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South Carolina
This particular page exists for the purpose of
indexing obituaries of individuals where the place of birth
of the deceased was simply listed as South Carolina.
Ayala Rodriguez, David04/17/198024South Carolina04/06/2005
Ballard, Joelynn ( Mrs. ) 66South Carolina02/20/2002
Bates, Mack 85South Carolina04/18/2000
Bennett, Margaret 75South Carolina09/29/1999
Carrick, Ruby Elizabeth [ Parker ]06/04/190994South Carolina03/25/2004
Danzy Merritt, Roy Benjamin06/26/194757South Carolina06/18/2005
Devlin, James Albert "Four-Five" 52South Carolina03/06/2004
Dixon, Alma G. [ Muldrow ]12/22/1919 South Carolina10/12/2006
Gatch, John Herbert 89South Carolina02/03/1999
Hathcock, Evelyn Jeanette [ Panteleakis ]04/20/194062South Carolina12/21/2002
Hodges Bundy, Roger Dale04/07/194466South Carolina12/18/2010
Hughes Pertelle, Azalee [ Dais ]05/23/1930 South Carolina01/30/2001
Jones, Meda Lee 83South Carolina08/15/2004
Jones, Willie S. 74South Carolina05/01/2000
Kirby, Marietta [ Weighill ]04/07/193267South Carolina10/12/1999
Lewis Davis, Jesse James12/17/194958South Carolina07/23/2008
McFadden Monroe, Daisy Emma [ Phyall ] 82South Carolina07/26/2004
Nelson, Isaac 83South Carolina01/08/2003
Perkins, Verene "Ven" 49South Carolina03/06/2004
Ribner Axelrod, Richard08/16/191783South Carolina11/29/2000
Simmons, Malvis B.12/22/192078South Carolina08/25/1999
Sims, Lillie Mae06/03/1940 South Carolina01/22/2005
Smith Bradley, Kathryn S. [ Pappas ]08/22/192279South Carolina07/08/2002
World, Howard Lee 50South Carolina01/25/1999
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*This page is dedicated in the memory of 
David Ayala
who made the ultimate sacrifice while serving his country in Afghanistan.