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Descendancy of
Benjamin W(ellington) ODOM
(1744/58, SC - 1822, Barnwell Co., SC)

Some Descendants of Major Benjamin W(ellington) ODOM, Barnwell Co., SC & Julia (___).
This family sketch is a composite of information received from several correspondants over 
a long period of time.  State Rep. Betty Kroll ODOM, Jenks, OK has furnished most of the 
material, but others who have contributed are: James L. HOLMAN, Columbus, GA; 
Marshall WILLIAMS, Bridgewater, VA; and State Rep. John L. ODOM, Chidester, AR.
Actually, it was John L. ODOMíS letter raising several questions - - as yet unanswered - - 
that prompts this attempt.  The following then, is a case study rather than a definitive genealogy.

The family of Benjamin W(ellington) ODOM and wife Julia (___) ODOM appears first in 
Barnwell Co., SC.  Two different birth dates are given for this Benjamin: both 1744 and 
1758.  This is a question needing an answer [with supportive documentation].  But there 
is agreement that he died in 1822 and that Julia (___) ODOM died ca 1820.  

Major Benjamin ODOM (also noted as Captain Benjamin ODOM elsewhere) died in 1822, 
but it was several years before the estate was settled.  Petition for Partition was entered 
23 March 1824 in Court of Equity, Barnwell District, SC, and set up to be heard at the 
January Term 1825.  The heirs petitioned the court to dispose of the property ďthat they 
had heretofore enjoyed the said property in common but it being inconvenient and also 
contrary to their intent to continue to do soĒ they wanted the estate divided.  The estate, 
consisting of several hundred acres of land, was sold at auction and John REED, widower 
of the deceased Benjamin ODOMís deceased daughter Emelia (ODOM) REED, bought 
the property.

Known children of Benjamin ODOM and Julia (___) ODOM include the following:
	1. Martha Ann ODOM b. 1 Nov. 1779; d. 10 Sept 1843; m. Rev. Darling PEEPLES.
          *2. Benjamin ODOM, Jr. b. 1781, SC; d.  1847 Randolph Co., GA; m. Jane McCREARY.
        **3. Michael W(ellington) ODOM b. ca 1788; d. ca 1842, MS; m. Unknown WALKER.
	4. Sarah ODOM married John MATHENEY.
	5. Levice ODOM.
	6. Julia ODOM.
	7. Ann ODOM married Muke A. YOUN(G).
	8. Emelia ODOM married John REED.

*Benjamin ODOM, Jr. (#2 above) 1781-1847, married Jane McCREARY 1783-1871.  
Researcher Mr. James L. HOLMAN lists only one child for them.  Possibly there were others.
	1. Martha Ann ODOM 1811-1893; married David HOLMAN 1807-1887.  Their son 
David Dantzler HOLMAN 1849-1927 was grandfather of NOA member & researcher James 

**Michael W(ellington) ODOM (#3 above) ca 1788 SC -1842 MS; married Unknown WALKER.  
What was her given name?  They first appear on the 1810 census and remain on that stateís 
rolls in 1820 and 1830.  The 1810 census Barnwell [SC], p. 92, shows both Michael ODOM 
and his wife between ages 16 and 26 (born between 1784 and 1794) with one male child 
under age 10.  In the 1820 Barnwell [SC] census, p. 6, Michael ODOM is between ages 26 
and 44.  His wife still falls in the 16-26 age range, hence she must be about age 26 (born 
about 1794) for by this time she has been married from ten to twelve years.  In the household 
there are 4 males and 1 female under age 10.

The 1830 census Barnwell [SC], p. 156, shows Michael ODOM between ages 40 and 50; his 
wife is between 30 and 40.  There are two males between 15 and 20; three males 10 to 15; 
one male between 5 and 10; and three males under 5.  There is one female under age 5; 
there is one female between 15 and 20; and one female between ages 20 and 30 who would 
seem too old to be their daughter.  Is it likely that some of the young children belong to her, or 
do we assume that all are sons and daughters of Michael ODOM and his wife Julia (__)?

Sometime during the 1830ís Michael W. ODOM left Barnwell, SC with his family and settled 
in Madison Co., Mississippi.  One son Pinckney ODOM married and lived in Alabama for a 
few years.  Probably soon after Michaelís death in 1842, Pinckney and three of his brothers 
John, Jesse, and Benjamin W. moved their families farther west to Union Parish, LA.

