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Submitted by Emma A. ODOM 1984

Richard ODOM (spelled OLDHAM in SC) was born 1789 in N/SC, the census was not clear. He married Elizabeth (___); she was born 1800 in SC. In 1850 they were found in Simpson Co., MS census. Elizabeth, John, Dolly, Lavina, and possibly one or two more children were born to them. John ODOM was born 1824 in MS. On the 1850 census of Simpson Co., MS, he has his wife Nancy (___) born 1825 in MS with two children. 1. Isaac Brown ODOM b 25 Apr 1844, and 2. Mary (Elizabeth) 1849, both born MS. The 1860 census of Trinity Co., TX show two more sons born in MS. 3. Jerry ca 1854, 4. Joseph ca 1856, and 5. possibly Richard in 1858. Another son 6. James was born ca 1863 and 7. Jane (no birth date) born in TX. John was listed as a farmer on the 1860 cenusus with personal property valued at $1200. He lived in the Western District of Trinity Co., TX near the town of Sumpter. On the 1870 census, he was still in Trinity Co. The Post Office was Pennington. His real estate was valued at $600, and his personal property at $1300. Isaac Brown ODOM, 25 Apr 1844 was our grandfather. By 1863, he had enlisted in the Confederate Army. He enlisted at Old Sumpter, Trinity Co., TX 01 Jan 1863. He was in the 17th Texas Infantry, Company B. He served until 27 May 1865. He married Elizabeth THRONTON soon after he got out of the army. They lived in Trinity, Houston, Walker and Lavaca Counties, and probably others we have not found. He worked at farming and ranching but as far as we know, he never owned any land of his own. Isaac and Elizabeth had nine sons, but no daughters. Elizabeth died sometime after 1885. We do not have the exact date. She is buried in the Thronton Cemetery near Lovelady, TX. I started my search on the ODOMs by trying to find out what became of the nine ODOM sons of Isaac Brown ODOM and Elizabeth THRONTON. We were lucky enough to find the person who had his Bible. In it we found the birthdates of each son, some of the marriage dates, and some grandchildren dates. #1 James Wesley ODOM, born 25 Aug 1866 married Fannie GATES on 11 Apr 1888. He died 13 Apr 1939. They had four children. #2 I. Ransom “Ransom” ODOM, born 27 Mar 1868, married Nancy (___) 25 Feb 1889. He died 02 Jan 1930. They had four children and settled in the Baytown, TX area. #3 Isaac Brown ODOM, Jr., born 14 Jan 1870. He was shot and killded about 1890. He is buried in the Thronton Cemetery near Lovelady, TX. #4 Thomas Frank “Frank” ODOM, born 11 Apr 1872. He married Mary Virginia ODOM, his first cousin, in 1895. He died 1943, and is buried in Thronton Cemetery near Lovelady, TX. Frank was a Methodist preacher. They had five chidren. Two died as babies, and one never married; two married but never had children. #5 Joseph Will “Will” ODOM was born 01 Sept 1874 and was married twice. (#1) Ethel (___) by whom two sons were born, 1. Charlie ODOM and 2. Wart ODOM. Married (#2) Ida (___) by whom one son was born - Lucky ODOM. Will died in Hot Springs, AR about 1920. He was there taking treatments for an illness that he had. His son Lucky had been left with his Uncle Matt and family. After Will’s death, another uncle raised him [Sherrod Duncan ODOM]. #6 Steve Allen ODOM, born 05 Dec 1876, married Fannie (___), date unknown. They had seven children, two sets of twins. Steve was also a preacher. He is remembered in Trinity Co., TX as “an old time Holiness Preacher.” #7 William Mattison “Matt” ODOM was born 08 Apr 1879. He married Eugennia LEWIS in Aug 1905, died 22 Nov 1960 and is buried at Kermit Cemetery, Kermit, TX. Matt and Eugennia had ten children. (See Family Chart Below) #8 David Ross “Ross” ODOM was born 14 July 1881. He married Georgia WILLIAMS, date unknown. He died in California in 1948. They had four or five children. #9 Sherrod Duncan ODOM was born 12 Dec 1885. He married Crena LITTLE, died in late 1950s. They had no children, but adopted Lucky ODOM [nephew & son off Joseph Will ODOM & (2) Ida (___)] when he was about 6 years old. Sherrod and Crena moved to the Woodson area in Throckmorton County in 1912. He worked on the POAGE Ranch for several years and then operated a gas station until his death. He is buried in the Woodson Methodist Church Cemetery. Isaac Brown ODOM, Sr. died in Oct 1924 while visiting his son David Ross ODOM in the town of Throckmorton, TX. He is buried at Woodson, TX in the Methodist Cemetery. After the death of Isaac Brown ODOM, Sr., it seems that Matt and Ross moved around a lot over that part of the country. They had also worked on the POAGE Ranch doing farm work. They owned mules and also did construction work around Breckenridge, TX. From what we have been told, all of the boys seem to stay close together except for Ransom and Frank, who had settled and did not move around. Ross and Matt were the last two to finally settle and stay in any one place for any length of time. About 1927-28, Ross and Matt decided