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Buffalo County, WI

This particular page exists for the purpose of indexing obituaries of individuals born in Buffalo County, Wisconsin.
Abts Rothering, Janice Mary [ Reuter ]05/29/192287Fountain City, WI06/13/2009
Bielefeldt Powell, Reathel M. [ Rothering ]09/02/192979Town of Lincoln, WI12/11/2008
Brinkman, Gladys09/09/191791Alma, WI02/22/2009
Comero Flury, Adeline Ruth [ Plank ]11/07/192187Town of Montana, WI02/03/2009
Doelle Schmitt, Rhinella D. [ Schwebach ]11/25/191390Glencoe, WI02/12/2004
Duncanson Cook, Roger Lee "Pounce"11/09/194365Mondovi, WI01/25/2009
Dworschak Theisen, La Vern12/09/191692Buffalo County, WI07/14/2009
Giese, Fern F. [ Pearson ]01/22/192089Alma, WI01/23/2009
Herold Keller, Loretta M. [ Beck ]12/01/191590Belvidere, WI05/15/2006
Hess Lockard, Albert G.02/22/191492Town of Nelson, WI12/23/2006
Hieke Poeschel, Charles R.09/17/194070Mondovi, WI03/01/2011
Kamrowski Glowacki, John D.01/25/191888Town of Milton, WI11/01/2006
Knospe Engfer, Eldon O. "Mike"02/25/192088Cochrane, WI01/20/2009
Kurtzweg Schultz, Phyllis Lorena [ Kreibich ]06/02/192583Town of Lincoln, WI02/09/2009
Larson Thompson, Clarence M.06/30/191590Maxville, WI05/02/2006
Lindstrom Mathis, John H.09/29/192185Buffalo County, WI12/26/2006
Mason Letts, Charlotte Marie [ Jamison ]07/27/194167Nelson, WI05/19/2009
Moy Harvey, Truman D.04/21/191982Mondovi, WI07/12/2001
Odegard Werlien, Patricia A. [ O'Connell ] "Patty"04/09/194759Mondovi, WI10/05/2006
Odegard, Einar L.02/11/193274Mondovi, WI12/13/2006
Oesau Schroeder, Caroline W.01/01/191493Town of Gilmanton, WI12/09/2006
Poeschel Eide, Ilene Emma [ Switzenberg ]08/27/191791Town of Canton, WI01/02/2009
Pronschinske Schaefer, Adele02/25/191693Waumandee, WI09/29/2009
Ritscher Youngbauer, Ruth E. [ Averbeck ]06/30/193570Waumandee, WI06/10/2006
Rockwell Halverson, W. Fred12/12/192778Mondovi, WI10/31/2006
Rohrer Bollinger, Rodney William George11/06/191694Town of Belvidere, WI04/23/2011
Ruben Weiss, Elmer Lutzi05/05/191692Town of Cross, WI12/22/2008
Skovbroten, Bertha [ Johnson ]01/02/190998Town of Naples, WI06/20/2007
Stettler, Bernice A. [ Ratz ]04/25/191393Eagle Valley, WI11/25/2006
Strand Marum, Carolyn Ann [ Knabe ]12/15/191987Nelson, WI12/15/2006

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