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Clark County, WI
This particular page exists for the purpose of
indexing obituaries of individuals born in
Clark County, Wisconsin.
Anderson Heyder, Virginia M. [ Eastman ]03/14/191594Neillsville, WI04/01/2009
Aumann Langreck, Jeanette M. [ Petkovsek ]05/22/193179Neillsville, WI06/04/2010
Beawer, Gladys I.03/26/190892Colby, WI07/05/2000
Beyer, Bill06/06/193866Thorp, WI03/10/2005
Burdick Kiser, Anna [ Pernsteiner ]03/02/1904106Clark County, WI06/21/2010
Corozalla LaMere, Joyce E. [ Schatzke ]08/06/194070Weston, WI05/21/2011
Duellman Thorn, Edward J.08/17/191893Colby, WI11/04/2011
Ebert Galbreath, Russell R. "Russ"08/07/192982Granton, WI02/20/2012
Enhelder Newell, Ruth Marie [ Johnston ]07/17/191787Neilsville, WI04/17/2005
Evans, Dora Lilly ( Mrs. )12/14/193274Clark County, WI11/25/2007
Gilbertson Boxrucker, Roger L.07/04/193666Curtiss, WI07/08/2002
Grant, Chera Margaret [ Glasby ]01/22/193969Withee, WI01/27/2008
Guenn, Alvoretta [ Conant ]06/22/190696Owen, WI07/06/2002
Gunderson Chamberlain, Florence Marie [ Peterson ]10/08/191769Owen, WI08/16/1987
Hoeser Putzel, Allan J.03/18/194165Loyal, WI11/23/2006
Kondzela Moch, Mary Lucille [ Meidl ]10/28/189586Granton, WI02/10/1982
Kuester, Florance V. [ Welch ]03/26/193378Loyal, WI05/18/2011
Lawrence Free, Velda [ Richardson ]01/03/191389Pine Valley, WI11/15/2002
Liskow, Irene A. [ Bond ] 88Neillsville, WI02/17/2002
Peterson Anderson, Norman02/21/190237Weston, WI09/06/1939
Peterson, John P.12/04/187486Weston, WI11/08/1961
Ploeger Marquardt, Gilbert John "Jim"09/25/190883Fremont, WI08/22/1992
Ploeger, August11/25/188176Fremont, WI12/10/1957
Regal, Hazel Gretchen01/01/192190Unity, WI02/07/2011
Roosow Plaman, Bonnie L. [ Jablonski ]04/18/194958Owen-Withee, WI04/09/2008
Rossman Ramberg, Inez G. [ Bail ]04/24/190898Thorp, WI12/26/2006
Smith, Robert A.04/24/192180Humbird, WI10/23/2001
Sterzinger Pickelas, Michael "Red"03/19/195155Colby, WI08/12/2006
Voelker Ludwig, Francis H. "Fran"01/05/193181Thorp, WI02/02/2012
Ystad, Lee Ralph04/01/191491Greenwood, WI11/04/2005
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