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Obion County, TN
This particular page exists for the purpose of
indexing obituaries of individuals born in
Obion County, Tennessee.
Bing, Jennifer Lynn09/21/198124Union City, TN09/06/2006
Calhoun Ragsdale, Brenda Joyce [ Tosh ]07/21/194464Obion County, TN11/11/2008
Dement Hunt, Lynn [ Payne ]12/30/194461Union City, TN11/14/2006
Drewry McCord, Tommy04/25/195650Union City, TN11/01/2006
Easterwood Ray, Mary Louise [ McCorkle ]06/15/191988Obion County, TN02/29/2008
Forbus Lofton, Jerry Hill04/15/193473Troy, TN03/21/2008
Fuller Fry, Gene07/27/193176Union City, TN02/28/2008
Fuller Fry, Jane [ Turner ]07/27/193175Obion County, TN08/04/2006
Griffin, Dorothy "Sue"07/11/193769Union City, TN10/03/2006
Harpole Naylor, Sarah Kathryn [ Baldridge ]03/13/191492Obion County, TN12/30/2006
Huey Baker, Ina B. [ Dyer ]06/15/192978Obion County, TN04/01/2008
James Tankersley, John Frank10/27/193075Obion, TN12/17/2005
James, John Frank10/27/1930 Obion, TN12/17/2005
Long, Geneva S.05/24/191885South Fulton, TN03/22/2004
Mathews Parrish, Virginia Catherine [ Smith ]01/11/191491Obion County, TN12/20/2005
McDaniel Rice, Virginia D. [ Hornsby ]02/03/192281Union City, TN01/28/2004
Muse Cloar, Minner Jane [ Barnes ]08/05/192383Union City, TN11/24/2006
Nolan, Jerry M. 75Union City, TN01/28/2004
Parker Hamm, Rylee Alexis10/19/2006InfUnion City, TN10/19/2006
Phipps Gardiner, Michael Louis "Mike"02/10/195155Union City, TN01/03/2007
Ragsdale Warren, Ricky Lynn01/13/195058Obion County, TN03/26/2008
Satterfield Burden, Alisha Faye [ Parker ]09/11/198719Union City, TN10/19/2006
Speed Yates, Christopher "Chris"01/21/197140Obion County, TN08/25/2011
Stephens Corum, Marye Lucille [ Adams ]10/27/191194Obion County, TN10/14/2006
Tidwell Brechears, Ernest Gene09/28/193274Obion County, TN07/26/2007
Touchstone Morris, Minnie Lou [ Kirk ]09/23/191991Obion County, TN08/17/2011
Weaver, Jerry Ralph06/09/193868Obion County, TN11/20/2006
Wilson Hogg, Hazel [ Vogt ]01/21/191692Obion County, TN09/20/2008
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