The 1840 census for Madison Co., MS shows the family of Michael ODOM still with 9 males 
in his household other than himself.  There were 4 adult males between ages 20 and 30; 
several teenagers and some younger ones.  Probably some of these were grandchildren, 
since John ODOM was head of his own household at that time and Pinckney ODOM was 
living in Alabama.  It is thought that Michael ODOM had as many as nine sons and several 
more daughters, but only the name of five children are known.  (If there were more, who 
were they?  And where were they?)

Michael ODOM and Unknown (WALKER) ODOMís known children were four sons and one daughter:
Child #1. John ODOM b. 24 Aug. 1812 SC; d. 9 Jun. 1899 Union Parish, LA.  He married 
(#1) Elizabeth Jane HENDRIX (or HENDRICKS) ca 1810 GA - 1880 LA.  He married 
(#2) Mrs. Sarah L. Heath DIFFEY.  
	Children of John ODOM and Elizabeth Jane HENDRIX:
	1. David ODOM b. 1834 MS.
	2. Stancil W. ODOM b. 5 Oct. 1838 MS.
	3. John. F. (T.?) ODOM b. 12 July 1840 MS.
	4. James Monroe ODOM b. 1842 Union Parish, LA; d. 1920 LA; m. Martha (___).
	5. Wilson Pinckney ODOM b. 10 Feb. 1841 (43?) LA; m. Belmira JONES.
	6. Louisa Ann ODOM b. 18 Nov. 1845 LA.
	7. Elizabeth Jane ODOM b. 9 Apr. 1849 LA; m. John SIMMONS.
	8. Robert W. ODOM b. 19 Oct. 18__.

Child #2. Jesse E. ODOM b. 4 Apr. 1818 SC; d. 18 Aug. 1891 Union Parish, LA; m. Mary Ann JONES 
b. 18 May 1836 AL or MS; d. 21 May 1917 LA.  They had twelve children:
	Children of Jesse E. ODOM and Mary Ann JONES:
	1. William Allen ODOM b. 18 Dec. 1852 LA; d. 25 Oct. 1936; m. Frances AGERTON.
	2. Nancy (Nannie) ODOM b. 1853 LA; d. 1928; m. Sandy FARRAR.
	3. Michael Ralph (Rafe) ODOM b. 2 May 1855 LA; d. 16 Feb. 1935; m. Alabama RAGAN.
	4. Jesse E. ODOM, Jr. b. 1 Mar. 1857 LA;  d. 18 Oct. 1936; m. (#1) Saphronie TUBBS; 
		m. (#2) May HOLLOWAY.
	5. James Duncan ODOM b. 12 Oct. 1860 LA; d. 9 Mar. 1925; m. (#1) Ola TUCKER; 
		m. (#2) Zilphia AGGERTON.
	6. Bell Mira ODOM b. 8 Aug. 1862 LA; d. 23 Sept. 1932 (33?); m. Unknown TUCKER.
	7. Benjamin W. ODOM 1864 - 1948; m. Annie P. DAVIS.
	8. John Jamerson ODOM b. 16 Jan 1856 (66?); d. 16 Feb. 1938; m. Mittie TURNAGE.
	9. Loucricia (Creasie) ODOM b. 19 May 1869; m. (#1) Sam FUTCH; 
		m. (#2) Edward FRANKLIN.
	10. Geneva (Jennie) ODOM b. 19 May 1873; d. 23 Mar. 1918; m. Charles TURNAGE.
	11. Ernestine (Ernie) ODOM b. 1875; m. Unknown RAY.
	12. Helen ODOM b. 1871; killed in a storm in Huttig, AR; m. Unknown ELKINS.

Child #3. Pinckney ODOM b. 7 April 1820 SC; d. 24 Nov. 1895 Union Parish, LA; married in 
Alabama to Mary Catherine WARD [she was] b. 17 Feb. 1818 GA; [she] d. 15 May 1892 
Union Parish, LA.  They moved to Union Parish, Louisiana after 1842.  
They wre parents of 8 children.
	Children of Pinckney ODOM and Mary Catherine WARD:
	1. Louisa L. ODOM b. ca 1840 AL. married Unknown HONEYCUTT.
	2. Elizabeth (Betty) ODOM b. ca 1842 AL; d. 1926; m. Tom N. BAILEY.
	3. James Marion ODOM b. 6 July 1847 Union Parish, LA; d. 20 Feb. 1926; 
		m. (#1) Sarah Jane (Sudie) DEAN; m. (#2) Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Smith BENNETT.
	4. Martha Ann (Mattie) ODOM b. Oct. 1848; d. 20 Oct. 1890; m. Jefferson Blankenship ROSSITER.
	5. Benjamin ODOM b. ca 1851 LA.
	6. Eliza Alice ODOM b. 25 Apr. 1853 LA; d. 13 May 1934; m. Isaiah BRAZZEL.
	7. Randall Hunt ODOM b. ca 1856 LA.
	8. John Pinckney ODOM b. 22 Apr. 1857 LA; d. 21 May 1922; m. Alice PEARSON.

