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Obituary Index
Dunn County, WI
This particular page exists for the purpose of
indexing obituaries of individuals born in
Dunn County, Wisconsin.
Aasmundrud Ebling, Arla Fae [ Porter ]02/25/192779Dunn County, WI08/25/2006
Baier Norby, Dustin D.05/20/198620Menomonie, WI08/15/2006
Baier Norby, Dustin David05/20/198620Menomonie, WI08/15/2006
Barnes Nelson, Minerd G.03/13/191791Colfax, WI09/08/2008
Beguhn Grundman, Lyle A.06/25/192086Menomonie, WI08/17/2006
Behling Metzger, Fern L. [ Knopps ]08/30/192481Sherman, WI08/22/2006
Cartwright Wood, Grace E. [ Bowlin ]02/27/191389Dunn County, WI09/20/2002
Caturia, Godfrey J.09/27/191589Menomonie, WI06/16/2005
DeGoey Weiss, Marion A. [ Lambie ]04/22/191690Dunn County, WI08/24/2006
Duffy, John04/12/1901 Menomonie, WI 
Finder White, Herman H.01/25/194660Lucas, WI07/31/2006
Grossklaus Price, Avis Jane [ Raisanen ]08/02/192279Menomonie, WI12/30/2001
Grutt Pechmiller, Alvira H. [ Schultz ]07/12/191694Springbrook Township, WI04/12/2011
Howe Brehm, Wilbert F. "Ozzie"08/14/193081Menomonie, WI12/02/2011
Johnson, Glenn09/28/1909 Menomonie, WI03/08/2004
Kaiser Wirth, Arnold F.06/02/194067Sheridan Township, WI11/22/2007
Knopps Wisner, Inez L. [ Simmons ]08/01/191893Menomonie, WI02/01/2012
Kraft Kelly, Verla L. "Birdie"07/30/192684Dunnville Township, WI03/15/2011
Larson Hall, Mary J. [ Tyler ]10/24/191788Menomonie, WI08/09/2006
Link Jorstad, Weston03/06/191691Ridgeland, WI10/12/2007
Mittlestadt Weaver, Robert Earl10/04/193566Knapp, WI09/02/2002
Nelson, Vera J. [ Allen ]03/13/190791Downing, WI09/19/1998
Ponto Schrader, Helen P. [ Weaver ]09/08/191991Menomonie Township, WI03/28/2011
Quilling Hayner, Bessie V. [ Bolstad ]02/23/190492Falls City, WI07/19/1996
Quilling Jones, Patrick K. "PK"10/29/193669Menomonie, WI07/30/2006
Reinecke, Nellie E. ( Mrs. )09/25/190794Menomonie, WI10/02/2001
Rineck Wagner, Louis C. "Bud"08/28/193476Hatchville, WI03/24/2011
Rogers Perry, Lester C.12/19/194368Connorsville, WI01/11/2012
Ruud, Arlene E. [ Johnson ]03/26/193378Menomonie, WI01/28/2012
Schlosser Webb, Leonard05/20/193279Township of Eau Galle, WI01/16/2012
Sorenson Sipple, Howard A. "Howie"12/21/191289Elk Mound, WI09/17/2002
Steies, Walter J. Wally"05/04/194070Sherman Township, WI03/18/2011
Styer Lehman, Grant C.03/18/191298Lucas Township, WI03/11/2011
Volp Stokke, Lois Eleanor [ Wulf ]06/17/191891Menomonie, WI12/30/2009
Wagner Wasmer, Hilda A. [ Bahny ]03/08/191981Menomonie, WI03/28/2000
Webb Biesterveld, Sally A. [ Hayden ]05/28/193476Eau Galle, WI03/16/2011
Williamson Brewer, John E.08/09/194268Menomonie, WI04/20/2011
Wojtoff, Ethel N.09/25/1912 Dunn County, WI 
Wolfe Cass, Jeremy Lee *08/16/197627Menomonie, WI11/15/2003
Woods Gardener, William R. "Bill"11/29/193865Boyceville, WI04/24/2004
Wyss Schutz, Carl W.04/06/191690Stanton, WI06/23/2006
Yoder Drury, Dennis Lee03/15/196045Menomonie, WI10/21/2005
Zebro Thompson, Verlon L.11/25/191687Hay River, WI10/24/2004
Ziehme Kizer, Galen D.06/24/191886Hatchville, WI04/17/2005
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