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From: "NOA NEWS"

Gilbert R. ODOM, Beverly, MA: placed a query in The Family 
Tree publication of the ODOM Genealogical Library.  He is looking for information on James Richard 
ODOM b. AL/MS c1823.  Believed to be a son of Richard OLDHAM (ODOM) in 1850 Census Simpson 
Co., MS.  I forwarded him data I thought might help him.  
Submitted by J. W. Turnipseed, Jr. ďJim.Ē

Additional information by Gilbert R. ODOM: Richard ODOM/OLDHAM b. 1789 NC/SC, wife Elizabeth 
(___) ODOM b. 1800 SC.  Believed parents of James Richard ODOM b. 1823 and Sarah Frances 

From: NOA NEWS, Vol. XI, No. 3, Apr 1992, Pg 25 - from publication LOUISIANA ANCESTORS 
(no date): Gilbert R. ODOM (same address as above) would like to get in touch with descendants of 
Richard ODOM, born 1789 in North Carolina.  He was living in Simpson County, Miss., in 1850.  
His widow, Elizabeth (___) ODOM was born in 1800.  Their children were: Sarah ODOM HENDERSON 
born 1816; James Richard ODOM born 1823; John ODOM born 1825; James Addison ODOM born 
1826; Elizabeth ODOM born 1830; Alexander ODOM born 1831; and Dolly ODOM born 1832, moved 
to the central part of Louisiana in the 1850s.  Any information would be appreciated.

From: NOA NEWS, Vol. XI, No. 4, July 1992, Pg 15:  Elizabeth ODOM, Jacob ODOM, Shadrach 
ODOM, Richard ODOM and William ODOM all lived in SE Mississippi in early 1800s.  William ODOM 
obtained a passport to the Creek Nation in 1811.  Elizabeth ODOM m. Jacob WATSON 8 Mar 1812 
in Amite Co.  Richard ODOM and William ODOM both served in the War of 1812, Col NIXONís 13th 
Regiment MS Militia.  William ODOM m. Jane JOHNSON 13 May 1814 Marion Co.  Shadrach ODOM
signed his marriage bond.  Richard ODOM (single) is in Pike Co. 1816 state census.  The Pike Co. 
1820 state census lists: Jacob ODOM (single), Shadrach ODOM (single), Richard ODOM (married -
 no children), William ODOM (married - 3 children).  Believe these five are siblings that migrated from 
SC but can find no record to support this.

Unsupported information also says that they may be the children of Shadrach ODOM and Millie 
BRELAND of SC, that Shadrach died in the early 1800s and Millie remarried a Mathew COOK, 
moving to MS at about the same time as the above ODOM group.  Anyone with additional 

[See related QUERIES: 4-59 & 6-4; also NOA LINEAGE 6 for details on Richard ODOM.]

5-2 Alice BOLT, McLoud, OK: Do you know what is available for research at the Indian Bureau Museum in Muskogee? My granddad was raised among the Indians in SE Oklahoma. Do you think he might have been counted in their census? [Editorís note: Alice is the daughter of Elmer W. BROOKS & Dovie Edith ODOM BROOKS and granddaughter of Alexander A. ODOM, who was son of Morgan ODOM. Alice BOLTís letter was answered and she was encouraged to check the Shawnee OK library or the OK State Archives for the Intruder Rolls taken during the 1890ís and also to check the Federal Census taken in 1900 for both Indian and Oklahoma Territories. SE OK would have been in Choctaw Nation.]

5-3 J. Stephen ODEM, Palmetto, FL: My grandfather Charles William ODEM, my father Harold Keith ODEM, my brother Geoffrey Paul ODEM and I were all born near Eddyville, IA. Charles ODEMís father, John ODEM came west from Indiana, apparently after the Civil War, & my father said he traced our family to the area of Boston, MA, shortly after the Revolution then lost the trail. I know that Records of the Society of Friends in Indiana has a listing of ďODEMĒ in Vol. 4, p. 83, catalog 929.3772 HEI. Somewhere along the way, the spelling has been changed, and I would appreciate such information as may be available.

5-4 Linda DIXON, Bridge City, TX: New member lists earliest ancestor as Dempsey ODOM b. 7 June 1801; d. 10 Apr. 1867. Married Mary LEWIS b. 9 Dec 1809; d. 9 Mar 1847.