Child #4. Benjamin Wellington ODOM, b. 1828 SC; d. 1863 LA.  He was taken prisoner during 
the Civil War.  He was sent home on furlough to recover from his wounds; he died at home at 
age 35.  He married Sarah F. DICK; [she was] b. 1837.  They had two children 
(possibly four - cf 1880 census).
	Children of Benjamin Wellington ODOM and Sarah F. DICK:
	1. Michael Ransom ODOM, b. 1854 LA; married Sarah G. TUCKER, b. 1856 AL.
	2. Benjamin F. ODOM, b. 1857 LA.
	[3. Possibly? - Sarah D. ODOM, b. 1859, LA].
	[4. Possibly? - James A. ODOM, b. 1861 LA.]

Child #5. Jemima ODOM, b. ca 1833 SC; married Shepard WELCH.
In the census records of Madison Co., MS for 1840, we find one Emanuel (Edmond) ODOM.  
In the Madison County Marriage Book E, p. 7, we find that Edmond ODOM and Sarah Ann GRAFTON 
were married on 13 May 1839.  According to family Bible Records, Emanuel ODOM was born 13 Sept. 
1811, and died 7 Sept. 1863.  This family lived in Madison County, MS concurrently with the family of 
Michael ODOM, then moved to Louisiana - exactly to which parish is not known - - before moving to 
Upshur Co., TX towards the end of the Civil War.  
They sold their property, probably including slaves, in Louisiana and purchased a home in Texas 
with Confederate money shortly before the fall of the Confederacy and the total devaluation of 
the currency. 
Is this Emanuel (Edmond) ODOM another son of Michael W. ODOM?  If so, he is probably firstborn 
or second inasmuch as he was born 13 Sept. 1811 and John ODOM was born 24 Aug. 1812.  
Who was the male child under age 10 on the 1810 census?
	Emanuel (Edmond) ODOM and Sarah Ann GRAFTON had 10 children:
	1. Alphaeus Sidney ODOM, b. 5 Apr. 1840; d. 2 May 1863.
	2. Bertha Ann ODOM, b. 24 Jan. 1842; m. John A. FENLAW.
	3. Rutilius Amsi ODOM, b. 14 Apr. 1844; d. 3 Jan. 1848.
	4. Margaret Allida ODOM, b. 25 Dec. 1846; d. 5 Sept. 1848.
	5. Thomas James ODOM, b. 21 June 1849; d. 18 Mar 1885; m. Sallie TURNER.
	6. Marion Erwin ODOM, b. 22 Nov. 1851; m. Victoria RODGERS.
	7. Mary Jane ODOM, b. 7 May 1855; m. M. M. LACKEY.
	8. Alice L. ODOM, b. 22 Feb. 1857; m. Robert J. STURDIVANT.
	9. Ella Josephine ODOM, b. 12 Apr. 1859 LA; d. 2 Nov 1931; m. Thomas Eugene WILLIAMS.
	10. Jefferson Davis ODOM, b. 15 Oct. 1861 LA; d. 28 Sept. 1896; m. Lucy Homer SHRUM.

The 1880 census for Upshur Co., TX (V31 - ED 114 - Sheet 1) lists 3 ODAM families; T. B. ODAM 
age 46 GA; the family of Mrs. S(arah) A(nn) ODOM 56 MS; and the family of M(arion) E(rwin) ODOM 
27 LA.  Birthplace of the father (Emanuel) is listed as North Carolina.

Tradition says the family came from Georgia.  Did they come from the Barnwell District of South 
Carolina?  This is just one of many questions to be resolved.  

Another question: Who is the T. B. ODAM living close by Emanuelís widow in 1880?  What is his 
relationship to the family, if any?  He is not the son of Sarah Ann Grafton ODOM, since he is only 
10 years younger than she.

Perry Co., Mississippi clan of ODOM also came from the Barnwell Co., SC - Burke Co., GA area.  
In this group we find many of the same given names: Benjamin, Michael, Ransom, etc.  
Are these two clans related? How?

