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Richland County, WI

This particular page exists for the purpose of indexing obituaries of individuals born in Richland County, Wisconsin.
Berberich Klang, Agnes S. [ Fry ]06/09/191397Westford Township, WI03/21/2011
Brewer Bennett, Evelyn G. [ Reynolds ]09/12/192283Richland Center, WI07/22/2006
Collins Young, Gene E.03/11/193076Richland Center, WI12/09/2006
Cunningham Neary, Joann Marie [ Gaudreau ]03/14/196242Richland Center, WI02/28/2005
Durst Dederich, Francis F.09/05/192387Itacha Township, WI03/16/2011
Ebens Anderson, Junior L. [ Olson ]06/28/193666Richland, WI01/16/2003
Grosshans Wells, Helen [ Winecke ]08/25/190795Cazenovia, WI11/15/2002
Hasburgh Groves, Sandra Ann [ Reetz ]08/01/195551Richland Center, WI11/18/2006
Hess Clark, Adam J.05/04/193476Keyesville, WI04/21/2011
Householder Wilkins, Josephine A. [ Simpson ]01/31/191596Richland County, WI03/09/2011
Kenyon Schoonover, Lillian J. [ Adametz ] "Lil"05/03/193570Viola, WI04/20/2006
Klock Elliott, Bessie M. [ Beaty ]  Bloom City, WI06/29/2006
Piasecke Lamphere, Eric R.05/26/193473Richland Center, WI01/23/2008
Ruetten Conners, John "Jack"06/11/1920 Richland Center, WI12/12/2005
Ruetten Conners, John "Jack"06/11/192085Richland Center, WI12/12/2005
Schmitz Dederick, John E.12/30/192585Bear Valley, WI03/22/2011
Sharp Elliott, Myra A. [ Withey ]10/23/194358Cazenovia, WI03/10/2002
Snorek Rott, Bessie I. [ Beranek ]08/09/191298Woodstock, WI03/17/2011
Trieloff, Sally Ann [ Crowley ]12/26/193869Richland Center, WI10/07/2008
Trieloff, Sally Ann [ Crowley ] [ Corea ]12/26/193869Richland Center, WI10/07/2008
Turner, Billie R. [ Drath ]01/22/195061Richland Center, WI04/01/2011

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