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Allendale County, SC
This particular page exists for the purpose of
indexing obituaries of individuals born in
Allendale County, South Carolina.
Bowers Groseclose, Samuel B. "Sam"07/16/191689Fairfax, SC02/23/2006
Deloach, Lenora Blondie [ Hill ]09/10/195258Allendale County, SC01/11/2011
Duncan, Sammie 77Allendale, SC12/27/2005
Eady, Lavinia [ Stutts ] 93Fairfax, SC11/12/2001
Eady, Lucille [ Mack ] 98Fairfax, SC04/01/2002
Gantt Elmore, Lucinda [ Ming ]11/13/194952Allendale, SC12/14/2001
Goehring, Willie Jo ( Mrs. )02/09/192087Allendale, SC06/15/2007
Grant, Alice [ Burkhalter ] "Miss Brownie"07/27/191990Allendale, SC01/27/2010
Jackson, Lula Mae [ Williams ]09/12/193870Allendale, SC04/08/2009
Johnson, Marie Deloris02/13/195159Allendale County, SC02/03/2011
Lightsey Brabham, Beverly Ann [ Kramer ]07/19/194467Allendale County, SC07/19/2011
Marshall Brown, Herbert Lee08/02/194862Allendale County, SC01/23/2011
Overstreet, Joseph R.  Allendale County, SC08/20/2004
Redenburg, Catherine [ Best ]07/06/191892Allendale County, SC01/23/2011
Walker Kirkland, Karl Jennings10/28/192584Allendale, SC06/15/2010
Williams Hay, Donna [ Badger ]12/06/197535Allendale County, SC01/28/2011
Williams, Gloria Ann [ Ritter ]12/12/195059Allendale County, SC04/22/2010
Youmans Roberts, Horace11/28/194763Allendale County, SC01/10/2011
Young Wright, Joseph "Joe"07/22/193179Allendale County, SC02/12/2011
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