on the family homestead in Wisconsin at the age of 52, James H. of the State of Washington, Mathew W. of Beaver Dam, Wisconsin, O. D. of Aurelia, A. H. of this review, T. E. of Columbus, Wisconsin, George R. of the same city and Charles R. of Beaver Dam, Wisconsin. Excerpted from the history of Abe. H. WADDELL.

2G-Grandparents of Sharon.

    Albert Henry WADDELL was born 03 June 1851 in Lowell, Wisconsin, and died 04 February 1940 in Aurelia, Iowa. He married Susan Rebecca SMITH . 18 February 1872 in Lowell, Wisconsin. She was born 08 November 1852 in Clinton County, New York, and died 09 October 1941 in Aurelia, Iowa.

    Children of Albert Henry WADDELL and Susan SMITH are: Carrie Amelia 1872, Lura Ardelle 1875, Guy Edward 1877, Ray Vine 1880, Jesse James 1882, Katherine Bell 1884 and Webb Clyde Lee 1890.

Mr.and Mrs. A.H. Waddell Have Been Married 64 Years

Albert Henry Waddell and Susan Rebecca Smith

   Not many married couples live to see their 64th wedding anniversary, yet Mr. and Mrs. A.H. Waddell of Aurelia had that experience Tuesday of last week, February 18.

   Miss Susan R Smith and Mr Albert H Waddell were married in the village of Lowell, Wisconsin, on February 18, 1872. The young couple, the groom then 20 and the bride 19 years old, were married at the Methodist parsonage at that place.

   Mr and Mrs Waddell and four children came to Cherokee county in a covered wagon in the month on November, 1881, and camped on the open prairie in Diamond township the first night. In the morning they awoke to find the ground covered with two feet of snow. Their covered wagon was their abode for one week while a house 12x14 feet was being built. This small dwelling was shared with another family of eight children for three weeks, just a sample of the privation and hardships endured by the pioneer settlers of this then sparcely settled territory.

   They lived in Diamond township for 26 years and for the past 29 years have lived in the town of Aurelia.

   Mr Waddell was for many years president of the local cooperative telephone company and a heavy stockholder. He was a member of the town council for a period of eight years.

   In the earlier years of their residence here Mr and Mrs Waddell have passed through many hardships, but they have came through it all with a wonderful fortitude characteristic of those sturdy pioneers who in the early days layed the foundation for a new empire.

   Mr and Mrs Waddell were the parents of six children, Carry Amelia Dyslin of Larabee, Iowa; Guy of Mott, North Dakota; Laura Adelle Woodcock, deceased; Jesse James, deceased; Kate Belle Converse of the state of Idaho; and Webb Clyde of Cherokee, Iowa.

   Mr and Mrs Waddell spent the 64th anniversary of the wedding day quietly at home. Among the visitors during the day was their daughter-in-law, Mrs W C Waddell of Cherokee, who presented them with a hand made and hand typed booklet giving a complete genealogy of all their descendants. It required quite a nuber of pages to list the dfferent branches of the family tree which were secured by a great deal of correspondence. The genealogy record discloses that their descendants number 39 grandchildren and 55 great grandchildren.

   The pictures above are reproductions of photographs of Mr and Mrs Waddell taken 14 years ago when they celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary.

History from the McCulla Book at the Cherokee Library.

   A. H. WADDELL, engaged in the Cream and Produce Business in Aurelia, where he ranked among the most progressive and successfull businessmen of the city, was born in North Lowell, Dodge County, Wisconsin, in 1851. He is the son of James and Mary WADDELL.

    A. H. acquired his education in the public school of Dodge County and afterwards moved to Minnesota where he took up homestead claims in Martin County and eleven years later he sold this land and moved to Cherokee County in 1881.He bought 80 acres of land and afterwards disposed ot this farm and purchased another of 240 acres, this located in Diamond Township, 6 miles south of Aurelia. He engaged in farming upon this property until 1909, then disposed of this land and moved to Aurelia where he opened a Cream and Produce Business, which he since has been operating. He controls a large and representive patronage and his business has increased in volume and importance for he manages it carefully and follows always the most progressive methods.

    In 1872, Mr. WADDELL married Miss Susan R. SMITH who was born in northern New York, who moved from the state of Wisconsin and then to Minnesota, where her mother died in 1886. Her father afterwards moved to Iowa, where he passed away in 1902.

