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Horry County, SC

This particular page exists for the purpose of
indexing obituaries of individuals born in
Horry County, South Carolina.
Adams Smith, Ernest William03/30/192382Horry County, SC03/26/2006
Allen, David E.02/06/194563Horry County, SC08/17/2008
Applewhite, Annie Bell [ Ford ]06/20/191493Horry County, SC05/11/2008
Blanton, Waldo 81Horry County, SC03/01/2004
Boyle, Benjamin Charles12/31/2000InfConway, SC01/10/2001
Brown Vick, Rudie Ivan02/25/193572Horry County, SC02/24/2008
Burris Hucks, Clifford Gordon02/15/193180Conway, SC03/31/2011
Carmichael, Ronald "Pac Man"07/01/1954 Duford, SC07/18/2005
Carmichael, Ronald "Pac Man"07/01/1954 Duford, SC07/18/2006
Carney Ford, Thersea Ann [ McCray ]05/16/196437Conway, SC11/23/2001
Cochran, Bookie06/10/1949 Conway, SC01/01/2007
Elvis Martin, Marcus Roland05/29/198031Myrtle Beach, SC01/23/2012
Faulk, Juanita [ Jackson ]01/24/1929 Conway, SC01/05/2008
Gagum Johnson, Rudell [ Bennett ]06/08/1950 Conway, SC11/03/2007
Godbold, Robert Lee "Pete"07/28/195058Galivants Ferry, SC09/13/2008
Gowans Franklin, Mildred [ Doe ]01/27/192978Conway, SC12/04/2007
Greene, Maime Lou [ Green ]09/22/1921 Conway, SC05/31/2007
Hamer, Ernest "Brother"07/23/1954 Myrtle Beach, SC10/25/2007
Harrelson Powell, Ruby [ Bailey ]08/28/191789Horry County, SC11/22/2006
Hedrick, Paul David 36Conway, SC01/12/2005
Hemingway, Patricia Mae [ Gallant ]10/01/1940 Conway, SC05/29/2006
Herring, Woodrow Wilson12/13/191887Horry County, SC11/22/2006
Heustess Moulton, Virginia Loucille [ Swanson ]08/10/193371Conway, SC07/01/2005
Hodges James, Boyce [ Stanton ]09/02/191395Horry County, SC09/07/2008
James, Wanda Faye [ Davis ]08/06/195651Conway, SC06/19/2008
Mack Lance, Robert L.05/07/1948 Conway, SC11/01/2006
McCall Hatcher, Henry I.07/28/193078Horry County, SC10/25/2008
McCray, Charles Anthony07/05/1988 Conway, SC02/06/2007
McCray, Clara Belle [ Pinkney ]08/16/194859Longs, SC07/23/2008
Merritt Barnhill, Retha [ Herring ]10/22/192384Horry County, SC05/22/2006
Owens, Jack05/09/191782Myrtle Beach, SC01/29/2000
Paul Martin, Gilbert H.07/23/193671Conway, SC09/07/2007
Pertelle McCray, Ila [ Taylor ]09/02/190794Conway, SC01/18/2002
Pierce, Beatrice P. [ Vereen ]03/15/191489Conway, SC04/19/2003
Poinsette, Debra L.11/25/195354Conway, SC06/12/2008
Ribera Anderson, Angelo R.03/14/197029Myrtle Beach, SC10/30/1999
Robinson, Jamie Yvonne12/16/1977 Conway, SC02/27/2006
Rogers McLellan, Harvey Buster09/14/191986Horry County, SC05/17/2006
Royals Vereen, Mary Louise [ Whittington ]11/19/192482Horry County, SC01/11/2007
Strickland Jolly, Gussie [ Duncan ]01/10/192086Green Sea, SC08/05/2006
Strickland Williamson, Betty Louise [ Duncan ]03/09/1922 Green Sea, SC07/26/2005
Todd Allen, Ernestine Rebecca [ McElveen ] 75Aynor, SC02/20/2003
Todd Milligan, Mary [ Rabon ] [ Lawing ]09/04/192980Horry County, SC07/15/2010
Vereen Lewis, Lindberg07/24/1956 Conway, SC11/01/2006
Vereen, Stacey A.09/20/194064Conway, SC07/18/2005
Washington Moore, Laura Frances [ Weeks ]  Conway, SC03/02/2004
Williams, Jane [ Green ] "Laura Mae"11/21/1920 Horry County, SC11/26/2007
Windley Moore, Naomi L. [ Bellamy ]08/30/193671Horry County, SC05/25/2006
Windley, Mary [ Bryant ] "Sistah"12/18/193769Conway, SC12/05/2007

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