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Wilkes-Barre, PA
This particular page exists for the purpose of
indexing obituaries of individuals born in
Wilkes-Barre, Pennyslvania. 
Sabalaske Krebs, Joseph L.01/30/191985Wilkes-Barre, PA03/06/2004
Sabol O'Donnell, Gerald "Gerry"01/31/196438Wilkes-Barre, PA09/12/2002
Sabol Tershak, Daniel  Wilkes-Barre, PA02/19/2000
Sallitt Slabie, James N. "Jessie"10/11/192675Wilkes-Barre, PA03/21/2002
Salvaterra Pantaloni, Daniel 62Wilkes-Barre, PA02/22/2000
Saneski Maxomovich, Stephie [ Becker ]10/01/190794Wilkes-Barre, PA05/14/2002
Sanfilippo, Helen G. [ Calore ] 90Wilkes-Barre, PA01/06/2005
Saul Hantz, Gladys E. [ Depew ] 82Wilkes-Barre, PA12/26/2001
Savakinus Stephens, Elizabeth J.09/19/195448Wilkes-Barre, PA01/15/2000
Savitski, Mary Louise [ Karmon ] 51Wilkes-Barre, PA10/14/1999
Sawicki, John 54Wilkes-Barre, PA02/25/2000
Scalzo Perri, Angelina [ Pesente ] 88Wilkes-Barre, PA03/25/2002
Scalzo Perri, Mary [ Vito ]08/07/191688Wilkes-Barre, PA12/27/2004
Schaffer, Harriet [ Trimble ]08/10/1928 Wilkes-Barre, PA06/25/1999
Schappert Lyons, Emil10/15/1917 Wilkes-Barre, PA09/09/2002
Schiel Goodall, Ada L. [ Hughes ] 88Wilkes-Barre, PA02/12/2000
Schiel Goodall, Gertrude S. [ Kulp ] 86Wilkes-Barre, PA02/14/2000
Schiowitz, Marion S. [ Isaacs ]04/18/190897Wilkes-Barre, PA11/28/2005
Schneider Crazinsky, Leona [ Nadle ]01/22/2000 Wilkes-Barre, PA06/17/2000
Schornstein Glomb, Rose [ Kraft ]06/28/191587Wilkes-Barre, PA03/26/2003
Schumacher Millham, Dolores M. [ Walsh ]11/18/193267Wilkes-Barre, PA09/20/2000
Schwalbach Spanbauer, Joseph E.  Wilkes-Barre, PA12/30/2000
Schwartz, Margaret [ Lally ]10/24/190794Wilkes-Barre, PA01/14/2002
Scott Richards, Brian Jedadiah01/29/197824Wilkes-Barre, PA09/10/2002
Scott, Mary Jean ( Mrs. )11/10/192185Wilkes-Barre, PA11/23/2006
Scureman, John B.12/14/1922 Wilkes-Barre, PA12/14/2001
Searfoss Rundle, Arthur H.04/29/194656Wilkes-Barre, PA08/11/2002
Seiger Roache, Jeanne C.05/09/192380Wilkes-Barre, PA07/02/2003
Semokitis Sroginis, Helen [ Flynn ] 99Wilkes-Barre, PA03/13/2000
Senk, Elizabeth [ Petro ] "Chochi Lizzie"06/21/191492Wilkes-Barre, PA12/24/2006
Serafin, Joseph John10/02/1958 Wilkes-Barre, PA03/01/2002
Sescilla, Anna [ Valenti ]07/26/192082Wilkes-Barre, PA09/19/2002
Sesock, Josephine Ann09/11/191691Wilkes-Barre, PA07/02/2008
Sewastynowicz Kolozinsky, Florence M. [ Adams ]06/13/191880Wilkes-Barre, PA02/03/1999
Shanko Mischa, Stella [ Terpack ]09/27/191786Wilkes-Barre, PA08/10/2004
Shaver Knecht, Erma E. [ Conklin ] 79Wilkes-Barre, PA01/14/2000
Shaw Thorne, Zane T. 77Wilkes-Barre, PA03/30/2003
Sheporiatis, Julia E. [ Kutis ] 92Wilkes-Barre, PA12/13/1999
Sheridan Cavanaugh, Mary Teresa [ Derr ]12/11/192378Wilkes-Barre, PA11/25/2002
Sherman, Edward 78Wilkes-Barre, PA06/11/2002
Shiber McClusky, Beatrice [ Rhines ]02/06/192282Wilkes-Barre, PA03/09/2004
