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Montgomery County, TN
This particular page exists for the purpose of
indexing obituaries of individuals born in
Montgomery County, Tennessee.
Bailey Hankins, Ethel [ Kent ]03/13/191690Montgomery County, TN11/09/2006
Bakich, Yvonne Madell 57Clarksville, TN07/15/2002
Bearden, Sue [ Griffin ]01/13/194864Clarksville, TN03/08/2012
Bell, Mary E. [ Lisenby ]12/23/1909102Clarksville, TN02/02/2012
Boone Wofford, Alice Rhey [ Swaffer ]07/02/191596Clarksville, TN03/02/2012
Buck Miller, Don M.11/21/194758Montgomery County, TN11/06/2006
Corlew, Ann Louise [ Corcoran ] 81Clarksville, TN04/02/2011
Darnell Lisenbee, Rosie Mae [ Culpepper ]10/10/192190Montgomery County, TN03/17/2012
David Ransom, Pauline Frances [ Williams ]04/26/192185Clarksville, TN09/05/2006
Davidson, Barbara [ Spence ]01/02/194072Clarksville, TN03/19/2012
Hall, Theodore Lee "Ted"03/30/194665Clarksville, TN01/26/2012
Heaton Hutchinson, Bessie Marie [ Calloway ]02/16/191490Clarksville, TN03/18/2004
Kentnere Akins, Paul R. "George"07/08/193675Montgomery County, TN02/28/2012
Kraeske McNulty, Richard Justin04/23/192982Clarksville, TN02/22/2012
Krantz Stack, Rebecca J. [ Martinez ]06/04/194160Clarksville, TN12/10/2001
Lee, Slayden03/15/192086Clarksville, TN11/06/2006
Lyle Green, William02/01/192092Clarksville, TN02/27/2012
Majors Pettus, Samuel "Buck"01/15/194363Clarksville, TN11/09/2006
Martin, Minnie L. [ Newton ]03/14/194369Clarksville, TN03/16/2012
Moody Mallory, Evonda Rochelle03/03/196843Clarksville, TN02/25/2012
Mosier Morrison, Nannie L. [ Barrow ] 64Clarksville, TN10/12/2001
Parker Wallace, Fannie [ Greene ]03/25/191789Montgomery County, TN11/06/2006
Patterson, Samuel05/22/191584Montgomery County, TN07/28/1999
Runyon Lardner, Frank Jasper03/18/192883Clarksville, TN02/29/2012
Thomas Roberts, Jackie Robert10/30/194071Clarksville, TN02/25/2012
Thomas Smith, Estella [ Lightning ] "Stella"11/18/191497Clarksville, TN02/11/2012
Vick Potts, Frances E. [ Scofield ]04/07/192187Montgomery County, TN11/15/2008
Wilcox Rosson, Wylene [ Seften ]10/29/191293Montgomery County, TN01/23/2006
Yoakum, Mildred Elizabeth02/18/193174Clarksville, TN12/15/2005
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