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Grayson County, VA

This particular page exists for the purpose of indexing obituaries of individuals born in Grayson County, Virginia.
Adams Campbell, Marie [ Atwood ]02/07/190895Grayson County, VA12/26/2003
Alexander Cox, Joseph Carl12/18/191985Grayson County, VA04/02/2005
Anders Anders, Virginia [ Dowell ]03/10/192974Independence, VA01/18/2004
Anders Stata, James McCoy "Jack"04/01/192480Grayson County, VA09/08/2004
Anthony Caudell, James Cleveland11/10/194262Grayson County, VA04/07/2005
Baldwin Weaver, Roy R.  Whitetop, VA04/12/2004
Bartlett Wright, Thurman Andrew "Andy"02/29/194064Grayson County, VA08/27/2004
Barton Ward, Virginia B. [ Cornett ]10/14/191787Comers Rock, VA04/09/2005
Blevins Absher, Lucille [ Reedy ]08/31/191787Whitetop, VA03/10/2005
Bourne Burris, Willie Mae [ Western ]05/30/192777Independence, VA03/21/2005
Brannock Dickerson, Agnes07/27/192380Grayson County, VA11/29/2003
Brewer Darnell, Gency [ Cox ]05/04/191489Grayson County, VA01/03/2004
Burris Bourne, Rex Ford03/08/191490Grayson County, VA03/05/2005
Burris Bourne, Rex Ford03/08/194190Grayson County, VA03/05/2005
Burris Roberts, Ethel [ Catron ]04/19/191687Grayson County, VA12/07/2003
Cassell, John Mae04/21/191687Independence, VA12/29/2003
Caudell Carico, Willard Eugene "Sonny"10/23/193469Grayson County, VA01/27/2004
Caudell Osborne, Blanche Ruby [ Anthony ]10/08/192083Grayson County, VA12/25/2003
Chandler Watson, Irene [ Gregg ]06/17/193271Mouth of Wilson, VA11/27/2003
Chatham Henderson, Grace [ Anders ]04/25/193469Rugby, VA12/06/2003
Dale Spraker, Clifton Eugene07/09/193272Grayson County, VA03/14/2005
Davis Winesette, Dorcie Winnie01/18/190697Grayson County, VA12/04/2003
Diamond Williams, Paul Roy12/06/192578Grayson County, VA01/03/2004
Fielder Testerman, Beulah [ Russell ]09/01/191291Comers Rock, VA11/27/2003
Fields Ramey, Bonnie [ Calhoun ]05/26/194657Grayson County, VA12/23/2003
Finley Wingler, Nettie L. [ Hayes ]02/24/193766Whitetop, VA12/03/2003
Funk Padgett, Carolyn [ Sumner ]12/13/194163Fries, VA03/06/2005
Greer Blevins, Vadie O. [ Taylor ]07/05/192578Whitetop, VA10/31/2003
Grimes Felts, Alma Arline [ Fitzgerald ]09/29/192975Grayson County, VA03/21/2005
Hackler McGrady, Mildred [ Phipps ]02/21/192875Comers Rock, VA12/02/2003
Hale, Katherine Genevieve [ Smith ]01/26/1918 Fries, VA09/09/2004
Halsey Pendry, William F. "Bill"05/23/193271Mouth of Wilson, VA01/14/2004
Hodge Billings, Luther Gayle01/31/195550Independence, VA03/23/2005
Holdaway Anderson, Georgie Lee [ Brewer ]05/25/191390Grayson County, VA12/31/2003
Isom Hale, Robert Walter03/28/191588Grayson County, VA12/07/2003
Jefferson Moore, Larry "Butch"05/30/195251Grayson County, VA01/03/2004
Jennings Goins, Thomas Lee05/16/193173Grayson County, VA04/02/2005
Jennings Porter, Jackie Joann [ Shupe ]10/23/193371Grayson County, VA03/08/2005
Johnson Griffith, Clarence S. "Cotton"07/27/192578Troutdale, VA12/26/2003
Johnson Kirby, Rosabelle [ Blevins ]08/03/193370Comers Rock, VA12/30/2003
Kyle Brown, Ellen Rose [ Hall ]06/26/192578Grayson County, VA12/22/2003
Laffoon Bartlett, Ted Olin08/06/192578Grayson County, VA12/02/2003
Leagan Isom, James Howard08/28/192183Grayson County, VA03/10/2005
Leath Beckner, Alice M. [ Leagan ]07/31/192578Grayson County, VA12/14/2003
Mabe Duncan, Thelma [ Pierce ]08/14/192875Troutdale, VA12/18/2003
Marshall Crouse, Nelle [ Spinks ]02/12/191291Grayson County, VA01/20/2004
Moore Boyer, Virgil M. "Mack" 64Grayson County, VA03/23/2005
Murray Anders, Minnie Fay [ Widner ]08/12/191192Independence, VA12/25/2003
Perkins Perkins, Gilbert Thornton "Gib" 77Rugby, VA01/18/2004
Phipps Kirk, Johnny Paul10/16/193865Independence, VA10/31/2003
Porter Gamble, Nancy [ Felts ]07/01/191292Grayson County, VA03/15/2005
Privett Sexton, Roby J.05/20/191094Grant, VA03/28/2005
Ramey South, Junior Oscar08/26/192876Grayson County, VA04/04/2005
Richardson Testerman, Nellie M. [ Smith ]08/31/192182Rugby, VA12/25/2003
Richardson, Charles W.01/26/195648Fries, VA08/08/2004
Roberts Cox, Hazel [ Sutherland ]07/18/191390Comers Rock, VA12/06/2003
Roberts Spicer, Laura Mae [ Golliher ]01/03/191689Flatridge, VA03/06/2005
Rutherford Hoffman, Jerry Ernest09/16/194657Grayson County, VA11/03/2003
Rutherford Holdaway, Roy02/08/194659Independence, VA04/09/2005
Sage, Dennis Kyle01/15/192575Grayson County, VA06/10/2000
Shinault Semones, Roger Lee09/20/194658Grayson County, VA03/12/2005
Stamper LaRue, Floyd Herschel07/20/192876Grayson County, VA03/13/2005
Suitt Reed, Edith Virginia [ Chandler ]03/07/193372Mouth of Wilson, VA04/06/2005
Taylor Holcomb, Mary Belle [ Archer ]04/06/191589Independence, VA09/08/2004
Testerman Ball, Stella [ Finley ]11/21/192183Rugby, VA04/07/2005
Testerman Jones, Polly [ Cheeks ]04/16/192281Independence, VA10/31/2003
Thomas, Edith V.03/03/191588Elk Creek, VA12/24/2003
Trimble David, Ruby [ Anderson ]02/22/192182Grayson County, VA11/01/2003
Turner Carrico, Mary Elizabeth [ Barrett ] "Liz"06/15/192678Grayson County, VA02/26/2005
Van Stavoren Boyer, James04/08/193074Fries, VA09/12/2004
Vaughan Gilham, Clayta Lydia [ Bartgis ]11/21/191391Independence, VA05/12/2005
Vaught Burris, Warren James03/19/192578Elk Creek, VA10/30/2003
Williams Parks, Lula Bell05/03/192865Grayson County, VA11/28/2003
Young Moss, Fields R.05/12/192479Independence, VA01/21/2004

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