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Born ca 1765 VA? - 1819 NC

From book:  A Genealogy of The Little-Odom Family of Georgia and North Carolina 
by Lawrence L. Little and Margaret M. Little, Second edition, 1974.

	George S. ODOM was born about 1765, probably in Virginia.  He died 27 October 1819 in
Lincoln Co., NC.  After serving as a soldier in the Revolutionary War, he was married in 1783 in
Fauquier Co., VA to Jane RUSSELL, born about 1767.  She survived him by some 40 years, dying after
15 June 1859 in Hancock Co., TN.  They were parents of 16 children, the oldest born 1783 and the
youngest in 1812.  Names of 10 of the children are known.  Mr. LITTLE descends from William ODOM
and Sarah YOUNT (JUNDT).
	Known Children of George S. ODOM and Jane RUSSELL:

	1. William ODOM ca 1786 VA, died Union Co., GA; married 20 August 1809 Sarah YOUNT ca
1794 NC, died Union Co., GA.  William and Sarah ODOM migrated from Wilkes Co., NC to Union Co.,
GA in 1840.  With them came some nine or ten children still in the Odom household, their three
married daughters, their sons-in-law, and a nucleus of grandchildren.
	A. Nancy ODOM - did not marry

	B. Catherine Mariah ODOM, b 13 Sept 1813 Lincoln Co., NC; d 17 July 1897 Culberson, NC;
married 2 April 1829 Wilkes Co., NC to Lewis LITTLE, b 30 June 1808 Lincoln Co., NC, d 28 May 1889
Culberson, NC.  They had 17 children.

	C. Lavina ODOM b 27 Aug. 1815 Wilkes Co., NC; d 19 Sept 1892 Union Co., GA; married 12
Feb 1835 Wilkes Co., NC to James TEAGUE, b 11 July 1810 Wilkes Co., NC; d 15 Dec 1873 Union Co.,
GA.  They had eleven children.

	D. Mary Adeline ODOM, b 21 Oct 1820, Wilkes Co., NC; d 16 Nov 1897 Union Co., GA married
20 Sept. 1836 Wilkes Co., NC to Solomon CHAPMAN, b 19 March 1814 Wilkes Co., NC; d 21 Dec 1894
Union Co., GA.  They had 12 children.

	E. Miles ODOM

	F. George W. ODOM, b 1825 Wilkes Co., NC; d Graham Co., NC; married ca 1845 Union Co.,
GA to Caroline RHODES, b 1825 Union Co., GA; d 1925 Graham Co., NC at 100 years of age, buried at
Odom Chapel, Graham Co., NC.  They had 11 children:

		1. Mary Ann ODOM ca 1846 Union Co., GA; married Thomas STRATTON
		2. William ODOM ca 1848 Union Co., GA
		3. Sarah ODOM ca 1850 Union Co., GA
		4. Nancy ODOM ca 1854 Union Co., GA; married Dock STEWART
		5. Wiley Goodman ODOM b 1856, d 1956; married Mary PHILLIPS
		6. Illino ODOM ca 1859 Union Co., GA
		7. Harriett ODOM ca 1861 Union Co., GA; married Elsberry CARRINGER
		8. Mira ODOM
		9. James ODOM ca 1864; married Mary WELCH  (also listed as Mary COLVIN)
	     10. Lafayette ODOM ca 1867
	     11. Allen ODOM ca 1867; married Dura STRATTON
	G. John Jackson ODOM, b 17 June 1827 Wilkes Co., NC, d Feb 1894 Union Co., GA; married
Harriett Mary SULLIVAN, b 1833, d 1919.  They had 12 children:

		1. William ODOM ca 1855; married ____ MARS; moved to California
		2. Josephine ODOM ca 1856; married Ben COOK
		3. James ODOM ca 1858, d 1939; married Margaret MASON
		4. Dodge Asbery ODOM b 1862, d 1924; married Jane MASON
		5. Washington ODOM b 1863, d 1906; married Louise FAIR
		6. John Fannin ODOM b 1864, d 1956; married Sarah COOK
		7. Mary ODOM died at age 16
		8. Lewis ODOM married Dora BRYANT
		9. Virginia ODOM
	     10. Callie ODOM married Will NICHOLS
	     11. Mattie ODOM married John MARLOW
	     12. Lizzie ODOM married Milligan SPARKS

   # H. William Washington ODOM b 1829 Wilkes Co., NC, d after 1880; 
married 1853 Union Co., GA to Louisa (___), ca 1838 NC, d after 1880 census.  They had 13 children:

#For updated information on this family, please see below.