Shinal Kutney, Joseph B.10/02/192079Wilkes-Barre, PA12/29/1999
Shotwell, Eileen [ McDonnell ]12/16/194458Wilkes-Barre, PA06/26/2003
Shovlin Groover, Frank08/09/1918 Wilkes-Barre, PA03/05/2004
Shultz Skillman, Eleanor A. [ Edwards ] 84Wilkes-Barre, PA07/07/2002
Siani Constantine, John A.05/24/194460Wilkes-Barre, PA01/04/2005
Sidonis, Kimberly M. 26Wilkes-Barre, PA10/12/1999
Siglin Carr, Beverly [ Zimmerman ] 55Wilkes-Barre, PA01/11/2000
Sileski, Stanley E. 62Wilkes-Barre, PA07/12/2003
Simakaski Molnar, Mardene J. [ Lawless ] 59Wilkes-Barre, PA12/31/2000
Simmers Kaiser, Wesley B.06/04/194950Wilkes-Barre, PA03/01/2000
Sinko, Mary 95Wilkes-Barre, PA09/04/2002
Sirak Olex, Janet Margaret [ O'Brien ]05/12/195647Wilkes-Barre, PA07/03/2003
Sirota Mosman, Ralph 65Wilkes-Barre, PA03/12/2000
Sito, Francis Matthew01/11/1916 Wilkes-Barre, PA09/26/2004
Skladow, Susan C. [ Muletta ]12/05/190792Wilkes-Barre, PA12/29/1999
Skonieczny Konopinski, Mary [ Collins ]11/26/191786Wilkes-Barre, PA01/29/2004
Skordinski Buriak, Anna S. [ Hutz ]07/19/191589Wilkes-Barre, PA08/09/2004
Skoronski Kosloski, Matilda [ Shudak ] "Tillie"03/14/192678Wilkes-Barre, PA04/09/2004
Smarsh, Olga [ Skrocki ] 87Wilkes-Barre, PA07/28/2003
Smith Litzenberger, Albert F.  Wilkes-Barre, PA02/27/2000
Smith McCay, Harold E.06/02/192675Wilkes-Barre, PA12/31/2001
Smith Pugh, Thomas J.09/29/192774Wilkes-Barre, PA11/05/2001
Smith Richards, Caroleen [ Jones ] 88Wilkes-Barre, PA12/21/1999
Smith Szydlik, Thomas W.04/25/1924 Wilkes-Barre, PA04/10/2004
Smith, Debra L. [ Hughes ]08/02/195944Wilkes-Barre, PA03/03/2004
Snow Walton, Kenneth W.08/05/193568Wilkes-Barre, PA08/04/2004
Snyder Mulvey, Janet M. [ Bryden ] 45Wilkes-Barre, PA06/29/2003
Snyder Wilkes, John  Wilkes-Barre, PA01/18/2000
Snyder Williams, Adele M. [ Karpowich ]07/04/192475Wilkes-Barre, PA03/08/2000
Sobol Consavage, Charles A.03/04/1930 Wilkes-Barre, PA12/04/2001
Sodoski, Sophia Ann [ Petro ]08/17/194348Wilkes-Barre, PA01/01/2002
Soltis Stavischak, Florence D. 78Wilkes-Barre, PA07/14/2005
Soniak Marcheski, Mark P.08/01/195744Wilkes-Barre, PA12/31/2001
Sorber Lewis, Lyndon D. 66Wilkes-Barre, PA10/11/2001
Sorber Roberts, Phyliss R. [ Dale ]02/24/195846Wilkes-Barre, PA04/05/2004
Sott, Peter P.07/18/192774Wilkes-Barre, PA01/13/2002
Spaide Jones, Lowell Greyson07/24/195449Wilkes-Barre, PA04/02/2004
Specht, Thomas [ Campbell ]07/29/192875Wilkes-Barre, PA04/12/2004
Speicher McGuire, Katherine [ Conahan ] "Katie" 86Wilkes-Barre, PA11/26/2001
Stacey Sittner, Anna D. 88Wilkes-Barre, PA03/13/2004
Stahurski, Edward John10/02/1946 Wilkes-Barre, PA01/05/2005
Stanish Pisak, Frank11/02/1922 Wilkes-Barre, PA11/24/2002
Starzecki Jarosz, Richard T.08/12/193963Wilkes-Barre, PA09/13/2002
Stavish Sypula, Chester S.02/16/192777Wilkes-Barre, PA07/30/2004
Stavish, Florence M. [ Verburg ] 76Wilkes-Barre, PA03/27/2003
