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Henry County, VA

This particular page exists for the purpose of indexing obituaries of individuals born in Henry County, Virginia.
Anglin Gather, LaValette Carter 76Martinsville, VA05/03/2006
Anglin Gather, LaValette [ Carter ] 76Martinsville, VA05/03/2006
Ashworth Mitchell, Ernest N.06/03/193080Henry County, VA12/13/2010
Barrett Tilley, Robert Eugene "Rocky"02/29/196050Martinsville, VA06/13/2010
Bon Durant Burgess, Jessie [ Smith ]03/09/191391Figsboro, VA09/06/2004
Carter O'Dell, Garland D.07/06/195851Martinsville, VA06/26/2010
Clark, Eliane Adair [ Dunn ]03/07/195254Martinsville, VA01/09/2007
Dandridge Robertson, Mary Elizabeth06/25/193965Martinsville, VA08/12/2004
Dunn Ellett, Elaine Adair03/07/195254Martinsville, VA01/09/2007
Hairston Atkins, Martha Conway [ Carter ]10/23/191394Martinsville, VA08/15/2008
Hairston, Amanda [ Bellamy ]04/01/190499Martinsville, VA05/26/2003
Hairston, William E.09/23/1935 Martinsville, VA12/04/2001
Hill, Catherine [ Sheppard ]03/12/192085Preston, VA11/13/2005
Hopkins Purdy, Hattie Irene [ Martin ]04/27/191595Henry County, VA12/31/2010
Huff Adkins, Oscar F.09/13/193872Henry County, VA12/21/2010
Manns Copening, Gerald Lamont05/16/195852Martinsville, VA07/02/2010
Martin Hairston, Mae A. [ Carroll ] "Nana"03/25/190792Bassett, VA08/03/1999
Martin Wood, Alfred Sanders10/04/192486Henry County, VA12/13/2010
Morrison Via, Nancy L. [ Tisdale ]05/08/194565Henry County, VA12/26/2010
Parcell Turner, Ruby Gordon [ Jernigan ]09/01/191095Martinsville, VA05/04/2006
Penn Bowe, Gray03/01/1904 Martinsville, VA03/10/2002
Phillips Ronelle, Chiquis Leron11/24/2010InfMartinsville, VA11/24/2010
Ross Turner, Mildred03/21/192783Martinsville, VA12/23/2010
Wall Foley, Robert Douglas "Doug"07/17/193773Henry County, VA12/17/2010
Wimbush Barbour, Larry Darnell12/25/195851Henry County, VA07/08/2010
Winn, Melanie D.12/14/195249Martinsville, VA07/21/2002
Wright Edwards, James "Richie"05/03/196446Martinsville, VA06/24/2010

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