5-5 Woodrow Whitlock BROOKS, Albany, GA: I have recently started my genealogy search and am hooked. Have always heard that I was kin to the ANDREWS in Baker Co., GA and didnít know how. My grandfather, Lawrence Rowell WHITLOCK m. Maude ANDREWS in the late 1890ís or early 1900ís. My mother never knew either of her parents. Rowell ďran offĒ shortly after her birth and Maude contracted a disease, TB, and was sent off to Macon? and died? My mother, Evelyn Cox WHITLOCK BROOKS is 76 and has just recently seen a picture of her mother for the first time. Her sister Katherine WHITLOCK JERNIGAN, to whom she was very close, had it all these years. If I am kin to the Baker Co., GA ANDREWS, it seems that I can claim kindred to the ODOMS. Are the Baker Co., ODOMS (& HALLS) in your chain? I saw their ďtreeĒ which goes back to the 1600ís. If I can be of any help, please do not hesitate to contact me. If you have any information that you think might be useful to me, let me know.

5-6 Brent Howard HOLCOMB, Columbia, SC: Seeks the origins and parentage of John ODOM who lived in Greenville District, South Carolina in 1818. He m. Mary DILL b. ca 1785, the daughter of Runnolds DILL. John ODOM disappeared before 1820 and was never heard of again. His wife and children remained in Greenville District, SC. John ODOM and Mary (DILL) ODOM had the following children and perhaps others: James ODOM/ ODAM (1810-1888), Unknown ODOM (1818-1893), Madison ODOM (b. ca 1812) and perhaps a John ODOM, Jr. Mr. HOLCOMB publishes ďThe South Carolina Magazine of Ancestral Research,Ē and in the past had some other publications for sale.

5-7 Mrs. G. C. (Susan) GENDER, Huntsville, AL: Several months ago a very nice man in FL sent me proof that Elizabeth ODOM PARKER was the daughter of Emory ODOM. The first I can find of Emory ODOM is in the 1820 GA census in Irwin Co. Emory ODOM b. GA ca 1798; d. Santa Rosa Co., FL ca 1861. I can find no record of his marriage, but at time of death, his wife was named Charlotte. Recently, I looked through the GA LDS records and found Elijah ODOM had a son named Emory. Elijah ODOM was the son of Archibald ODOM. I think the younger Emory was probably my Emoryís nephew. I donít think the name could be a coincidence. Iíve found that Archibald ODOM was a minister & an American Revolution soldier from South Carolina. His first wife was Priscilla HARRIS & his second wife was Elizabeth JACKSON, dau. of William JACKSON, also from SC. Do you have any information on my Emory or Archibald? [Susan also has a copy of a deed that named Emory ODOMíS children. Emoryís birth & death dates were in a short query from NOA NEWS, Vol. XI, No. 3, April 1992, p 24. See also Odom Research Section of NOA NEWS, Vol. XI, No. 4, July 1992, p 17 - for deed of conveyance in 1861. See LINEAGE 2 on Archibald ODOM.]

5-8 Mrs. (Leslie H.) Doris Burke ODOM, Wellford, SC: New member lists earliest ODOM ancestor as Ernest ODOM (? SC 1915 ?) m. Saide BEARDEN, Augusta, GA; divorced 1936. One son Leslie H. (Wimpy) ODOM. Earnest ODOMíS parents: George ODOM & Mamie (___) ODOM, SC. Ernest ODOMíS two sisters: Mamie ODOM & Lucille ODOM (SC). I do not know any of my husbandís ODOM relatives and he had only seen his father twice and the last time was in 1954 at H.S. graduation. His father, Ernest ODOM, was living in Aiken Co., SC when he married my husbandís mother and they were only married a short while. My mother-in-law said that she thought that they came from Charleston, SC but I found a George ODOM listed in the 1880 Census in Barnwell Co., SC which the age was right and it is possible that this was Ernestís dad but I wonít know until the 1920 Census comes out next year. My husband said that he had heard that his father had re-married and had a family and maybe lived in Rock Hill, SC. My children have never known their ODOM grandfather and I am trying to gather some information for them.

5-9 Sam H. ODOM, Murfreesboro, TN: lists earliest ancestor as Samuel Crisp ODOM, Cannon County, TN in 1799. [Related to Gloria Odom.]

5-10 Bill & Kira ODOM, De Leon, TX: lists Archibald ODOM of South Carolina or Georgia as earliest ancestor (no dates given). [See NOA LINEAGE 2 for details on Archibald ODOM.]

5-11 Charles L. & Sandra ODOM, High Point, NC: Earliest ancestor is Samuel R. ODOM, Darlington Co., SC. Estimated date of birth is 1850.

5-12 Loutrell ODOM GILBERT, Caryville, FL: New member, Earliest ancestor is Joshua ODOM & Henrietta (CLEMMON or CLEMENTS) ODOM. They lived near Enterprise, AL. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ACKNOWLEDGMENTS: Printed in NOA News Vol. XI, No. 2, Jan. 1992, pp 16-18

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