    Seven children were born to Mr. and Mrs. A. H. WADDELL, Guy of Arlington, South Dakota, Ray V. of South Dakota, J.J. of Cherokee, Iowa, W. C. at home, Carrie, wife of John DYSLIN, Lura, wife of Fred WOODCOCK and Kate, wife of Norton CONVERSE. Source: The McCulla Book.

Great Grandparents of Sharon.

    Katherine Bell WADDELL She was born 31 October 1884 in Aurelia, Iowa and died 18 July 1958 in Boone, Iowa. Child of Albert Henry WADDELL and Susan SMITH. Katherine married Norton Newton CONVERSE on 22 October 1903 in Cherokee, Iowa. He was born 27 June 1879 in Tama County, Iowa and died 21 January 1958 in Buckley, Washington.

    One of their children was Burdell Jane CONVERSE 1904.

and this leads to Sharon: Grandparents
Burdell Jane CONVERSE 1904-1976 and William Walter MOORHEAD 1892-1970
Lillian Virginia MOORHEAD 1925-Present and Albert Eugene PATTERSON 1924-1998
Sharon Jean PATTERSON 1943-Present and Ottice E. SPIERS, Jr 1940-Present

Alphabetical Index of The Waddell Family.

ALBERT HENRY 03 June 1851, Sharon's 2G-GF. He was born in Lowell, Wisconsin; and died 04 February 1940, Aurelia, Iowa. Child of James Gibson WADDELL and Mary GAMBLE.

Amelia Hester 17 February 1855, Sharon's 2G-GA. Child of James Gibson WADDELL and Mary GAMBLE. She died 28 July 1908; her husband's last name was KEEFER. McCulla shows a Hester A. as dying on the family homestead in Wisconsin at the age of 52. There is a one year discrepancy in her age at death but this is allmost certainly the same person. Nothing else is known about her family.

Andrew 12 March 1839, Sharon's 2G-GU. Child of James Gibson WADDELL and Mary GAMBLE. He died on 14 July, year unknown; he married MARY BARR GAMBLE who died on 07 May in 1870. Children, if any, are unknown. The name of his wife is interesting since it is very similar to his mother's name... also he is not listed in last paragraph of the McCulla book above as one of the children who grew to maturity. The year of his death is unknown as is anything else about this family.

Anna Cora 25 April 1916, Sharon's 1C2R.

Archie Harold 05 October 1905, Sharon's 1C2R.

Carrie Amelia 27 December 1872, Sharon's G-GA. Child of Albert Henry WADDELL and Susan SMITH. She was born 27 December 1872 in Rutland Township, Martin County, Minnesota and died 29 March 1955, Buena Vista County, Alta, Iowa; She married John Nelson DYSLIN on 27 August 1893 in Aurelia, Iowa; He was born 30 May 1864 in Herkimer County, Little Falls, New York and died 29 October 1938 in Cherokee County, Aurelia, Iowa. Carrie was buried at Pleasant Hill Cemetery in Aurelia, Iowa.

    Notes on Carrie Amelia from Mark Dyslan; She can be found in the 1875 Minnesota Census of Rutland Township in Martin County.

    Obituary from The Cherokee Daily Times

    Carrie Amelia Dyslin, 82, died at 4:30 a.m. Tuesday at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Roy Geary in Alta, Iowa, after an illness of one year. Mrs. Dyslin was a former Aurelia community resident. She is survived by two daughters, Mrs. Geary and Mrs. Granville Meredith, both of Alta; four sons, Harvey Dyslin of Elk Point, S.D., Glen, Floyd, and Gahlen all of Aurelia; 29 grandchildren and 17 great grandchildren. Three brothers, Will Waddell of Sioux City, Guy of the state of Washington, Ray of Alcester, S.D., and one sister, Katherine Converse of Filer, Idaho also survive. Her husband, John, and one son preceded her in death. Funeral services will be announced later by Boothby Funeral Home.

Carrol Dale 24 September 1920, Sharon's 1C2R.

Charley E. 10 January 1864, Sharon's 2G-GU. Hr married Celia GANSKY; She was born 14 August 1865 and died 22 April 1924. Child of James Gibson WADDELL and Mary GAMBLE. Shown by McCulla as living in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin in 1909. Nothing else is known.

Clyde Lee 08 October 1902, Sharon's 1C2R.

Doris Allene 01 August 1918, Sharon's 1C2R.

Edwin LeRoy 16 April 1909, Sharon's 1C2R.

