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Richland County, SC

This particular page exists for the purpose of indexing obituaries of individuals born in Richland County, South Carolina.
Adams Ellis, Juanita Am [ Morgan ] 80Richland County, SC02/24/2005
Adams Sims, Frank "Doc" 91Richland County, SC01/06/2012
Anderson, Russhon R. 45Columbia, SC11/13/1999
Atwill, Stephen Bailey 67Columbia, SC06/11/2005
Black Coon, Gertrude B. [ Pruitt ] 96Columbia, SC10/03/2004
Brabham Morris, Elizabeth Gertrude [ Littrell ]07/06/193469Richland County, SC09/14/2003
Brannon, Walter Dean11/16/192586Columbia, SC01/23/2012
Brown, Bert C.07/08/192982Columbia, SC01/15/2012
Brown, Idillia [ Taylor ] 80Columbia, SC08/07/2004
Canzater, Cleven "Pim"12/16/194864Blythewood, SC02/10/2013
Carpenter Clark, Graham04/25/195253Columbia, SC05/16/2005
Conrad Scala, Doreen B. [ Piano ] 37Columbia, SC08/11/2003
Corley, Eugene H. 77Columbia, SC03/22/2002
Daniels Corley, Lewis G. 61Columbia, SC10/24/2001
Daniels, Isiah05/14/193275Columbia, SC12/12/2007
DeTreville, James Presley04/14/192189Columbia, SC03/29/2011
Egister, Louise J. [ Anderson ] "Lula"01/26/191091Columbia, SC01/12/2001
Ellis, Sharon Faye [ Williams ]03/28/1962 Columbia, SC03/03/2005
Faust, Wilhelmina [ Robinson ] [ Tuck ] "Willie"02/03/1918 Columbia, SC11/11/2002
Ford, Milet ( Mrs. ) "Jean"11/22/194267Columbia, SC07/07/2010
Gay Taylor, Lucille [ Williamson ]10/24/191094Columbia, SC01/10/2005
Gilliam, Robert Lee "Doc"02/01/192676Columbia, SC03/06/2002
Hicks, William Earl10/03/1926 Columbia, SC02/28/2004
Hill McProud, Thomas Warren02/10/194565Columbia, SC07/26/2010
Hopkins, James 54Columbia, SC04/11/2002
Johnson, Theodore B. 59Columbia, SC01/05/2007
Johnston Hackmann, Peter G.12/31/198617Columbia, SC02/29/2004
Jones, Fannie 96Columbia, SC07/03/2002
Lyles, Ruth L. [ Dunlap ]09/07/1923 Eastover, SC02/22/2007
Martin, William 71Columbia, SC03/31/1994
Martone, Charles F.03/09/192076Columbia, SC03/08/1997
Mathias, Ann [ Magwood ]04/07/192189Columbia, SC03/23/2011
Milliman Hoover, Rebecca Ann [ Dunn ]02/20/195252Columbia, SC09/05/2004
Mohan Frie, James A. "Jim" 49Columbia, SC03/25/2008
Moon, Theodore E.09/08/192481Columbia, SC08/20/2006
Samuels, Lajet Luther "Jetty"11/21/1924 Columbia, SC12/11/2001
Sheldon, Francis "Frank"06/05/191885Columbia, SC03/30/2004
Shepard, Suzy07/17/193960Columbia, SC05/17/2000
Sloan Eleazor, Gene H.08/11/194158Richland County, SC12/06/1999
Smith, Lee A.  Columbia, SC12/08/1999
Stuckey, Robert Dickinson08/28/1951 Columbia, SC11/26/2002
Thompson, David Frederick 84Columbia, SC11/19/2002
Tribble Hollins, Marie [ Campbell ]09/03/194363Columbia, SC01/23/2007
Tucker, Jacqueline McMahon [ Farrell ] 67Columbia, SC03/20/2002
Wharton Hayes, Melissa Ann [ Brooker ] "Liz"06/12/197141  
Wilds Hughey, James Thomson04/27/192288Columbia, SC03/25/2011
Wilson, Gladys ( Mrs. )04/09/192873Columbia, SC11/25/2001
Womack Markert, Darren J.01/19/196541Columbia, SC03/09/2006
Yancey Hemphill, Malcolm09/19/195354Columbia, SC12/24/2007


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