Stearns Myers, Marion [ Stroud ] 87Wilkes-Barre, PA12/09/1999
Steele Coates, Emery R. 74Wilkes-Barre, PA01/01/2005
Stefanowski, John S. 86Wilkes-Barre, PA09/29/1999
Steinhauer Davis, Florence Myrtle [ Jennings ]12/04/192279Wilkes-Barre, PA08/26/2002
Steininger Schinse, Jude J.06/06/200245Wilkes-Barre, PA09/14/2002
Steinninger Schinse, Jude J.  Wilkes-Barre, PA09/14/2002
Steinruck Swire, Della M. [ Long ]03/10/194455Wilkes-Barre, PA03/08/2000
Steligo Dulski, Louise S. [ Sprau ]  Wilkes-Barre, PA03/13/2004
Stelmack Pinkowski, Michael R.09/21/194063Wilkes-Barre, PA03/30/2004
Stewart Fraley, Freida Charlotte [ Weber ]10/18/192083Wilkes-Barre, PA03/22/2004
Stiner, James R. 26Wilkes-Barre, PA06/24/2008
Stith Felton, Van Bennett05/26/192680Wilkes-Barre, PA03/11/2007
Stofey Garonski, Robert R.03/27/192475Wilkes-Barre, PA10/07/1999
Stone Franckowiak, Joseph L. 89Wilkes-Barre, PA03/12/2000
Stortz Gallagher, George C.07/16/191386Wilkes-Barre, PA02/27/2000
Storz Kindler, Rosemary M.07/09/1927 Wilkes-Barre, PA12/28/2004
Straub Starzecki, John J. 66Wilkes-Barre, PA04/15/2004
Sugarman Adelson, Jack 82Wilkes-Barre, PA12/14/2001
Supplee Balisco, Elizabeth [ Turansky ]06/28/192085Wilkes-Barre, PA07/12/2005
Surnack, Richard F.04/09/1923 Wilkes-Barre, PA10/15/2005
Susek Macias, Benjamin S. 85Wilkes-Barre, PA12/01/2001
Swainbank, Phillip [ Forgash ]05/08/196336Wilkes-Barre, PA02/16/2000
Swiderski Paduck, Anna T.10/14/1925 Wilkes-Barre, PA11/23/2001
Swiderski, David E. 56Wilkes-Barre, PA02/07/2009
Swoboda Schmidal, Elizabeth [ Brader ] "Bette"06/16/1918 Wilkes-Barre, PA03/19/2003
Sydorka Lusick, Helen [ Franckiewicz ] 82Wilkes-Barre, PA04/30/2004
Symonds, Helen Stella 74Wilkes-Barre, PA01/18/2000
Syroid, Rose [ Horwatt ]08/14/192681Wilkes-Barre, PA04/18/2008
Szeyko Beelah, Katherine [ Humenny ]05/16/191388Wilkes-Barre, PA04/01/2002
Szortyka Radziwon, Stella [ Staskiewicz ] 90Wilkes-Barre, PA03/14/2003
Tapajcik Boytar, Teresa E.12/18/192876Wilkes-Barre, PA07/16/2005
Taylor, James G.05/12/192871Wilkes-Barre, PA01/29/2000
Terry Zarychta, Karl D. 31Wilkes-Barre, PA02/01/2000
Teslicko Borsos, Andrew J.10/17/193469Wilkes-Barre, PA03/05/2004
Thomas Eveland, Douglas02/19/192182Wilkes-Barre, PA02/07/2004
Thomas Jones, Mary Lou [ Monk ] 71Wilkes-Barre, PA01/12/2002
Thomas Koury, Sadie V. [ Fedorchak ]04/22/191490Wilkes-Barre, PA07/30/2004
Thomas Martin, William J.04/23/192081Wilkes-Barre, PA11/26/2001
Thomas Miller, Alfred L. "Buster" 85Wilkes-Barre, PA04/19/2004
Thomas Powell, Russell D.06/16/194259Wilkes-Barre, PA03/17/2002
Thomas Utter, Shirley L. [ Siegel ]10/14/193173Wilkes-Barre, PA01/01/2005
Thomas, Robert E. 71Wilkes-Barre, PA12/20/1999
Thomas, Thalia Ann04/22/193566Wilkes-Barre, PA01/05/2002
Thomas, Walter A. 75Wilkes-Barre, PA02/05/1999
Thompson Donnelley, Richard Thompson02/27/1943 Wilkes-Barre, PA03/14/2003