Emma 27 January 1849, Sharon's 2G-GA. She died 23 July 1856. Child of James Gibson WADDELL and Mary GAMBLE.

Flora Marie 01 October 1907, Sharon's 1C2R.

George Russell 06 May 1858, Sharon's 2G-GU. He married ETTA L. CHURCH; She was born 26 October 1858 and died 27 July 1920. Child of James Gibson WADDELL and Mary GAMBLE. Shown by McCulla as living in Columbus, Wisconsin in 1909. Nothing else is known.

Guy Edward 05 October 1877, Sharon's G-GU. Child of Albert Henry WADDELL and Susan SMITH. Born in Martin County, Minnesota; He married Eulalia Myrtle GRAHAM; She was born 15 September 1880, Washington County, Ohio and died 11 February 1928.

Hazel Maezella, 10 October 1902, Sharon's 1C2R. Daughter of Ray Vine WADDELL and Emma L. ZEIMAN was born in Pitcher Township, Iowa; Married (1) John Franklin DANIELS, 10 October 1919, Elk Point, South Dakota; No Issue. He was born 15 August 1897, Williamsville, Illinois; and died 03 December 1929;

Hazel was the author of THE WADDELL FAMILY CIRCLE Book. hazel m wadell.gif

    Hazel married Henry Claus SCHEELS, shown with her in photo, on 01 September 1932, Canton, South Dakota; No Issue. He was born 20 October 1900, Alcester, South Dakota; and died on 26 December 1932, Alcester, South Dakota;
    She then married Henning Emanuel WESTIN on 17 July 1941, in Alcester, South Dakota; No Issue, and they were Divorced in 1949. He was born 27 February, year unknown, in Alcester, South Dakota;
    Hazel's last marriage was to Paul KROLL, 19 August 1953, Omaha, Nebraska; No Issue, Divorced 1957.; He was born 27 September, year unknown.

Hazel M. Waddell

Guy Lawrence 21 March 1904, Sharon's 1C2R.

JAMES GIBSON 28 May 1812 3rd great-grandfather

James H. 10 June 1840, Sharon's 2G-GU. He died 03 March 1925. Child of James Gibson WADDELL and Mary GAMBLE. He married Sophia GILMORE; born 25 March 1847 and died 02 August 1928. McCulla shows a James H. of the state of Washington as living to maturity.

Jesse James 14 March 1882, Sharon's G-GU. Child of Albert Henry WADDELL and Susan SMITH. Born in Cherokee, County, Iowa.

KATHERINE BELL 31 October 1884 Great-grandmother

Leone Josephine 30 June 1901, Sharon's 1C2R.

Lura Ardelle 23 May 1875, Sharon's G-GA. Child of Albert Henry WADDELL and Susan SMITH. She was born in Martin County, Minnesota and died 24 April 1914; She married Fred R. WOODCOCK, 02 December 1894, in Galva, Iowa; He was born 03 June 1859, in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin; and died 29 December 1917, in Canova, South Dakota.

    They had the following children: (1) Ruth Mae (2) Opal Ardelle (3) Albert Henry and (4) Infant WOODCOCK; Born 24 Apr 1914 in Canova, South Dakota.

Margaret Jane 19 November 1845, Sharon's 2G-GA. She died 10 May 1846. Child of James Gibson WADDELL and Mary GAMBLE.

Mathew W. 14 November 1842, Sharon's 2G-GU. Married Clatilda ROUNDS on 1 Jan 1871 in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin, she died 2 March 1921.Child of James Gibson WADDELL and Mary GAMBLE. In 1909 he would have been living in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin per McCulla. Nothing further is known.

Orlando D.18 June 1846, Sharon's 2G-GU. Died 22 February 1923; He married ALICE J. COLTON; born 30 October 1851 and died 11 August 1931. Child of James Gibson WADDELL and Mary GAMBLE. In 1909 he was living in Aurelia per McCulla.

Orville Ray , 24 February 1904. Sharon's 1C2R. Son of Ray Vine WADDELL and Emma L. ZEIMAN.

Ray Vine Ray Vine 25 January 1880. Sharon's G-GU. Son of Albert Henry WADDELL and Susan Rebecca SMITH was born in Martin County, Minnesota. He married Emma L. ZEIMAN on 30 January 1901 in Cherokee, Iowa. She was born 03 February 1883 in Norwood, Germany, and died 06 January 1911 in Elk Point, South Dakota.

    Children of RAY WADDELL and EMMA ZEIMAN are: Hazel Maezella 1902 and Orville Ray 1904.