		1. Martha ODOM ca 1854 Union Co., GA
		2. Clementine ODOM ca 1856 Union Co., GA
		3. John ODOM ca 1858 Union Co., GA
		4. Texana ODOM ca 1862 Union Co., GA
		5. William ODOM ca 1865 Union Co., GA
		6. Robert ODOM ca 1866 Union Co., GA; died young
		7. Taylor ODOM ca 1867 Union Co., GA
		8. Mary Ann ODOM ca 1868 Union Co., GA, d 1950 Ft. Smith AR; married James
		   Alonzo HENSON ca 1868 GA, d 1934 AR.
		9. Marion ODOM (male) ca 1870 Union Co., GA
	     10. Calvin ODOM ca 1874 Union Co., GA
	     11. Roan (Rowan) ODOM ca 1876 Union Co., GA
	     12. Lettey ODOM (female) ca 1878 Union Co., GA
	     13. Emily ODOM ca 1878 Union Co., GA

	I. Pinkney ODOM, ca 1830 Wilkes Co., NC, married Wilma (Emeline) (___)*
	    [*also listed as Ewa Toyni, Cherokee Indian]
		1. Sarah ODOM
		2. John ODOM
		3. Sherman ODOM
		4. William Grant ODOM
		5. Catherine ODOM

	J. Elizabeth ODOM b 1832 Wilkes Co., NC, d 1912 Union Co., GA; married D. W. (Adolphus)
LANCE b 1830, d 1905.

	K. Camilia “Milly” ODOM, b 1838 Wilkes Co., NC, d 1897 Clever, MO; married #1 James T.
RHODES; married #2 William RHODES, brother of James T. RHODES.

	L. Sarah (Salley) ODOM ca 1844 Union Co., GA, married William RHODES

II. Elizabeth ODOM married John BAUMGARNER

III. Jenny ODOM married 29 Dec. 1815 Lawrence SETSER

IV. Sarah ODOM ca 1804 Lincoln Co., NC, married Jacob COPE

V. Mary ODOM married Christopher DECKERD

VI. Rebecca ODOM married 29 Aug. 1829 Charles BAUMGARNER

VII. George ODOM married 19 March 1831 Jane HOWERD

VIII. Nancy ODOM married 19 Nov. 1820 Daniel YOUNT

IX. Joshua ODOM married 2 Aug 1821 in Burke Co., NC to Mary “Polly” BOWMAN

X. Catherine ODOM ca 1810, married ca 1853 Mellenton BREWER

FINAL NOTE: The names of the other children of George S. ODOM and Jane RUSSELL are not known
(6 children).  A Genealogy of The Little-Odom Family gives lengthy lists of descendants of many of
those listed here.

Printed in NOA NEWS Vol. 1, No. 4, July 1982, pp 2-3.

Some of the information on the children differs, in the book that follows, from that presented above. 
The information this transcriber will include is "as is," leaving verification of the material up to those
researching these ODOMs.

From the book: Odum/Odom Research Notes - North Carolina and South Carolina: The Early Years. 
By Helen Odum HARRELL: Helen Odum Harrell, publisher, 1986, p 361.

Following the Lincoln Co., NC, Abstract of Conveyances, is the following on page 254:

"George S. ODOM, Revolutionary Soldier, was born ca 1765 Fauquier County, Virginia.  He married ca 
1783 Jane RUSSELL.  They were in Lincoln County, NC before 1800.  George died in Lincoln County, 
27 Oct 1819.  Jane went to Hancock Co., TN with some of her grown children.  She died there after 
1860, having lived well into her nineties. [See Rev. War pension file - mentioned below]

George S. ODOM and Jane RUSSELL were parents of sixteen children, some of whose names are not 

1. William ODOM ca 1786 VA; married 20 Aug 1809 Sarey YOUNT in Lincoln Co., NC; resided variously
in Iredell County and Wilkes County before he moved to Union Co., GA before 1840.  [Many ODOMs of 
Union Co., GA are descendants of this couple]