Tibus Lavin, Christine M. [ McDonald ]12/11/195447Wilkes-Barre, PA12/31/2001
Tibus Shampack, Robert "Red" 43Wilkes-Barre, PA06/30/2002
Tlucek, Madeline M. [ Franchella ] 79Wilkes-Barre, PA12/26/2008
Tomalis Yackimovich, Alexander01/10/192276Wilkes-Barre, PA01/31/1999
Tomaro Laurella, Elizabeth [ Cheponis ] "Betty" 89Wilkes-Barre, PA12/10/1999
Tomchick, Mary [ Patrick ] 93Wilkes-Barre, PA01/14/2002
Toole Davis, Mary E. [ Zabroski ] 74Wilkes-Barre, PA01/05/2005
Toole Tierney, Joseph T.05/16/192376Wilkes-Barre, PA10/03/1999
Topping Collins, Mary [ Chapple ] 90Wilkes-Barre, PA04/23/2004
Tosline Nareski, William A.10/16/195350Wilkes-Barre, PA03/24/2004
Tosline O'Donnell, James J. "Jimmy" 70Wilkes-Barre, PA11/26/2001
Townend, Frank07/01/191190Wilkes-Barre, PA11/24/2001
Tracey Skelton, Margaret08/11/192081Wilkes-Barre, PA12/14/2001
Traplo Cook, Mary J. [ Glawe ]01/30/191786Wilkes-Barre, PA03/11/2003
Tredinnick Kaufer, Sharon [ Anziano ]10/28/194357Wilkes-Barre, PA10/08/2001
Tremayne Sturdevant, Lucy J. [ Durney ]04/16/192879Wilkes-Barre, PA02/09/2008
Tremerka McDonough, Mary A. [ Glosser ] 84Wilkes-Barre, PA12/31/2001
Trethaway, William 72Wilkes-Barre, PA04/06/2002
Trevethan Irvine, Betty [ Williams ]10/01/192082Wilkes-Barre, PA11/23/2002
Trevethan Miller, Adeline [ McNamara ]03/27/191487Wilkes-Barre, PA01/02/2002
Tryzenski Cardimona, Robert J. 61Wilkes-Barre, PA10/09/1999
Tucker, Sara Marie 96Wilkes-Barre, PA04/21/1999
Tunaitis Dombauskas, Edward David "Ed"02/01/192476Wilkes-Barre, PA02/19/2000
Turak Yeager, Michael J.05/15/194458Wilkes-Barre, PA03/26/2003
Turak, Margaret [ Bukuski ]07/18/191784Wilkes-Barre, PA07/07/2002
Turanski Halas, Charles  Wilkes-Barre, PA01/30/1999
Turek, Dorothy L. [ Marsh ] 89Wilkes-Barre, PA11/30/1999
Tutella Richards, Nicholas F.05/30/198118Wilkes-Barre, PA03/10/2000
Tuzinski Grohowski, Stanley "Irish"05/01/192280Wilkes-Barre, PA03/16/2003
Ulitchney Tarasek, Frank 67Wilkes-Barre, PA02/22/2004
Ullman Reiff, Paula Fay 57Wilkes-Barre, PA06/27/2003
Umlah Fisher, John G.03/02/192069Wilkes-Barre, PA04/17/1989
Umlah Jassie, Dorothy E. [ Casey ] [ Mack ]  Wilkes-Barre, PA11/28/1999
Ungar Katuna, Linda Ann [ Stein ] 49Wilkes-Barre, PA02/15/2000
Ungvarsky Paulkovsky, Andrew James "Jim"01/11/193470Wilkes-Barre, PA09/28/2004
Ungvarsky, Cecilia [ Ference ] "Cee Cee"  Wilkes-Barre, PA04/09/2004
Utter LaRose, Robert 68Wilkes-Barre, PA01/31/2012
Van Buskirk Moss, Harriet [ Houssock ]12/22/1925 Wilkes-Barre, PA02/07/2000
Van Whye, Juanita [ Giordano ] 82Wilkes-Barre, PA05/27/2005
Varvaglione, Mary [ Lynn ] 67Wilkes-Barre, PA11/23/2001
Vaver Yurgelevicute, William C.04/01/191785Wilkes-Barre, PA03/22/2003
Vedova, Helen07/19/191682Wilkes-Barre, PA01/28/1999
Villarosa Cressler, David Thomas01/14/193767Wilkes-Barre, PA03/28/2004
Vino Gidula, Joseph 80Wilkes-Barre, PA02/27/2000
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