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Cherokee County, TX
This particular page exists for the purpose of
indexing obituaries of individuals born in
Cherokee County, Texas.
Adams Price, Bonner [ Markus ]08/19/191385Concord, TX02/28/1999
Berryhill Henderson, William Harry08/17/192882Atoy, TX08/15/2011
Fulton Payne, Mary Sue [ McShan ]07/12/191393Dialville, TX04/10/2007
Gober Price, Fredene G. [ Wiedman ] "Beebe"05/17/192976Jacksonville, TX12/10/2005
Grayson, Carroll A. "Al"01/18/193074Wells, TX05/17/2004
Hafer, Kathy Diane [ Bernard ]01/15/194365Jacksonville, TX04/26/2008
Hanna Wilson, Virginia Amanda02/27/201290Rusk, TX02/27/2012
Kirksey Caldwell, Albert Lee02/18/194758Jacksonville, TX12/05/2005
Lacy, Gay Rachelle [ Payne ]10/26/193668Jacksonville, TX04/10/2005
McCoy Berryhill, Jerry Wayne03/21/194956Jacksonville, TX12/25/2005
Murphy, Mary Jacquelyn [ Alexander ] "Jackie"10/07/194067Jacksonville, TX09/29/2008
Phillips Conway, Wynema Frances [ Brown ]04/28/192586Atoy, TX02/18/2012
Ramsey Hearne, Grace [ Pledger ]12/31/192383Alto, TX02/11/2007
Rice, Judith [ Murchison ]12/30/1944 Jacksonville, TX 
Sinclair, Lindsey Dianne [ Oliver ]01/21/198230Jacksonville, TX02/01/2012
Sowell Whittington, Jewel Bonnie [ Lanier ]12/01/192190Rusk, TX01/27/2012
Taylor, Cecil Leo 87Jacksonville, TX04/04/2002
Turney Ford, Marie [ Mehner ]11/30/192090Rusk, TX11/27/2011
Vance, Preston L. "Skid Kid"03/23/196546Rusk, TX02/22/2012
Wooddell, John Douglas11/28/191986Turney, TX12/27/2005
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