In a publication Revolutionary Soldiers and Patriots of South Carolina, from NSDAR Magazine, 
compiled by Mrs. B. A. SULLIVAN, we find the following:

	ODOM, Benjamin: Possibly Militia.  See File # R10, 584 of Phillip THURMAN, who 	
	moved from the Cheraws District to the Edisto River in SC, and during 1780 volunteered 	
	under Captain Benjamin ODOM.

	ODOM, Michael: Militia.  Mentioned in File # R4, 699 of Henry HART, who entered in 
	May 1778 from the Orangeburg District.  Michael ODOM was his Lieutenant.

There were several Benjamin ODOMs in the Barnwell [SC] area, and it would seem that we are faced 
with two Michael ODOMs in the same general time span if not in the same area.  Michael W. ODOM 
b. 1781 obviously is not the Lieutenant mentioned above.  There was a Michael ODOM over age 45 
in the census of Johnston Co., NC in 1800.

It seems that we have almost as many questions as we have answers, and your help is needed to set 
the record straight.  If you can furnish any answers or corrections, please do so!


From the book Odum/Odom Research Notes - North Carolina & South Carolina: The Early Years by 
Helen Odum Harrell, c1986, Hemt, CA, pp 343-344 is found a list of South Carolina Revolutionary 
War Soldiers.  The author notes that the records are found on microfilm at the South Carolina 
Archives in Columbia, SC.  Included with this lineage are several extraxts that might help researchers.

	ODOM, Michael (#1)  - Married Martha (___).  He served as a lieutenant under Capt. 	
	George 	ROBINSON and Colonel James SCREVEN during 1778.  He was killed on 28 	
	Aug. 1781.  (See HART, Henry, R4469); Annuitant Claims (claims by persons hurt in 	
	services to the state).

	ODAM, Michael (#2) - He served twelve months in the cavalry under Col. MAHAM from
 	20 Dec. 1781 to January 1782.  AA (Audited Accounts) 5608 1/2; N 604.

	ODOM, Benjamin - Served in the Salt Catcher Volunteer Company under Capt. James
 	JONES during 1775.  See complete list, this volume, p. 342; SCH&G (South Carolina
 	Historical & Genealogical Quarterly), II, 20.

	ODOM, Benjamin Jr. - Served as a captain in the militia under Col. HARDEN from 7
 	May to 28 Aug. 1781.  (See ODOM, Daniel R7767); A A 5606; V233.

From book Odum/Odom Research Notes - p 346.  Note by author: the following
did not receive Revolutionary War pensions, but did receive some compensation:

	6 Dec. 1785 = Paid to Thomas LAMAR for Martha ODOM, widow of Michael ODOM,
	killed 28 August 1781.      8..15..0

From book Odum/Odom Research Notes - p 65 - Colonial South Carolina Records
from SC Department of Archives, Columbia, SC:

	Journals of the Privy Council 1783 - 1789:
	12 Nov. 1783  ODOM, Benj. - Account 89 due to the Treasurer's Office 21:17:11
	23 June 1784 ODOM, Michael - Account 113 due to the Treasurer's Office 38:11:10 1/4

	Journals of House of Representatives 1787 - 1788:
	p. 570n = 18 Oct 1788 - Benjamin ODOM Jr. signed a petition for a Valuation Law.  
	Petition from Orangeburgh District regarding loss of property and possessions, and 
	fall in currency value after the Revolution.

	p. 626 = Benjamin ODOM's house used for counting election ballots from Kelly's
	Cowpen area, for district between the Savannah River and the North Fork of
	the Edistoe River.

In book Odum/Odom Research Notes - pp 268 - 281:
The author compiled Barnwell Co., SC Index to Conveyances: Grantees & Grantors; then 
followed the indexes with 11 pages of extracts of many of the deeds (on ODOMs).

	Extacts would be too numerous to include at this time.  One example from page 274:
	DB C: 138 = 9 Mar 1807 - Benjamin ODOM, of Barnwell, to Adam McCREARY for $100...

In book Odum/Odom Research Notes - pp 282 - 283:
The author compiled Barnwell Co., SC Genearl Index to Wills & Porbate Records 1787-1958 
(on ODOMs).

In book Odum/Odom Research Notes - p 283:
The author compiled some Barnwell Co., SC Marriages stated and implied in deeds, estate 
settlements, etc.
From NOA NEWS Vol. II, No. 1, Oct. 1982, pp 3-6.

Please Note: This information is subject to ERRORS!  Either from the original compilers; from 
the publishing in the NOA NEWS, or from this transciption.  You should ALWAYS verify your 
information from original sources before accepting it as fact!

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