to move to Arkansas. They traded off their mules for a Model T. Truck. They loaded their families and household goods on it, and left Texas. They ended up near Ft. Smith, AR at a place called Natural Dam. At that time, there was a general store and a sawmill nearby where Ross and Matt got work. From what my mother-in-law has related to me, things really got bad for them. Between the two couples, they had 11 children to feed. So they started swapping off what furniture they had for food. It seemed to them the last straw was when they got down to grandfather Isaac’s feather bed. That was when they decided to get back to Texas one way or another. Oil booming towns were beginning to spring up in Texas and we know that they spent some time in East Texas near Kilgore. Matt finally went to Wink, TX and Matt worked at construction work until that was completed. This was where they settled and called it home. Over the years to come, they made trips to California, Washington and Oregon, but they always came back to Wink, TX. Ross finally settled in California around San Francisco. During the WW2 years, Matt and Eugennia went out there and Matt worked in the shipyards. They had four sons that were in the service. We believe that John ODOM (b 1824, MS) and Nancy (___) were possibly buried on their own land. We visited the site that is believed to be their graves. The land is now owned by someone else, but the graves are fenced in. =================================================================================
Descendants of Richard ODOM (OLDHAM) & Elizabeth (___) Ancestors of Rosslee D. “R. D.” ODOM
Generation One Richard ODOM (OLDHAM) son of (parents unknown) b. 1789, NC d. (date & place unknown) md. (date & place unknown) md. Elizabeth (___) dau. of (parents unknown) b. ca 1800, SC d. (date & place unknown) Richard ODOM (OLDHAM) & Elizabeth (___) had a son: John ODOM Generation Two John ODOM Confederate Soldier son of Richard ODOM (OLDHAM) and Elizabeth (___) b. 1824, MS d. (date unknown), Trinity Co., TX md. ca 1843, MS md. Nancy (___) dau. of (parents unknown) b. ca 1824, MS d. (date unknown), Trinity Co., TX John ODOM & Nancy (___) had a son: Isaac Brown ODOM Generation Three Isaac Brown ODOM son of John ODOM & Nancy (___) b. 25 April 1844, ____, MS d. ___ Oct 1924, (place unknown) md. ca 1865, (date & place unknown) md. Elizabeth Jane THRONTON dau. of (parents unknown) b. ca 1842, MS d. late 1800’s Isaac Brown ODOM & Elizabeth Jane THRONTON had son: William Mattison ODOM Generation Four William Mattison ODOM son of Isaac Brown ODOM & Elizabeth Jane THRONTON b. 8 April 1879, Walker Co., TX d. 22 Nov 1960, (place unknown) md. __ Aug. 1905, ______, TX md. Eugennia LEWIS dau. of John A. LEWIS ( June 1843, MS -ca 1915 (place unknown; Union Soldier) and Sarah SMITH (Oct 1842, TN - after 1900, TX) b. 15 March 1883, Commanche Co., TX d. 15 Oct 1957, (place unknown) William Mattison ODOM & Eugennia LEWIS had a son: Rosslee D. “R. D.” ODOM Generation Five Rosslee D. “R. D.” ODOM son of William Mattison ODOM & Eugennia LEWIS b. TX d. still living in 1998 md. TX married: Emma Audell COX dau. of (parents unknown) b. TX ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Lineage Chart Completed: 16 Feb 1984 By Emma A. ODOM West Fork, AK ================================================================================ From: ODOM, Beverly Bailey (Compiler & Editor). National Odom Assembly Ancestral Charts. Published by National Odom Assembly: TX, 1985. Shirley ODOM (proofreading) & Shelly PALMER (indexing). =================================================================================
Descendancy: UPDATE 1998
Richard ODOM (OLDHAM) (1789 - 1854) John ODOM ca 1824, Mississippi Isaac Brown ODOM, 4-25-1844 William Mattison ODOM 4-08-1879 R. D. ODOM b 1924 We believe that Richard’s mother was Millie BRELAND and that he had a brother, William, who married Jane JOHNSON. Does anyone have information about Richard’s father; possibly, Shadrach? Richard ODOM (OLDHAM) (1789-1854), did serve in the War of 1812. He fought in the Battle of New Orleans and applied for his Bounty Land. He served 11-1814 to 1-1815. (Documented). Richard married Elizabeth PURIVS 22-01-1844. Elizabeth states that Richard died at home in Simpson County, MS on 4-23-1854. We know that Richard had several children and we are looking for a marriage certificate that would show the mother of the children. The one documented child is John ODOM who went to Texas. The Simpson County [MS] 1850 Census lists several children but we don’t know if they are Richard’s. R. D. and I would like to hear from anyone who can help us or who is interested in our line. Thank you. ================================================================================ ACKNOWLEDGMENTS: NOA NEWS, Vol. XVII, Number 2, Jan. 1998, pp 7-8 Submitted by: R. D. and Emma ODOM of AK Transcribed for the NOA 3/17/1998.

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