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Pepin County, WI

This particular page exists for the purpose of
indexing obituaries of individuals born in
Pepin County, Wisconsin.
Bauer Anibas, Ronald Dominic01/15/193774Durand, WI09/06/2011
Bauer Brunner, Loren A.01/11/195161Durand, WI02/14/2012
Bauer Schuch, Loretta C. [ Meixner ]09/19/192289Town of Lima, WI02/15/2012
Bauer Schuh, Norma J.04/18/193378Durand, WI12/07/2011
Crapser Thalacker, Arvilla Evelyn [ Everson ]04/28/191296Town of Albany, WI06/03/2008
Harper Burr, William C.02/24/191792Red Cedar, WI05/21/2009
Heller, Irene E. [ Ramaker ]07/01/190082Arkansaw, WI02/13/1983
Jungwirth, Arthur R. 81Durand, WI08/12/2006
Nussberger Boehm, Adeline R. [ Maguire ]05/26/191299Durand, WI12/21/2011
Sabelko Karshbaum, Evelyn Alice [ Heit ]06/08/193675Durand, WI12/22/2011
Sam Baier, Mary [ Weiss ]10/26/191992Town of Waterville, WI02/07/2012
Schuh Danzinger, Leo F.04/09/191794Lima Township, WI01/29/2012
Seitz Keenlyne, Craig D.05/11/194363Durand, WI12/17/2006
Weissinger Boehm, Arlene E. [ Klein ]11/12/192586Lima, WI04/11/2011

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