    Fond Memories from the Bedside of My Father by Hazel M. Waddell.

    My father Ray Vine Waddell was the 2nd son of a family of seven children, four boys and three girls. He was the only child born to his mother with the assistance of a doctor, a rarity at that time as most babies were delivered by mid-wives.

    With Dad and three older children his parents came to Cherokee County from Fairmont, Minnesota in a covered wagon in the month of November 1881 and camped on the open prairie in Diamond Township the first night. In the morning they awoke to find the ground covered with two feet of snow. Their covered wagon was their abode for one week while a house was being built. This small dwelling was shared with another family of eight children for three weeks, just a sample of the privation and hardships endured by the pioneer settlers of this then sparsely settled territory.

    School days consisted of going to school only in the winter months after the corn was husked. Dad went to school until he was almost 20 years old. He went through the fifth grade reader, as far as any child could go at the time.

    At one time Dad worked for Aunt Carrie and Uncle John Dyslin, when Dad came in from work Harvey and Vivian would make a beeline for Dad's lap and they would stay there until Aunt Carrie, a little vexed at them, would make them get down. Dad often laughed about this as I guess he never had a free lap when they were around.

    Dad told me of many incidents in his life while he spent his last days with me in Omaha. We had many wonderful visits and I learned things about my father that I never knew before. This was an amusing thing to him; He with a couple other neighbor boys went to the Holstein Fair. Dad had a dollar to spend as did each of the other boys. At the Roulette wheel a stooge for the concession encouraged them to play the wheel, thinking they were fellow employees. They played and won ten dollars when the stooge discovered his mistake quite surprisingly. They had to return the ten dollars of course. In that day a dollar was spent to get into the grounds, eat their dinner and for spending money and they even had change left.

Russell Lewis 22 April 1912, Sharon's 1C2R.

Theodore E. 28 October 1853, Sharon's 2G-GU. Died 10 December 1931. Child of James Gibson WADDELL and Mary GAMBLE. Shown by McCulla as living in Columbus, Wisconsin in 1909. Nothing else is known.

Webb Clyde Lee 14 May 1890, Sharon's Great-granduncle. Child of Albert Henry WADDELL and Susan SMITH. He was born in Aurelia, Iowa.

Wendell Willard 28 February 1914, Sharon's 1C2R.


    Books on Waddell family history

The Waddell Family Circle. 1966, by Hazel M. Waddell

    The McCulla Book. at the Cherokee Library in Cherokee, Iowa.

What your name means.

    WADDELL had it's inception in England as the 13th Century phrase "Wada-Hulle" meaning " Residence at Advancer's Hill". Robert de WADHULLE was a Bedford taxpayer in 1273.

    The WADDELL Shield is blue, emblazoned with an "X" Cross covered with a gold and red squares, placed between four silver buckles. Source: Written for and received by Hazel M. WADDELL from an authority on genealogy. La Reina Rule.

Robert de Wadhulle

    Since I am unable to find either a WADDELL or a WADHULLE listed in the Scottish Clans and their heraldry, we will have to make do with the Scottish flag until someone can proove that there is indeed a heraldic tradition in this family.

    Scotland has not had its own monarchy nor flag since the Act of Union with England in 1707. Queen Elizabeth II is monarch of United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. The Lord Lyon King of Arms is the judicial officer responsible for upholding heraldic law in Scotland. Source: Gateway to Scotland by Bruce M. Gittings, 1994-1998


    The Scottish flag is the cross of St. Andrew, also known as the Saltire. It is said to be one of the oldest national flags of any country, dating back at least to the 12th century. Tradition suggests that St. Andrew (an apostle of Jesus in the Christian religion) was put to death by the Romans in Greece by being pinned to a cross of this shape.

    The flag of the United Kingdom - known as the Union Flag or Union Jack - is made up from the flags of Scotland, England (the Cross of Saint George) and Ireland (the Cross of Saint Patrick).


Flag of Scotland


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    On your Waddell genealogy page you have Catilda Rounds as a daughter to James & Mary. She is actually the wife of Mathew Waddell. They were married 1 Jan 1871 in Beaver Dam, WI.
    Sophie Gilmore is married to James H. Waddell. I seen where you were only extending the Albert Waddell line.He is my husbands great grandfather.
    You must have copied that from Hazel Waddell's book. I don't want to you to think that I am being picky but just thought you'd appreciate the new information and to update the information.
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