2. Elizabeth ODOM married 29 Dec 1815 John BUMGARNER.

3. Jenny ODOM married 29 Dec 1815 Lawrence SETSER

4. Sarah ODOM ca 1804; married Jacob COPE; later lived in Tennessee; died in Owsley Co., KY after 

5. Mary ODOM married Christopher DECKERD.

6. Rebecca ODOM married 29 Aug 1829 Charles BUMGARNER.

7. George ODOM married 19 Mar 1831 Jane HOWERD; he died prior to 1857, according to his mother’s
pension file.

8.  Nancy ODOM married 19 Nov 1820 Daniel YOUNT.

9. Joshua ODOM married 2 Aug 1821 in Burke Co., NC Mary [Polly] BOWMAN.

10. daughter, name unknown

11. son, name unknown

12. Catherine ODOM, ca 1810; married #1 ODOM, #2 ca 1853 Mellenton BREWER.  Lived in 
Hancock Co., TN.

Search billions of records on
I have a copy of the book by Mrs. HARRELL in my personal library. If there is a researcher interested in a transcript of the Revolutionary War Pension File, please e-mail the webmaster for information. "Pension File #R7784 Jane OADHAM, widow of George S. OADHAM (ODOM) State of Tennessee) Hancock County ) In order to obtain the benefit of Act of July 7, 1838... Granting pensions to Widows. On this 1st day of March 1853, Personally appeared Jane OADHAM, resident of Hancock County, Tennessee, aged 85 years past... Sworn to and Subscribed the day and year above written, before me her[e]" L. F. WELLS Jane (X) OADHAM mark Affidavits were signed by Joshua ODOM and Henry RUSSELL, and presented to the March Term of Court 1853. A series of letters was exchanged up to 12 March 1860, when Jane ODOM was well into her nineties, but the claim for pension was not allowed as she could not furnish proof of service of her husband as required by the pension laws, and she could not supply documentary proof of her marriage to George S. ODOM." ================================================================================= UPDATE of Child H: William Washington ODOM b ca 1829 Robert N. NEECE of Augusta, GA seeks information on the family of [William] Washington ODOM, born ca 1829 in Wilkes County, NC. Specifically, he wants to know the maiden name of the wife (or wives) of Washington ODOM. Tips "From the Baglady: Helen Odum Harrell": A quick check of the Federal Census of Union County, GA, 1850, p. 233, shows the family of William ODOM with his wife Sarah YOUNT and seven of their children living in the home in Union County. All were born in North Carolina. Washington ODOM was at that time age 21 and single. Apparently he married during the early 1850’s in Union County [GA]. Washington ODOM is listed as head of household in 1860, 1870, and on to 1900, still in Union County. You can easily determine whether he had the same wife in each successive census, and by 1900 the listing will show how many years he has been married to the current wife. Also, his marriage(s) should be recorded in Union County. There may be a publication of Union County marriage records there in the Augusta Regional Library on Greene Street, or at the Richmond County Historical/Genealogy Society, Reese Library, Augusta College. both facilities must have an abundant supply of Georgia legal records. You may also make inquiry by letter to the Court of Ordinary, Union County Courthouse in Blairsville, GA 30512, asking for a list of all marriages under the name of Washington ODOM. There will be a nominal charge. Or if all else fails, go to the nearest LDS church library and order Union County marriage records on microfilm. There are two rolls of film, numbers 366.323 and 366.324. The cost will be $3.00 or $3.50 per roll and they will be kept at the library for several weeks, giving ample oppourtunity to read not only the marriages for Washington ODOM, but also the marriage records of any and all of the other members of the family and collateral lines. Washington ODOM was the son of William ODOM and Sarah YOUNT, and the grandson of Revolutionary War soldier George S. ODAM (OADHAM, OTOM, ect.) and Jane RUSSELL. George S. ODAM/ODOM was born ca 1765 in Fauquier County, VA. He married ca 1783 Jane RUSSELL when she was about age 16. They were in Lincoln County, NC before 1800. George died in Lincoln Co., NC on 27 Oct 1819. Jane went to Hancock Co., TN with several of her grown children. She died in Hancock Co., TN after 1860, having lived well into her nineties. George and Jane are said to have had 16 children, but names of three or four are still unknown. Jane OADHAM, who could not read or write, applied for a Revolutionary War widow’s pension [File#R7784], but her claim was disallowed because she could not furnish documentation of George’s military service. The records can now be found in Historical Register Of Virginians in the Revolutionary War: Soldiers, Sailors, and Marines. By John H. Gwaltney, The Dietz Press (Richmond, VA 1938), p. 592, gives the following: ODAM, George (ODDAM) Va. Battalion ODDAM, George, Va. Battalion ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Printed in NOA NEWS Vol XVII, No. 2, Jan. 1998, p 8. ================================================================================= From e-mail correspondance with Mr. R. N. NEECE to webmaster: Subject: Odoms Date: Sat, 14 March 1998 13:21:59 EST (clip) G. TEFFTELLER sent me a copy of a death certificate of a John W. ODOM. The death certificate listed John's parents as Washington ODOM and Mary CHASTAIN. John was born in 1858 and my grandmother, Martha Ann, was born in 1854; which also would make Mary my great grandmother. Everything I have seen so far, other than the death certificate, list the wife of Washington as Louisa or Louise. Sometimes the name FAIR would arise, but either a son or a nephew of Washington ODOM, William Lafayette ODOM married a Louise FAIR. He is buried at Confidence Cemetery in the Young Cane district of Union Co. A nice headstone was put up for him, but his wife's name is not on the headstone, but I am told she is buried beside him. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The author of the book by Mr. & Mrs. LITTLE (above), has been located. Mrs. LITTLE has passed away.

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