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Clarendon County, SC
This particular page exists for the purpose of
indexing obituaries of individuals born in
Clarendon County, South Carolina.
Betrand Dingle, Louise [ Billups ]06/06/1930 Clarendon County, SC03/16/2002
Billups Stokes, Herbert12/31/193275Paxville, SC07/17/2008
Blanding Evans, Eva02/14/194954Manning, SC02/18/2003
Blanding Murray, Silas11/10/192483Clarendon County, SC08/17/2008
Brailsford, Morris  Clarendon County, SC03/20/2002
Brown Major, Gussie10/11/192880Manning, SC09/05/2008
Brunson, Preston Lee11/06/1940 Manning, SC12/21/2003
Cagle, Helen Louise ( Mrs. )07/20/192580Manning, SC12/23/2005
Campbell Frierson, Ariael09/30/2008InfManning, SC09/30/2008
Conyers Martin, Richard "Smut"03/24/193870Manning, SC10/22/2008
Dickey Baker, Jennerette L. "Jin" 53New Zion, SC03/04/2003
Dow Peason, Johnny Lee09/29/196740Manning, SC09/04/2008
Epps Miller, Ryan Corneilous03/08/198721Manning, SC09/22/2008
Felder Mack, Josephine11/10/191889Summerton, SC10/10/2008
Green, Eartha Mae 54Summerton, SC01/25/2000
Greene Allen, Laura [ Holliday ]03/14/194365Summerton, SC07/22/2008
Henry Simon, Evelena [ DuPree ]09/15/195058Clarendon County, SC10/23/2008
Hilton Cain, Lennie [ Mack ]12/01/191493Clarendon County, SC08/27/2008
Hilton Mathis, Annie Liza05/07/192187Manning, SC07/21/2008
Johnson Johnson, Willie David08/25/193770Clarendon County, SC06/13/2008
King, Frazier "Tucker"04/11/194458Summerton, SC01/22/2002
Kingwood Logan, Mary Magdalene [ Burgess ]09/08/192978Alcolu, SC07/22/2008
Mack, Collin 75Manning, SC06/26/2003
Manning Isreal, Bertha [ Bines ]09/22/191196Summerton, SC07/07/2008
McBride Blanding, Richard Lee09/19/196642Alcolu, SC09/26/2008
McCray Carter, Abraham11/16/192087Summerton, SC07/25/2008
McCray Pearson, Wesley "Tut"04/20/194959Clarendon County, SC07/19/2008
McDonald Oliver, L.J.03/26/195850Summerton, SC07/04/2008
McDonald Starks, Mattie Pearl [ Lawson ]07/19/192978Summerton, SC06/11/2008
Miles Coker, James 57Clarendon County, SC03/26/2003
Miller Dixon, Ellen Deloris [ Gray ]01/12/195652Manning, SC10/25/2008
Miller Fleming, Russell "Khaki Man"10/06/193473New Zion, SC08/07/2008
Miller Newman, Ernest Lee "Moonie"03/02/196840Manning, SC07/22/2008
Mitchell Singleton, Brian01/05/197830Manning, SC10/24/2008
Myers, Thomas01/18/193868Summerton, SC10/12/2006
Nelson Frierson, Grant Lee01/16/193969Alcolu, SC06/24/2008
Nelson, Rosa Lee [ Cunningham ]08/28/192873Clarendon County, SC03/17/2002
Ragin Holliday, Ida [ Haynesworth ]09/30/191196Manning, SC07/06/2008
Robinson Lewis, Edith [ Neal ] [ McRae ]09/16/192086Manning, SC05/06/2007
Scott, Anthony DeWayne 22Manning, SC06/26/1999
Searson McCants, Leroy E. 52Clarendon County, SC09/16/2004
Smith McFadden, Frances [ Brunson ]07/09/191395Manning, SC08/17/2008
Sweat Epps, Ella Jane [ Blanding ]01/19/1914 Clarendon County, SC03/19/2002
Thames Pugh, Bessie [ Walters ]12/28/193176Manning, SC07/15/2008
Tindal Rivers, James Garrett04/04/191687Manning, SC01/17/2004
Tindal, Lesley 69Silver, SC01/25/2004
Wadford Trimnal, Addie Elizabeth [ Hinson ]05/24/1914 Clarendon County, SC03/20/2002
Walker Maywood, Elizabeth [ Williams ] "Beck"11/15/191394Clarendon County, SC09/24/2008
Watson Ragin, Letisse "Mondy"07/11/197137Manning, SC08/02/2008
Watson, Lucille [ Gaymon ]06/09/192880Summerton, SC09/15/2008
Watson, Mary 76Summerton, SC01/18/2007
White Brown, Lillie Mae [ Gibbs ]04/07/195256Manning, SC08/10/2008
White, Anna [ Mack ] [ Billups ]01/31/193662Manning, SC09/25/2008
Woods McFadden, John Stuckey11/30/192582Clarendon County, SC07/08/2008
Wright Betrand, Rosa [ Caldwell ]07/30/192087Manning, SC06/20/2008
Wright Fordham, Mose "Swag"09/22/193473Manning, SC08/17/2008
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